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Sold With Webinars is a podcast for entrepreneurs, experts, consultants, and information marketers who want to sell more of their products and services online through webinar sales presentations. Your host, Joel Erway, has been creating and delivering effective sales presentations for more than 8 years with sales totaling more than $10Million as a direct result. Through interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, you’ll discover how to leverage webinars as a simple, effective tool to sell more in your business.
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Apr 3, 2017

Scott Oldford has produced remarkable open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates using messenger bots and automated technology inside of Facebook — not using his own email autoresponder.


In this episode, Scott gives insight into how he’s leveraging webinars in his business to generate new sales and produce more content. Did we mention he’s fantastic with lead generation?


Episode Discussions:

  • The 2 types of bots and the best one for your business
  • Implementing different types of webinars inside lead generation
  • An in-depth look at the purpose of bots
  • How Scott uses natural stories, no scripts, and fun to sell with webinars
  • Shiny Object Syndrome – The struggle is real
  • Different stages of where you can implement webinars and live training for conversion mechanism
  • Scott’s prediction for Artificial Intelligence
  • Facebook messenger bots/autoresponders deconstructed
  • A specific lead generation strategy that Joel believes will dominate internet marketing
  • Scott’s main funnel that includes a 5-day challenge that’s generated millions


[3:07] Scott's golden nugget #1: "People love methods and processes. They'll remember a process before they'll remember you."

[3:43] Scott's intro:

  • Best known for "being behind a computer and figuring out how to break things."
  • Has been an entrepreneur since he was 7
  • Went into $726K in debt by the time he was 21
  • Started over in 2015
  • Generated $500K in his first year and $3 million last year

[4:14] "I help entrepreneurs grow from a bit below the six-figure to seven-figures quickly. It's easy because it comes back to lead generation."

[5:03] Adopted his mindset toward lead generation from the book "The Millionaire Fastlane" - MJ DeMarco

[7:25] Scott and Joel connected at a mastermind in San Diego.

[7:44] How are you leveraging webinars in your business to generate new sales and produce more content?

"Number one, if you wanna be great, you have to realize there's only one of you."

[8:52] Scott was funding his company on his girlfriend's credit card when he first started out. He had to figure out how to get as many leads as possible, how to build an audience and how to get as many sales as possible for as least as possible.

[10:16] The idea is to use the "Sidewalk, Slow Lane, Fast Lane Methodology."

[10:41] Scott's webinars last around 3 hours. His show up rates are 50%+.

[11:00] How Scott uses natural stories, no scripts, and fun to sell with webinars.

[12:15] His main funnel starts with guides, leads to a 5-day challenge (has generated millions of dollars) and then a 3-hour implementation session.

[13:03] Anyone who joins your webinar has known you for how long? “At least 10 days.”

[14:56] Scott has one evergreen webinar (implementation session that sells $2K product).

Uses a different funnel for the high-ticket program.

[16:29] Does 2 live streams a month and 2 webinars a month.

[18:57] Joel recaps the funnel.

'We all know that webinars are the best conversion mechanism to get people to make a commitment to a purchase."

[20:52] An open discussion: Artificial Intelligence and bots for lead generation.

[21:29] Scotts prediction for A.I.: "By 2021, you won't need to make a marketing funnel anymore."

[23:59] What's a bot? "It allows you to scale intimacy."

[24:28] 2 different types of bots:

  1. Smart bots - respond to your language
  2. Dumb bots - "yes/no's" (qualifications)

[25:24] A bot is a new way to gather and direct attention.

[26:29] "I think every business should have a dumb bot that qualifies, engages, creates awareness, and takes attention."

[29:43] Joel recaps: "The future of marketing and lead generation is changing as we speak."

[31:27] Facebook's autoresponder and Scott's 89% open-rate success.

[34:19] Joel recaps the episode discussions including Scott's incredible open rates and conversion rates.

[35:55] "I don't try the typical BS webinar tactics anymore. In my opinion, I don't want to have idiot dumb customers and that attracts a lot of idiot dumb customers."-Scott



Connect with Scott: – Join the 5-day Marketing Funnel Challenge

“Or just Google me”-Scott


Mentioned in this episode:

The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco


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Mar 27, 2017

Taylor welch is co-owner of Traffic and Funnels, a 6-figure per month business.


In this episode, he discusses how he leverages webinars to attract high-quality, high-paying customers to his business in a short period of time.


