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Sold With Webinars is a podcast for entrepreneurs, experts, consultants, and information marketers who want to sell more of their products and services online through webinar sales presentations. Your host, Joel Erway, has been creating and delivering effective sales presentations for more than 8 years with sales totaling more than $10Million as a direct result. Through interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, you’ll discover how to leverage webinars as a simple, effective tool to sell more in your business.
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Feb 19, 2018

Picture this… It’s minutes before your webinar starts. You know —the one that showcases your $20K offer. You’re shadowboxing to Eye of the Tiger when all the sudden your slide deck goes on strike. Is it possible to recover from a technical mishap and still crush it?


Caleb O’Dowd did. In fact, he closed 30% of his audience. If that didn’t impress you, he had a webinar that did over $7MM in sales in 2017. In other words — he’s the man. In this episode, learn the secrets behind his conversion superpowers and how he’s harnessed tonality and passion to whip attendees into an emotional buying frenzy. Did we mention he got his start working with Gary Halbert?


Episode Discussions:

  • Repositioning offers to crush conversions
  • Selling more with tonality, delivery, and passion
  • The conversion-boosting "mentorship loan" offer you’ve never heard of
  • Strengthen weak copy in your webinar script
  • Breakdown of a 2017 $7MM webinar
  • Outdoing yourself and evolving your webinar to stay relevant
  • The “Two Friends Talking” example that stirs curiosity
  • You may have an excellent offer but is it going to the right audience?
  • Keeping your audience engaged for 3+ hour webinars
  • Training attendees to buy using The Yes Ladder technique
  • One of the biggest secrets to selling anything
  • Could having the camera on kill your response?
  • Effective positioning against competitors

[2:25] Caleb's origin story:

  • Got his start working with Gary Halbert
  • Started selling high-ticket items with webinars several years ago
  • Got hooked when he realized there was no faster way to generate millions of dollars in such a short period of time

 [4:23] "One of the big secrets to selling anything is to truly believe in your heart and soul that what it is you're selling is valuable and potentially life-saving."-CO

[6:13] The image you want to portray when hosting a webinar: Visualize two friends talking and having a good time. See their conversation as they’re laughing and joking with each other. You're naturally attracted and curious as to what they're talking about.

[7:17] Tonality and Delivery. Use energy, power and enthusiasm to captivate your audience. If you're not a passionate person, fake it ‘till you make it!

"You can whip people into an emotional buying frenzy."-CO

[9:36] "People are buying YOU the presenter. If you don't have the greatest slide deck or script, they will buy your passion above all."

[11:04] Caleb's slide deck crashed right before his webinar for a $20K offer but still closed 30% of his audience using passion and delivery.

[12:01] He doesn't like to have the camera on during webinars. In his experience, "it kills response."

[17:22] In 2017, he launched ‘The Newspaper Profit Formula’ for $3K with fair results. Repositioning the webinar to ‘Supplement Business Launch Formula,’ generated $363K.

[20:18] Keep your audience engaged for long webinars and effectively position your products against competitors.

[28:39] TheYes Ladder’: ask your audience questions that are easy to say yes to — ultimately training them to say yes to your offer.

[34:22] Attendees need to feel like they're better off because of your training program and learn something positive even if they didn't buy.

[35:10] The conversion-boosting "mentorship loan" offer:

  • Positions the product to be ultimately far more valuable than asking price
  • Performance-based guarantee
  • Demonstration of belief

[37:40] Evolving and updating your webinar to stay relevant: One thing isn't going to work forever.

"If the webinar that you have today is the same as the webinar you were using 2 or 3 years ago, you're probably boring the crap out of your audience and certainly your marketplace."


Connect with Caleb:

Facebook Group - Multichannel Marketing


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Feb 12, 2018

This special episode of Sold With Webinars introduces its first case study! Mike Schmidt and Anthony Rivera grew their webinar sales from mediocre to million-dollar-massive. What made the difference? Implementing tips and strategies learned from this here podcast.


In this episode, Mike and AJ reveal the key takeaways from past Sold With Webinar episodes that helped put their course, ReviewPro Launchpad, on track to doing $1MM a year.


(Find links to all mentioned episodes at the end of the show notes)


Episode Discussions:

  • The ad that dropped Mike and AJ’s cost per lead from $21 to $6
  • Strategies to boost live webinar attendance rates
  • AJ and Mike’s high-converting webinar sales funnel
  • How to use Facebook during your webinar to increase conversions
  • Re-inviting an existing list to the same live weekly webinar
  • When to go (and not go) evergreen
  • Why you should consider offering 5-star reviews as a service
  • Testing curiosity-based ads and pain-based vs desire-based ads
  • Packaging an offer as a business growth strategy and business opportunity
  • Automating with messenger bots
  • A ringless voice messaging tool to send webinar reminders


[3:06] Mike Schmidt and Anthony Rivera

Own AnchorWave - Website design, digital marketing agency based in Tuscon, AZ

15 years in business

[6:11] Product: ReviewPro Launchpad is an online course that helps businesses get 5-star reviews.

[8:58] Clients typically see results within 24 hours to 1 month from campaign launch.

[9:14] The webinar is also packaged for freelancers and other agencies to include 5-star reviews as a service.

[11:22] “You may be really close to something and just need to change the positioning of who you're selling it might be just one reframe away."

[12:30] What made the webinar successful?

  • Transparency - about what was being taught on the webinar
  • Curiosity based ads - helped with show up rate and dropped cost per lead from $21 to $6. Product isn't revealed until 20 minutes into the webinar.

[19:26] Offer is $1K and the webinar converts 3-5% of cold traffic registrants.

[20:26] Inspired by SWW guest Dan Henry: The audience is asked to write a Facebook post to gage interest in the service. Audience response proves opportunities and generates leads.

[24:44] What boosted your show up rate? 

Live webinar attendance rate: 30%-35%

  • Emails: New registrants trigger a 3-part email sequence
  • Messenger bot automation: Thank you page features a ManyChat button that invites registrants to join the Facebook group with a 3 min countdown timer - (inspired by SWW Guest Molly Keyser)
  • Financial barrier: Registrants are offered a chance to watch a replay of the webinar for $3 instead of waiting for the live webinar (Wednesday 9 am PST)
  • Reminders: Text message and voicemail drop via Sly Broadcast

[30:39] When to go evergreen with your webinar.

[33:15] Impactful content changes: copied successful webinars, implemented own successful strategies, added more value.

[35:31] Joel's success with re-inviting an existing list to the same live weekly webinar.

[37:25] What's next for AJ and Mike: Going evergreen and JV’s 

[38:16] "It's a no-brainer for anybody who has a course teaching agencies or creatives copywriting or email marketing.”

[39:35] Testing Ads and Conversion Optimization

Testing new ads: Pain based ads are performing better.

Longer video format ad had higher cost per registrant but had the best cost per sale.

Social proof: Screenshots from Facebook group, emails, collecting testimonials via automation.

[41:47] Pain-based ads vs desire-based ads (inspired by SWW Guest Jon Tarr)

Desire-based ads attract wishful thinkers (no commitment)

Connect with them on a current pain (committed to solving their problem)

 [42:54] "We're super grateful for you and this podcast has been an amazing resource for us as we become more and more of webinar junkies ourselves.”


Connect with Mike and AJ

Agency Mastermind group on Facebook


Mentioned in this episode:

Interview with Dan Henry – Episode 19

Interview with Molly Keyser - Episode 21

Interview with Jon Tarr  - Episode 32



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Feb 5, 2018

Jon Tarr wrote a $5.6 million-dollar webinar 15 minutes before go time. No gimmicks. No hype. No sleazy marketing tactics. He did it ethically and — might we add — successfully. Was it flawless? No. But that just proves how overrated perfection is.


Hit the right points, say the right things, be transparent and authentic. Jon shows you how to do it all in this episode.