Episode Discussions:

  • How to attract high quality clients if you're a consultant or a service provider using an automated webinar
  • Why automated webinars are great for stability
  • How to get client flow on-demand and on a consistent basis
  • Different types of services to sell through webinars
  • How webinars help with filtering high-quality clients
  • Metrics to use when measuring the success of your webinar


[2:22] Taylor's story:

  • Owns company with business partner Chris Evans
  • Chris (traffic side) - Taylor (copy & sales side)
  • Met while Taylor was a freelance copywriter
  • Started company 1.5 years ago
  • Has grown business to several million per year.
  • Helps clients stabilize their acquisition (with aid traffic and funnels)
  • Uses an auto webinar to help filter higher quality clients

[3:59] 98% of Taylor's clients use webinars.

[5:19] Taylor's most embarrassing moment — taking money from this first client.

[6:03] "... I was a talented, skilled copywriter with millions of dollars in sales behind my work and I couldn't figure out how to get clients. Once I nailed that, I got passionate about helping others skip over that same year and a half. That's kind of what we do today."

[7:07] What are the different types of services that your clients use webinars for? Copywriters, people who run paid traffic for clients, automation experts who build funnels, consultants, coaches. etc.

[8:12] "One of the biggest things besides building that webinar funnel is helping people not niche down into an industry, but get specificity around the problem they're solving for people."

[9:29] Joel is a client of Traffic and Funnels and shares his experience.

10:20] A rough overview process of Taylor's webinar.

14:45] "I love webinars because of how much you can do so much with one 45 min to an hour-long webinar."

[15:51] Writing copy or creating webinars for non-ROI type clients like life coaches: "The catch is making sure you don't limit RIO to money because you've got emotional RIO. You've got monetary RIO, time freedom RIO, fulfillment and life goal RIO."

18:15] "Just gotta diagnose. What is it that people want and what is it that's keeping them from getting what they want.”

[20:54] What key metrics in terms of the funnel do you use to decide whether or not it's working? "We have a video that shows you what you want at each phase of the funnel for opt-in listings."

[21:36] Taylor's KPI (Key Performance Indicator) breakdown.

[25:00] "We have a lot of clients who only do twenty grand a month but they're happy and they don't work more than 30 hours a week and that's their dream life."

[26:47] Joel recaps Taylor's webinar numbers.

[30:28] "One of the things you can do with a webinar is display your personality."

[32:43] "What's the craziest thing you've seen somebody sell from their feeder funnel?" "What's the maturity rating of this audience?"

"You've gotta expose where someone needs help and show them how you can be a plausible solution."



Connect with Taylor:

Official Website

4-pillar video


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Mar 20, 2017

Charles Byrd is growing his business organically through non-paid marketing methods. Translation: He doesn’t use any paid traffic to grow his list. Instead, he methodically and successfully uses joint ventures and affiliate webinars.

In this episode, Charles shares how to leverage other people’s audiences to promote products and services using JV ventures and affiliate webinars and how and why everyone wins.  


Episode discussions:

  • Tips on how to reach out to influencers on Facebook
  • Good strategies to help build your list, make sales in the process and build goodwill in the marketplace
  • The difference between webinar swaps and affiliate or joint ventures
  • The best ways to make connections at live events
  • The most important asset in your business when it comes to webinars
  • A look into Charles’ productivity course, “Zero-to-60 with Evernote”
  • Why webinars are ideal for promoting to other people's lists
  • How to meet high-quality connections


[1:58] Charles intro:

  • 15-year career in Silicon Valley

"I thought, 'Hey! I wanna work for no one!"

  • Launched a productivity course focused on teaching entrepreneurs to "kill the chaos of info overload by learning to apply Evernote to their business and life".
  • Had no list and pulled people in through LinkedIn connections
  • Learned how to do joint venture partnerships

 [4:06] Webinar swaps: promote your partner's webinar to your audience in exchange for promoting your own product to their audience. 

[4:19] Affiliates or joint ventures: promote someone else's product to your audience and split the revenue from that webinar.

[6:28] Charles' first webinar had over 1,000 people on it.

[7:12] "Lots of people want to be more productive and in fact, 92% of people I speak to have heard of Evernote, 3/4 of them already have it."

[8:56] Joel recaps: “Essentially what Charles is doing is leveraging other people's audience to grow his own audience.”

[9:19] "Your list is your most important asset in your business."

[9:55] "It's a win for them because you're bringing their people this fresh perspective and good ideas and a win for you because I started with no audience."

[10:40] What does the process look like when you reach out to bloggers and podcasters? "Find groups that have the kind of people you're looking for on Facebook like entrepreneur groups and internet marketing-type groups."

[12:06] If you don't already have a network, Charles recommends you:

  • Find active members in the groups
  • comment and like some of their stuff
  • contribute to the conversation
  • message them

[13:22] Joel recaps:

Charles is finding his target audience of influencers first and engaging them by liking and commenting on their Facebook posts.

[15:35] "Ping em and ask. I've never had anyone decline. Why wouldn't they take a meeting, ya know?"

[16:02] The best outreach strategy is adding value to them first before you ever ask for anything in return.