Episode Discussions:

  • Address the main question every webinar attendee has
  • Why giving content away leads to more buying objections
  • Use Jon’s 3-phase launch strategy to test your offer’s viability
  • Jon's winning storytelling formula that motivates buyers
  • Why longer Q&A sessions lead to more sales
  • A must-use script for handling overly inquisitive Q&A's with class
  • Teaser content does more harm than good
  • Uncover your market's core desires with this Travis Sago analogy
  • Marketing to entrepreneurs vs. non-entrepreneurs
  • Sell the end result or lead with pain points?
  • Effectively frame and setup offers on your webinar
  • Pre-framing offers and the importance of offer transparency
  • The educational side of cryptocurrency

[2:29] Jon’s story:

  • "Super weird" because “parents were weird” (entrepreneur dad, accountant mom)
  • Real estate investor turned direct response marketer
  • Infused knowledge and experience with online marketing strategies
  • Superpower: build and convert massive audiences


[7:22] Jon's 3 Phase Launch Strategy

Phase 1: Create the offer

Phase 2: Promote and scale to affiliates and JV's

Phase 3: Cold traffic


[8:12] Use the 3 phases to test conversions viability

Create the offer and present it to your audience. If it doesn't convert, it won't be successful.

If it's promoted to JV traffic and doesn't convert, it won't work in phase 3.


[9:14] Jon’s 1st webinar offer:

Facebook Traffic Jam in 2013

Wrote it 15 minutes before going live

Sold 800 people into a $7K or $9K price point totaling over $5.6 MM in revenue.

[10:32] How did you do it?

  1. Talk to people like they're people.
  2. Understand that nobody cares about you...they care about what you can do for them.

"If you go on a webinar and you treat people really nice and show them how you can help them solve a problem, they're gonna buy your stuff. That's how I always start a webinar."

[12:56] Jon's sales webinar content:

Gives content without giving too much content.

Creates and illustrates a story.

Opens minds to, "Hey this is what I do. If you join me I'll show you how to do it."

[14:44] "Stories sell. One of the things we teach is how to sell your product before you ever get to the offer."-JE

[15:54] "Will it work for me?" You can't give ammunition to that question. When you simplify it, make it a story and give them the result. It eliminates that question.

[17:42] Craft a successful webinar by talking to your customers.

[20:01] Jon explains how he sold Virtual Cash Machine in 2014 for $7K, direct sales to cold traffic.

[20:55] "The number one thing I see people do Joel — and it's so simple in my opinion, — is they get caught up in what they wanna sell and not what their customer wants."

[24:59] Knowing and marketing to your audience - "Picture Hell Island and Heaven Island and in between are the sharks in the water..."

[27:09] Write copy that avoids bogging your audience with details. Instead, create stories that support the overall model.

[28:23] Sell the end result or lead with pain points? It depends on the market. Travis Sago says...Entrepreneurs "run to heaven," non-entrepreneurs typically "flee hell."

[31:29] How do you frame, present and set up the offer on your webinars? "I always do the offer stack and bullets. I'm a biiiig bullet guy." 

[33:52] Do you pre-frame the offer before getting to the CTA link? When I open my webinar, I'm like, 'Here's what we're gonna cover AND I'm gonna give you an opportunity to work with us and you're gonna wanna do that and you're gonna be happy about it."

[35:36] Teaser content does more harm than good especially with cold traffic. Let them know you're in the business of helping people.

[37:00] "People aren't stupid...The minute you're not [honest], you're done, just like in a marriage, right? You build trust and it only takes one lie to bring down years of marriage, so why do it?"

[40:06] A must-use script for handling overly inquisitive Q&A's with composure and class.

[45:31] “Just be a person. Talk to people on a webinar like you would if you're there, and I think that's what's made the difference for me."



Mentioned in this episode:

Jon Tarr on Facebook


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Dec 25, 2017

Did you hear the news? Online learning is a multibillion dollar industry! Ok. That’s not “news.” But you might perk your ears to the meager 3-5% course completion rate that could be killing the back end of your funnel. This episode may not be saturated with webinar talk but it will help you course creators increase the quality and long-term profitability of your course.


Dr. Carrie Rose had dedicated the entirety of her professional career into learning management curriculum.  She’s the founder of Of Course, a company that helps entrepreneurs successfully get their message out with online courses. In this episode, Carrie unpacks how to optimize your course for maximum engagement and course completion rates that shape students into loyal repeat buyers.