[16:47] Like and share their posts and introduce them to people who can help them with an issue or solve a problem.

[18:06] "Let’s say you're home alone. It's crickets. It's quiet. You're an entrepreneur wondering why the world is so quiet...this is how you start getting more interaction."

[20:02] Charles did 5 partner webinars in 9 months. Now he books 2-6 webinars every week. Sometimes 2 webinars a day (books them Tues, Wed, Thurs). Grows his list at about 2,000 a month.

[20:49] He's grown his list from 0 to 7,000 in about 4.5 months.

[21:42] Why do you think joint venture webinars and promotions work so well for this strategy? "Because you're providing value up front."

[22:09] "You gotta light their imagination and awareness to the bigger impact the message that you're sharing has."

[22:36] The promise of Charles' course is "You'll spend 3 hours in the course, you'll save 3 hours a week going forward."

[23:01] A minimum of 10% of people buy. Charles has had it as high as 42%.

[24:00] "It's a win for the partner because I just showed up and provided a free training to their audience, the buyers get the deeper-dive course that will save them 3 hours a week and the partner gets 50% commission in my case."

[24:29] As you deliver more webinars, conversions increase, messaging gets smoother and deliveries get better.

[24:59] "Webinars are the ultimate form of content marketing. You’re able to teach, you're able to wow people and you're able to give them this transformation in a 45-60-minute presentation."

[27:44] Charles on live events:

  • Live events pay for themselves.
  • There's no better way to build relationships than meeting people in person.

[29:26] In January, Charles went to 8 cities in 5 countries and did 14 live webinars.

[30:44] "If somebody signs up for a webinar and attends, they're 4-6x more likely to buy just because they showed up to a live webinar."

[31:21] The movers and shakers who fly to events are super high-quality people you want to connect with.

[33:55] Webinars are ideal for promoting to other people's lists because you provide content, value, goodwill to the audience and give them the opportunity to continue to follow you.


Connect with Charles:


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Mar 13, 2017

If you’re familiar with Ryan Stewman, you’re going to want to listen to this. If you’re not familiar with Ryan Stewman, you can’t afford to miss this. His company’s website,, is home to one of the most popular sales blogs on the internet and with names like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post on his résumé, it’s no wonder why people listen when he talks.

In this episode, Ryan discusses how he’s applied his previous sales experience in the mortgage industry to his current strategies, how he’s using webinars to sell his program to the masses and ways you can implement his tactics to boost your webinar sales.


Episode Discussions:

  • How Joel inspired Ryan to seriously pursue webinars
  • The success of Ryan’s first webinar ($42K in 4 days)
  • The real reason you won’t build a webinar presentation
  • Handling audience objections: When, why and how
  • A question for webinar skeptics
  • What's different about selling to the masses on a webinar
  • The absolute most important aspect of sales
  • How Ryan earned the moniker “The Hardcore Closer”
  • Ryan’s stats from his last webinar
  • The "Break Free Academy Entourage"
  • The Break Free Academy Monthly – a truly irresistible newsletter
  • The contents of a successful follow-up strategy
  • How you can get a free ride on the “Elevator to the Top”


[2:41] Ryan's intro:

  • Owns Hardcore Closer - is home to one of the most popular online sales blogs
  • Advisor and writer for Forbes
  • Advisor for Entrepreneur
  • Has a green light to put anything on Huffington Post (including his podcast)
  • Trusted by many big brands as an influencer

[3:09] “I've sold from door knocking, face-to-face, from the stage, on the phone, through text message, social media, video, webinars… I'd be selling in holographs if they'll let me. I’ll sell in virtual reality when the time's right."

[3:26] Has never had a salary job.

[3:51] "Everything about me that you hear today is gonna be from experience, not theory."

[5:13] Ryan's been involved in the (video) business for 7 years - before "webinars."

[6:11] Joel inspired Ryan to seriously pursue webinars.

[6:28] In October 2015, 300 people viewed Ryan's 1st serious webinar.

Made $42K in sales in 4 days.

[8:24] Does one or two webinars a month.

[9:40] "If you do it correctly, especially in the way you teach, Joel...that thing works!"

[10:27] “I hear this time and time again...'oh, my audience isn't going to sit through a webinar’. I would challenge you not to think that because it's just an objection that you have of why you don't want to sit down and build a presentation."

[11:02] Ryan poses a question to the webinar skeptics.

[12:21] Is it more difficult to sell via webinars vs. in-person? Ryan shares his answer and breaks down the “why”.

 [15:20] "When it comes to doing a webinar, I treat it as if it's like a room full of people and I'm center stage. I treat it like it's gotta be my show."

[15:56] Ryan earned his nickname as "The Hardcore Closer" because of his ability to handle objections up front.