Episode Discussions:

Videos vs written course content

Increasing engagement and retention with course bots

Elements for the perfect online course

How a low course completion rate impacts your funnel

Why long course videos aren't typically effective

Online learning studies and stats

Application components should come standard

Carrie’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ course model

Ideal video lengths for online courses

Letting go of the ego around your content

Dripping content vs all access

How to increase course completion rates

Email automation and alternatives for the non-techie

Should you include a ‘mindset’ module?

Teaching foundational concepts

Lessons in effective instructor leadership

What makes the best course length?

Creating consumable content for kinesthetic and other learning types

[3:04] Dr. Carrie ‘The Great’ Rose's story:

Born with Selective Mutism

Started 5th grade dyslexic and not knowing how to read

One teacher in one year helped her earn the school's highest standardized test score ever

Spent 10 years in public education working with students with a low socioeconomic background

Randomly introduced to online marketing at a World of Beers and took online courses to better understand it

Created a process based on over 500 research studies on how the human brain connects to content and uses it to create better courses

[8:00] Of Course is based on the freedom lifestyle and creating life-changing impact.

[10:14] Online course stats: Dr. Rose states that online learning is a $255 billion-dollar industry with a 3-5% completion rate.

Industry leaders are recognizing the impact of disparity on the back-end of their funnels.

[12:58] What makes the perfect course? [Course creators] have to think we're one piece of the puzzle. It's never about how we learn, it’s always about how they learn."

[13:49] Film the video, strip the audio and transcribe it to appeal to different learning styles.

[14:23] Kinesthetic learners learn by doing and account for 15% of the population. They tend to be left-handed and have ADHD.

[15:11] Application components should come standard in all courses.

[16:21] Video length: "Having a 40-minute video is just crazy." Seminar study shows viewers fall off at the 7-minute mark. 3-5 minutes is ideal.

[17:43] Carrie's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' model. Adults are self-selective learners.

[20:42] Course creators need to let go of their ego around their content.

[22:17] Drip the content out or give them all access? "Treat people how you want to be treated...if you don't have a reason [to drip content], you're taking their time again."

[24:33] Jason Swank's automated email method accommodates student's schedules and course commitment.

[25:52] Non-techie alternative: have students write course and module completion dates in their calendar or in their phone.

[27:02] Course bots:

Courses with accountability partners have an average of 3x higher completion rates.

Course bots interact and go through the course with students.

Model them after your personality. Add gifs. Create engagement and ask them questions. [32:04] Ideal course length: "It's kind of a catch 22. I want to see people teach an inch wide and a mile deep as opposed to a mile wide and an inch deep."

[34:57] The importance of teaching foundations, mindset, and framing your content for a more effective learning experience.

[39:14] "My goal is to make you self-reliant, it's not to make you dependent on me."



Connect with Carrie:

Official Website




Mentioned in this episode:


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Nov 27, 2017

How to Get 2,525 Webinar Registrants For Under 1K w/ Josue Pena | #030


If you've never thought about using Instagram as a source of traffic for your webinars, this episode might get you to reconsider. Josue Pena used a unique strategy to get over 2,500 webinar registrants from Instagram and did it for under a grand. Now he helps other entrepreneurs leverage the power of Instagram to grow their audience and effectively promote themselves for maximum exposure.


In this episode, Josue shares the simple strategies and tactics you can use in your industry to get massive amounts of traffic and webinar registrations with Instagram.


Episode Discussions:

  • How influencer marketing works on Instagram
  • The secret world of Instagram
  • The 4 posts you need for an Instagram Story promotion
  • What to look for in an Instagram influencer and how to reach out
  • How to optimize text in Instagram posts for max engagement
  • Which posts are more likely to get engagement
  • The cost of hiring an Instagram influencer to promote you
  • Instagram algorithm hack to 3x your post’s exposure
  • How to negotiate with and persuade reluctant influencers
  • Targeting highly qualified traffic on Instagram
  • Instagram analytics and leveraging the algorithm
  • How to monetize your brand as an Instagram influencer
  • How to grow a brand-new Instagram account quickly
  • Using Powerlikes, and high-authority accounts to promote your webinar


[3:18] Josue's story:

From the Dominican Republic

Initially started with social media to become a pro soccer player

Refused an offer in favor of entrepreneurship

Applied traditional business knowledge to Instagram strategy

Grew account to over 4.5 million followers


[7:50] Maxed out 1000 attendee cap during 1st webinar.

Pitched to over 800 people and generated 5 figures


[8:47] How influencer marketing works on Instagram:

Find Instagram accounts targeting your audience and pay them to promote you.

Either with an Instagram Story with swipe up or normal post pushes traffic to a link in the influencer’s bio or link to your account bio.


[10:45] How to reach out to Instagram influencers:

  • Contact via email, KIK or Telegram messenger link in their bio
  • Approach them as your brand or business to convey credibility and let them know what you're selling
  • Ask what they charge for a promo
  • Establishing a relationship with the influencer will go a long way


[14:08] How payment works and why you should only send payment directly to the influencer.


[14:54] A typical Instagram Stories promo:

4 separate posts over a 24-hour period

Influencers address audience to drive awareness, sell your registration with a CTA to swipe up.


[17:09] Between 5-10% of the total follower amount will see the Stories. The same percentage of that audience will swipe up.


[17:40] Instagram influencers with personal brands are more powerful than those without.


[18:05] A typical Instagram post promo:

Create a picture or engaging video and put text within the picture

Pay influencer for 1 post with link in bio

Make arrangements with the influencer to repost every 4 hours

90% percent of engagement is within the first few hours of posting


[21:20] An example of how typical influencers charge and how to 3x your exposure and traffic.


[23:44] How to grow a brand-new Instagram account

Pay for Powerlikes and comments (not shout out’s)

"If you have great content and know what works for your market space and industry, that's like the gasoline on the fire. You'll grow extremely quickly."

Powerlikes: Audience sees which posts are liked and commented on by high authority accounts.

Instagram surges relevant content from high authority accounts (100k+ followers)


[26:37] Negotiating price for likes and comments with influencers:

Start the conversation with promotion price to gauge awareness of value and use as leverage when negotiating.

Ask Stories and Likes & Comments price

If they're reluctant, frame offer benefits in simple terms and concepts


[29:19] How to get quality traffic from Instagram:

Don't push directly to the webinar

Use a lead magnet to warm up audience (with optional Tripwire offer to help cover Adspend) and learn more about buyers

Ask influencers for their analytics to assess quality of traffic


Connect with Josue


Collective Entrepreneurs Online for Josue’s webinar



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Nov 13, 2017

If the term ‘mini webinar’excites you, it should. Especially if you’re just getting started and need to maximize your offer. This episode gives you a sneak peek at the revolutionary concept of a mini webinar and its power to potentially change the way we market and sell online.

Don’t miss this short but sweet solo chat where Joel shares how the mini webinar took one client from 0-$13K in less than 21 days.


Episode Discussions:

  • The year of"make the darn offer" has paid off
  • The one downside to the direct selling webinar
  • How to ‘Make the Darn Offer’ work for you
  • Building out a real sales funnel
  • A sneak peek at the potent power of the mini webinar
  • How an automated mini webinar generated $13Kin 3 weeks
  • The number one thing you need to focus on before marketing
  • Why ‘no’ is more important than ‘yes’ when first launching a product
  • The threshold you need to be hitting before optimizing your marketing funnel
  • Clients with brand new offers and their $35K & $27K success stories
  • Joel’s Fifty Thousand Dollar Mini Webinar Domination event
  • Making $50K a month a reality


[2:45]A client with a coaching program who wanted to work with e-commerce store ownersinvested in Joel less than a month ago.


[3:29]Within a week of successfully launching the program using the mini-webinar funnel, the client received his 1st call.


[4:11]At the start of 2017, Joel set a goal to simplify his marketing and sales system.

“Every time I launched a new initiative, I'd think to myself ‘How can I make this simpler?"


[4:45]"The year of ‘Make the Darn Offer" - has paid substantial dividends.


[7:45]The only downside to a direct selling webinar is people try them too soon, especially when they're just starting out.