[16:27] "One thing that you said earlier - which is of paramount importance if you're gonna sell anything is - I know who my audience is."

[18:46] Ryan's presentation is based around the results of what his audience wants.

[19:30] Handling objections during the main part of your presentation is important. They need to be sold before they get to the offer.

[21:11] "We don't sell mortgages, well sell the American dream of homeownership."

[24:20] "Even our haters are like 'you know what man...I don't like that guy but his sh*ts good."

[24:28] Ryan's webinar stats and his $2500/yr. or $297/mo. membership program.

[25:03] The "Break Free Academy Entourage" network

[26:04] The most gangster monthly newsletter EVER, "The Break Free Academy Monthly".

   Shirts, badges and sweet swag.

[29:08] Ryan's last webinar: 180 attended, 97 during the pitch, sold 14 spots.

[30:30] The webinar is used for the "on-the-fence" people.

[32:09] 1 out of 8 people take the upsell.

[32:40] Ryan's sales team is made up of 4 people. Averages 150 leads a day.

[33:07] "What people admire about us is our follow-up."

[33:43] The Hardcore Closer has a heart the size of Texas.

[34:33] Ryan’s given away 3,500 copies of his best-selling book Elevator to the Top.

Has 1,500 left. Head here for your copy!

"It's the best sales book you will ever read because it's not some like 'You gotta get up, put your business pants on and walk out and be fancy and talk to people'...It's everything you need to know from day one to the end in sales. It's a sales manual."


Connect with Ryan:


Break Free Academy Entourage

Let him know you found him through Sold with Webinars!


Mentioned in this Episode:

Elevator to The Top – Get your hands on Ryan’s #1 best-selling book!



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Mar 6, 2017

AJ Rivera is the success story every business owner craves to hear. He started out making more than his fair share of mistakes but did what it took to earn his title as an industry expert. Now, he’s a successful coach who teaches fitness professionals how to build a profitable fitness business.

In this episode, AJ shares his unique strategy on how he's getting 30x return on his ad spend for his webinar marketing efforts and shares valuable tips that others rarely use (HINT). In other words, information from a pro who knows what works.  


Episode Discussions:

  • How AJ uses live streams to market his products and services
  • AJ’s journey to success
  • A rundown of AJ’S 8-week coaching program
  • The system he uses to get new clients using automated webinars
  • How AJ incorporates VSL's (video sales letters) and webinars into his marketing strategy
  • A genius call to action that converts
  • AJ’s case study test numbers
  • Video sales letter close rate vs. webinar/VSL combo close rate
  • The single most important thing to remember for a conversion to happen


[1:56] AJ’s intro:

  • Grew up in Chicago
  • Always wanted to be an entrepreneur
  • Became a part-time personal trainer
  • Built a client base
  • Opened 2 studios


"I had a huge ego and didn't want to ask for help so instead I just made every single mistake and then still asked for help anyway and learned from people smarter than me."

[2:56] Working with mentors and coaches resulted in his studio's success.

[3:08] In 2015, his studios were grossing $500K.

[3:19] The business side of personal training excited AJ.

[3:45] Started business coaching other people to help other succeed.

[4:06] Sold his gyms to his managers to coach full time

[4:51] AJ's core program: an 8-week coaching program with him and his team.

[5:38] "One of the big things we tell them when they start is 'If you go out of business, you can help zero people."

[5:52] Core program teachings:

  • marketing (sales, basic lead generation using Facebook, organic referral methods).
  • webinars (private clients)
  • systems (what they need to scale their business and out of it)

[7:08] Pricing and special offers for AJ's 8-week program.

[8:03] What does the system look like to get new clients in using automated webinars? "We actually started with a video sales letter but started shifting more toward the webinar because you get more leads for cheaper."

[9:48] AJ's typical webinar is one hour.

[11:10] His CTA (call to action) at the end of his webinar is to schedule a call with himself or team member and pitches the program.

[11:46] How AJ incorporates VSL's (video sales letters) and webinars.

[13:51] AJ's VSL's are typically 15 minutes

[14:15] Joel recaps the strategy:

  • People register for the webinar
  • After the webinar, everyone is retargeted with a VSL that includes a CTA to engage in a phone call.


"We saw this crazy spike on the day we did the webinar. We were like 'we gotta do this all the time now."-AJ

[15:28] What was your cost per application? "We would get applications off our VSL for as low as $30. From the webinar, we generally would get applications for $50-$100."

[16:53] Cold VSL traffic close rate: 10% — (1 in 4). Webinar/VSL combo close rate: 50%+ for a $6K-$8K offer.

[17:33] Joel recaps the numbers:

  • $100 to generate an application
  • Closed 50% of them from the webinar
  • Cost: $200 for a $6K sale

[18:31] Live streaming is a secret obsession of AJ's.