[8:27]Joel's client originally wanted to sell his course for $500-$1K but suggestedhe:

  • Sell coaching and implementation services
  • Raise offer to $3K, help customers implement program within 7 days and make at least $10K from their campaign.
  • Do an automated mini-webinar and book calls directly on calendar


[10:18]Within the past 3 weeks,Joel’s client has sold 5 programs.The first one sold at $1K, then 4 at $3K (each). Total revenue: $13K


[10:49]"The number one thing that you have to focus on before you really even dial in the rest of your marketing is you need to get yes or no as quickly as possible on your offer."


[11:16]Talk to your ideal client and get them to say yes or no.

‘No’ is more important in the beginning — figure out why they're sayingno.

When you learn that, you can pivot your offer until you start getting yes's.

Then you can raise your price.

Now you have a real sales funnel.


[11:44] Joel is hosting a live event revealing the mini-webinar funnel called The Fifty Thousand Dollar Mini Webinar Domination eventhappening 12/4/17-12/6/17.


[12:50]Make the Darn Offer:”

  • Make the offer as soon as possible
  • Collect data
  • Revise pitch
  • Figure out what people want to buy
  • Dial in everything else
  • When you reach $50k/month, start building in segmentation and follow up sequences


[13:52] Ryan was Joel's first Webinar Accelerator client call.

Brand-new offer. No paid traffic, going exclusively to internal network.

Collected $27,500 in revenue in 4 days.


[14:24] Anthony was challenged to break Ryan’s record with his new offer.

$35K in new collected revenue within 7 days


[14:45]“That $50K a month mark seems like it's a big pie in the sky for a lot of people but [it’s not a lot of work]. It's getting on the phone, talking to people, figuring out what they need and if your offer resonates with the desire and with the need."


What are your thoughts on the topics discussed in this episode? Send Joel your feedback:




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Oct 30, 2017

Components of a traditional sales webinar can be shuffled, reframed, and restructured in every which way but essentially, the process and structures are all similar or the same. So when Joel caught wind of Dan Kuschell’s non-traditional interview style webinar that generated 7 figures, he had to investigate.


The interview style webinar is a product of Dan’s obsession with psychology and extensive background in direct response marketing, interviewing, and teleseminars. This method isn’t just strategic dialog between host and expert — it’s an entirely unique way of leveraging natural conversation, emotion, and tactical flow to sell with webinars. And in this episode, Dan walks you through the 7-step interview webinar framework and how you can successfully apply it to close more deals in your webinars.


Episode Discussions:

  • Combining technology with psychology equals big results
  • Debunking the "marketing is bad" belief
  • Dan Sullivan's definition of selling
  • What’s missing from "know, like, and trust"?
  • The "Oprah" sales model and why it works
  • Trust and respect accelerate sales
  • Adding extra endorsements within the interview and how to make it “real”
  • The webinar interview works with cold traffic if…
  • 7 step interview webinar framework and flow
  • An interview script specifically for high-ticket offers
  • 2 ideals of the one-to-many methodology
  • Offering value to your webinar audience within interview webinars
  • Creating elevated trust and respect with social proof and testimonials
  • The difference between selling more and retaining your sales
  • How the interview style helps with the first draft of your webinar and why it shortens the writing process
  • The pros of being upfront about price
  • A framework to construct offers, CTA's, and outcomes
  • The recurring 24/7 interactive Q&A model
  • Speaking to the elephant in the room (addressing objections)



[3:39] Dan’s story:

- Fascinated with direct response marketing since he could remember

- Dad took him to his first clinic for baseball when he was 10 where he learned: "In baseball, sports, and life, success is 90% mental and the rest physical."

- Became obsessed with learning the psychology behind sales after working at a direct mail company out of high school.

[4:58] "Today, when you combine psychology and technology, you can get incredible leverage and have incredible breakthroughs when you take the time to learn and master it."

[5:16] One-to-many is a leverage methodology with 2 simple ideals:

  1. Put yourself in a position to speak to large groups of people at one time
  2. Do the work one time and get paid over and over

[6:08] "I look at you [Joel] and yes, you're a tactician and that's important but more importantly, you're a scientist from a strategy point of view."

[9:59] Dan's first interview style webinar was in 2005 with a JV strategic partner for a $2,495 program. It generated over 6 figures in sales in one night.