[19:10] Almost every day of the week, AJ's live streams feature different entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, coaches, fitness professionals, etc.


 "One of the things I love about live streams and Facebook Live...Sales presentations become social and people can share them. The social proof is unbelievable. It's the future of webinars."-Joel

[23:08] Numbers for AJ's case study test:

  • Reach: 7K
  • Views: 4K

[24:26] Figure out how to incorporate social with your presentations. Social proof is important when it comes to making a buying decision.”



Connect with AJ:

Official Website:

Facebook: (best way)



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Feb 27, 2017

Mike Morrison has worked with a variety of clients and markets for years. He runs the website "The Membership Guys" where he helps business owners and entrepreneurs build membership sites or information and expertise hubs to sell their products and services.

In this episode, Mike discusses how he and his clients use webinars to sell more memberships for his programs and sheds light on the different approaches when launching, selling, and pricing a membership program. Don’t worry, his accent isn’t as hard to understand as he claims.


Episode Discussions:

  • Mike defines what exactly a membership site along with examples
  • Flat membership fees vs. monthly fees
  • Why webinars are so effective for membership sites
  • Strategies for using webinars to sell membership sites
  • How to use webinars if you’re not selling high-ticket items
  • One of the best ways to sell a membership using webinars
  • Using the exclusivity factor to ramp up scarcity


[2:26] Mike's intro:

  • "First and foremost, I'm just always impressed anybody can understand my accent."
  • Ran online marketing and digital agencies
  • Gravitated toward memberships.

[3:55] Started membership site about membership sites and now has hundreds of members who are running a variety of different market-based membership sites.

[4:26] A membership site is any website where someone needs to have a registered account in order to access protected content of some form.

  • Typically involves payment.
  • Usually involves some form of E-learning element (courses, tutorials, live training webinars) and community.

[6:28] Mike shares different types of ways he's tested to sell membership sites.


"You can do so much more on a webinar in terms of your sales tactics when you've got a $2K product because you've got more margin to play with."

[8:26] You want people that sign up for your membership to stick around long-term. Can't dupe people into signing up in the way some people do with a course. They'll be in your community and figure out you're not delivering on your promises.

[8:48] "We find organic marketing as the bedrock of what you're doing. It's a slower burn but a membership is a slow-burn model."-Mike

[9:16] Find ways to connect the dots between your content marketing and the content inside your membership.

[10:17] You can still use a webinar even if you're not selling a high-ticket item but you have to be more creative.

[12:30] Joel recaps key information:

  • Membership sites are a different model.
  • They're a marathon, not a sprint.
  • By implementing webinars, you have to be careful about your existing members.

[14:13] How do you sell access to your program using your automated webinar?

"We are very much following that 'be everywhere' kind of strategy."


"We don't do any of the trickery about making it appear live or any of that nonsense because I've been on webinars where it's mid-July and the first words out of the presenter's mouth is 'hope you all had a great Christmas!"-Mike

[17:20] Mike has a course called "Membership Lifecycle Course" about membership retention.


"You are genuinely doing a disservice if you don't tell people what happens next." -Mike

[23:30] Joel calls Mike out on one hilarious but true quote...

[25:15] One of the best ways to use a webinar to sell a membership is to find an angle that makes it mid to high ticket.

[29:00] "Offering lifetime value prolongs member lifetime value to you."

[30:22] Joel and Mike discuss discounts and pricing.


"The truth is someone could your biggest fan and never sign up to your email list."



"You don't call yourself the ‘Membership Guys’ if you don't love just waffling on about this stuff."-Mike



If you’re considering building a membership site,

Connect with Mike:

Twitter: @MebershipGuys



Feb 21, 2017

Greg Hickman is the “Automation King”. As someone who builds funnels for the some of the biggest names in the digital marketing industry, he’s well-qualified to give advice on what to consider when building out a webinar funnel.

In this episode, Joel and Greg discuss what a simple automated webinar funnel looks like from start to finish, why to use urgency over discount when getting people to take action and some specific tools to use to complete automation.  


[2:23] Started out of desperation 

  • Started building marketing funnels for some of the top online entrepreneurs.

 [4:14] What's the first thing you'll be looking at when deciding to go automated?

"We're looking to see if they have experience doing webinars first. More importantly, have they been selling from that webinar successfully."

[5:10] Iteration is paramount when finding how to convert on a webinar, especially when testing a new offer. If creating something new, always start live to validate that they can close on a webinar.

[7:06] Get people to know, like, and trust you faster than ever before and sell products... essentially on auto-pilot.

[7:20] If you're new, validating or just getting into webinars for the first time, go live.

[7:51] What does a simple automated webinar funnel from start to finish look like? "One of our beliefs at is start simple, get ninja later."

In any funnel, always implement what's considered to be the minimum viable funnel first. Focus on simple.

[8:59] Email notifications and reminders. "Tell people where to be, what you're gonna talk about, why they should show up."

[10:02] The event and the follow-up.

[10:58] The emails are focused on why they need to buy right now. "Expiring bonus" emails are most effective and should be "brick-to-forehead so complementary to your existing offer that you'd be dumb not to buy."  

[11:34] "The thing with discounts..."

[13:26] Connecting urgency to an expiring bonus helps make people take action.

[14:19] Joel recaps: Landing page > registration page for your event > confirmation page > a couple reminders pushing people to your webinar > sales page. 

[15:21] "Go more ninja". What are the next steps to automate?  [16:55] "What do you mean 'they took it to the extreme and it had a negative impact?'" "She ended up getting comments that she didn't have integrity...When you'd look for her organically, a lot of negative stuff would show up first."

[19:15] "Just because you can do a lot of these things doesn't mean you should." 

[19:57] Still have on-demand but only within a certain number of times.

[20:06] On-demand defined

[21:40] Warm-up emails are a key reason as to why people buy.  [24:28] "When you automate a webinar, how do you determine if you can go straight to the automated webinar or put another step in front of it?" " I'd want to target and invite certain people directly into my webinar and others veer into a warm up funnel or sequence." 

[28:46] Make the problem aware and educate them with a solution.

[29:01] "It's so important to crystalize your solution by taking a step back and envisioning your customer journey." 

[30:03] Build things that are closest to the transaction as possible.

[32:04] Tools to complete automation:

  • Marketing automation:


ActiveCampaign (get started for $9/mo.) 

  • Registration page:

EverWebinar (offers own registration and "Thank You" pages)

  • Landing page:

ClickFunnels (mobile responsive and easily connect to InfusionSoft and Active campaign)

Leadpages, Unbounce, Instapage (for the budget-conscious)

  • Payment processor:

samcart or thrivecart


"The webinar has truly become the highest leverage point no matter what funnel you're creating in today's world."

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Feb 16, 2017

Dave Rogenmoser got started selling his “6K Success” course through organic methods, private messaging and trolling Facebook groups. Through the use of webinars, he was able to build authority, credibility, and bond with his ideal customers, allowing him to increase the price of his program.

In this episode, Dave discusses his entrepreneurial journey and how webinars took him from “trolling” to “rolling.”   


o   Worked for a campus ministry at the University of Missouri.

o   Started digital marketing consulting

o   Built up a course "6K Success" - taught how he was doing the marketing consulting.

o   Lead to webinars

  • [3:12] In the last 1.5 years, generated over $1 Million - 90% from webinar sales.

"My entire business has been built on this. I have no plans to not use webinars to grow the business from here on out. They've been that crucial to me."-Dave

  • [3:41] "When you created your first course, how were you going about trying to sell it before you discovered webinars?"  "We spent a long time actually building out the course which I think is honestly mistake #1."
  • [5:07] "6K Success" - Had the goal of helping people get to $6K/month of recurring income.

o   Took 2 months to build the course.

  • [5:36] The creation of the $500 price point
  • [7:15] When did you decide to increase your price point and when did you decide to do a live webinar? "We wanted to run paid traffic and paid traffic costs money."
  • [7:58] "For most industries now, you're going to have a hard time making money on a $500 product if you're using Facebook Ads."
  • [8:08] Dave would only break even at $500 so he raised the price to $1K.
  • [8:45] Did 1st live webinar from Facebook Ads.
  • [9:46] "Time is the most important element of building a relationship from a cold prospect to somebody who's ready to buy." -Joel
  • [10:08] Every single week, I'm changing my pitch, changing my offer, working on my slides, exporting the chat and I'm looking at 'Hey, when are people talking and what questions are they asking? I'm making the presentation amazing week by week. After doing that 6 or 7 times, we turned into more of an evergreen-type product and built it into a funnel."
  • [11:32] Scaled from $5K-$10K/month to $90K-$100K/month in 5 months.
  • [12:20] Refining your pitch is the single most important aspect of business in general. "If people don't want to buy what you're selling, you have no business."
  • [12:34] A live webinar gives you the opportunity to refine and get immediate feedback from the people who are most likely to buy. Get feedback and then revise, reframe and start to scale.  
  • [12:57] Dave is working on new webinar to launch Proof - new software for marketers that helps increase conversion in their funnels. "I'm going to learn so much about what we've got from that right now and that's way more valuable than the money we're gonna make on Thursday. I love the feedback loop and that's what live webinars are all about."
  • [14:18] Proof is an application that you install on your landing pages that will notify you in real-time when somebody buys. Adds real-time social proof to your funnels, (Suzy just bought _____ 5 minutes ago in San Diego, CA)

"When we've added it to our pages, we've found it increases conversion a lot."

  • [18:45] What's more complex is thinking through, "How do I sell not just the widget but the training on how to do the widget?"
  • [20:20] In 2015, Russell Brunson's Click Funnels did $10 Million in sales from webinars alone. Joel explains how Russell sold the onboarding process.
  • [23:08] "I duplicated this model with 2 other webinar clients…both have gone on to do 7 figures in their software."-Joel
  • [24:28] Joel analyzes Proof and offers advice on how to broaden the offer with a conversion training course.
  • [27:36] Joel's show recap


"I'm so big on webinars....Try to find someone who's doing over a million dollars a year that's not doing webinars and I'd be shocked if you're able to find it.”-


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Russelll Brunson – Click Funnels


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Feb 15, 2017

This is part 2 of a 2-part interview with Travis Stephenson…


In part 1 of this interview, Travis talked about how he was using auto webinars to generate sales for his previous software business, InterOptin.  This episode focuses on how he’s launched his new software product and how he’s using it to generate sales for his Minimum Viable Product.

In this episode: You’ll learn an important strategy to launch a brand-new product or service, how to start generating sales to help fund the development of the software before your products official launch and tips to maximize your earnings with webinars.  


  • [2:47] “Imagine Kickstarter but for software and service businesses.”
  • [2:57] "Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the least amount of use you can have in a program with still being able to sell it. "
  • [4:29] Spent $5,526, sent 1,435 leads- On average, spent $3.85 to get sign-ups for webinar. “Which everyone knows in the internet marketing world...that is gangster."

Generated $19.5K in sales and profited $9K.

  • [5:24] "Every good webinar person knows that when you get on a webinar the very first thing you do is hit the 'record' button..."
  • [5:58] "I always schedule 2 sessions"
  1. the first one I actually want
  2. the very next day I do a different time zone encore
  • [6:57] During an encore, Travis ran through Chatmatic webinar (not yet done) -

90 people show, did $13.5K in sales.

  • [9:51] Recap of Travis turning a live webinar mistake into an extra $30K in revenue
  • [12:20] Spent $12,368 on ads in 2 weeks - Made $23K affiliate offer earnings - Built list of 2800 subscribers. In encore sessions, close to $30K in sales.

“I literally never promote my encores, just the main session.”-Travis

  • [14:28] A 1-2 min video on Travis’ squeeze page made him $2.5K
  • [15:30] Things Travis learned from trial and error:

o   Nobody cares what you’re selling. They care about what they need.

o   What they want is easier, to spend less time, more results and automation.

o   When he focused his ads on results, he started seeing massive results himself. 

Matching your audience's deep desires and needs to what your product does is the #1 thing you've gotta figure out."-Travis

  • [18:50] What happens when you stop overcomplicating your sales pitch, message and ads
  • [19:56] Webinars start a deeper relationship level than sales pages
  • [20:21] Launch for Travis’ next product – March 20th, 2017.
  • [22:22] “Wherever it's difficult is where the most opportunity is.”-Joel
  • [22:35] “Getting feedback from your audience is one of the greatest things about live webinars.”-Joel
  • [24:38] Show, don’t tell, in your webinars.
  • [26:18] Show recap


"People ask 'Don't you get tired of doing webinars from 3-9pm?'…To be completely honest with you, when you go home and you can tell your wife 'Hey, I made 50 thousand dollars today' or even 5 thousand bucks...No. You don't get tired of it.”-Travis Stephenson


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InterOptin - View auto webinar rolling all the time

GoToWebinar (Travis has used for 7 years!)


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Feb 15, 2017

This is part 1 of a 2-part interview with Travis Stephenson…


Travis reveals how he’s using automated webinars with his software InterOptin to generate leads and sales. This episode provides so much valuable content that it had to be divided into 2 separate shows!

Join in the discussion as Joel and Travis talk important and useful stats, actionable tips on how to convert your webinar audience, how to successfully run both auto and live webinars plus insider information about different strategies to use for auto webinars.


  • [3:01] How Travis got started as an entrepreneur and his discovery of webinars
  • [5:15] 1st webinar in 2011 - “Income Entourage” – $12K front end sales in 7 days
  • [6:16] Generating $115K in 3 webinars
  • [06:40] Travis' software: InterOptin and Chatmatic (Facebook marketing tool)

“There’s no substitute for live webinars especially when it comes to dollar per attendee values.”-Travis

  • [7:20] Moving into 2017 & 2018 – “One of the biggest things entrepreneurs trying to grow their business should pay attention to is the individual person as opposed to treating them like thousands of other people.”-Travis
  • [7:53] Travis Stat: Someone is 900% more likely to purchase if you say their name during the webinar.
  • [8:09] “The Engagement King”: Audience interaction
  • [9:21] The process and breakdown of running an auto webinar
  • [9:42] Tests & stats to blow your mind: A breakdown of Travis’ InterOptin (Just-In-Time Webinar) ($997 offer) over a 10-day period.
  • [11:21] The psychology behind a Just-In-Time Webinar
  • [12:59] The give & take of live and auto webinars
  • [13:13] The challenges auto webinars face with Facebook
  • [13:40] "In 2017, we're gonna set up an A/B split test and do a live vs. automated. Same ad, everything cloned and just see 'what's the value here? Is it worth it for me to never do another live webinar again?'-Travis
  • [14:03] Webinar notifications: Email open rates, click rates, and the pros and cons of using texts
  • [15:38] Average Earnings Per Registrant (EPR) "You have to be measuring this because this is going to tell you, from top-of-funnel to end-of-funnel if you're profitable."-Joel
  • [15:54] Joel recaps Travis’ InterOptin automated webinar stats
  • [17:32] Have you ever tested self-liquidating offers in your funnels right after they register for the webinar? “From warm traffic, it’s killer. Cold traffic, a little different.”
  • [18:08] Self-liquidating offers: high vs. low ticket
  • [20:04] Joel's "awful awful" self-liquidating offer Fail: How not to get people to your live webinar
  • [20:03] Hunting: "I want that money right away" vs. Farming: long-term approach


"People are putting the immediate meal in front of the long-term

eating-for-life objective."-Travis Stephenson



Be sure to listen to part 2 for even more valuable information!


Mentioned in this episode:


GoToWebinar (Travis has used for 7 years!) - View auto webinar rolling all the time


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Facebook – Watch whiteboard trainings and live videos!

Instagram: @TravisCrossfit



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Feb 15, 2017

Toby and his wife Layla went from basement in a bar to 7 figures with webinars.

They’ve invested well over 7 figures over the last few years into various types of training including sales, webinars, communication and storytelling. Toby shares his knowledge in hopes of inspiring you to create the life you want.

In this episode: Toby and Joel discuss tips on how you can improve your webinars, what you can do with webinars and what you can sell with webinars.


  • [2:40] Toby on living in a basement of a bar in Canada
  • [2:27]Read Rich Dad Poor Dad x20
  • [3:17] Layla and Toby have invested well over 7 figures over the last few years into training.
  • [3:44]"You literally and figuratively are one webinar away from changing your complete life whatever your goal is."
  • [4:32]Toby & Layla's mentality: "We are burning the ships and taking the island because there's no other way out." 
  • [5:21]"Most people surrounding you are judging you because they want to do it themselves but they don't have the courage."
  • [5:46]Strategy: Attacked video marketing, webinars, copywriting, strategies, training and skill sets like it's "this or nothing."
  • [6:23]Got into industry through door-to-door network marketing
  • [10:15]"We had the burden of 'if we don't make that money back, my dad's gonna be pissed! We better go to work and make it happen!" 
  • [10:50]"Every night we stuck our face in the computer. Learned, took action, talked on the computer for 10, 12, 14, 16 hour days. Not showering. Forgetting to eat. It was all or nothing."

o   Copywriting, direct response marketing, Facebook. From there webinars and Google Hangouts came out.

  • [11:18]"All sales is a communication between two people where a transfer of beliefs happens." 
  • [12:20]“Webinars are the perfect storm: You can have 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour long recorded presentation where you take someone from a stranger, educate them and inspire them. It allows them to move down the path of least resistance to trust you to buy from you.”
  • [13:48]"What was the first product that you sold online?" 

"Liquid heaven in a bottle."

  • [15:01]Had to dive deep into psychology of buying and selling
  • [15:37]"Fastest way to for us to build, our team to build, for all of us to make money and change our life was leveraging webinars."
  • [16:47]One person could go from one week knowing nothing to a month later, ending up with their 1st $10,000 day.
  • [16:57]"What was your first ah-ha moment you had with webinars?" "We consistently honed our craft until one webinar we sponsored 37 people."  ($2700)
  • [20:18] Generated $135K from a Google Hangout 45 min long (all profit).
  • [20:34]"It's the fastest way to get someone to trust you because of the storytelling, positioning and length they're stuck to you sharing something on the screen.”
  • [21:58]"What types of products are you selling now in your business with webinars?" 

o   Facebook and social media training

o   Layla’s women's community with products attached

o   Travel membership (high ticket offer) 

  • [23:18]Getting the most from Facebook Live
  • [24:07]Registrations and conversion numbers
  • [25:15]Automated webinars, follow-up sequence, redirecting to down sales and financing
  • [29:12]Ad and messaging tips for any social media platform


"Please, please, please...Attack with the mentality that you're burning the ships and you're taking the island. Notice the difference in your life.” -Toby Black


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