[11:31] Dan Sullivan's definition of selling: Getting someone intellectually engaged in a future result that's good for them.

[12:45] Step 1 and outline of the interview style webinar script

[15:54] The host interviews the expert and ultimately facilitates the close. Extra endorsements can be added to make it "real."

[17:18] In addition to "know, like, and trust," add “respect”.

[18:03] An audience trusts their host and are more likely to respect the endorsement of the guest — trust and respect accelerate sales. The host guides the process but the expert drives the message and enrollment.

[21:15] "Speak to the elephant in the room." Calling out your audience's biggest objection.

[21:57] The interview script specific to making high-ticket offers.

[24:11] "I've discovered in any sales process that rapport is probably the number one factor in whether sales happen or they don't."

[24:44] Joel and Dan enact step 2 of the interview style webinar.

"There's a difference between selling more and retaining your sales."

 [26:40] Steps 3-6 (value, education, framing the offer)

[29:29] Does this work with cold traffic too? I've seen it work with cold traffic. At the end of the day, it comes down the talent, capabilities, and skillsets we have or don't have overall."

[33:18] "Interview style helps get the rough draft out as quickly as possible because you ask a question and rattle on for 5-10 minutes, then edit and revise it."

[36:07] Step 7 (transition into close, enrollment)

  • Frame the offer
  • Promise and guarantee
  • Program benefits and outcome
  • Price and how to get started

[42:03] The pros of being up front with your audience about price

[43:48] A genius recurring 24/7 interactive Q&A model

[47:38] “We can use this interview framework to help people get the first draft written because that's the single biggest objection they have.”

[47:50] There are about 12 questions during Dan’s interview style webinar format

[48:06] A framework to construct offers, CTA's, and outcomes:

  • what is it?
  • what will it give them?
  • what will it do for them?
  • what will that mean for them?
  • connect outcomes to an emotional benefit

[51:23] "Most places are focusing on ‘how do you grow and scale to the next level?’ and that's a great place to start. I'm asking a very different question today which is how do you build, grow, and scale a healthy business because the two are very different."


Connect with Dan

Dan’s website - Champion Business Blueprint

Dan's podcast -  Growth To Freedom


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Oct 23, 2017

Webinars have been Trevor Turnbull’s only source of sales since 2010. He’s done hundreds of them over the years to sell his popular training programs like LinkedInfulence, a course that helps business owners and entrepreneurs leverage LinkedIn for lead gen. So, does he use live webinars or automated webinars to sell his products? Yes.


In this episode, Trevor shares the strategies and systems that make it possible to run his unique hybrid style combo of live and automated webinars as well as the valuable lessons, experiences, and observations that go along with 7 years of history.


Episode Discussions:

  • Why webinars work so well in the business opportunity space
  • The 3-minute pitch from a past SWW guest Joel’s used to increase conversions
  • How webinars have evolved since 2010 - What worked then, what works now
  • Hybrid approach: A sales mechanism for running both live and evergreen webinars
  • Include this at the start of your evergreen webinar to build credibility and trust
  • Why being transparent and building trust with your audience is so critical
  • Why you should still run through your webinar with little to no audience
  • How Trevor tested and refined his done-for-you offers using different price points
  • Tweaks to improve your one-time offers
  • A walkthrough of Trevor’s simple and effective lead magnets and webinar funnel
  • Different price points and offers: What has and hasn’t worked over the last 2 years
  • Crafting the perfect offer
  • The power of the phone call
  • Selling programs with vs without support groups
  • Successfully building a support community around a program
  • You don't need paid traffic to make webinars work!
  • Tips on approaching LinkedIn groups for partner webinars and joint promotions


[3:28] Trevor's story:

  • Worked in the pro sports industry and used LinkedIn to connect with people
  • Connected with Lewis Howes and ran his sports recruiting website for years
  • In 2010, sold LinkedIn course (how to get a job in sports) using webinars
  • Now uses webinars to sell training programs that show people how to use and leverage LinkedIn for lead generation and conversion

[6:41] How webinars have evolved since 2010:

  • Then: It was easier to get people to attend because it was new and different.
  • Then: You could go straight to a sales pitch.
  • Now: People don't want to be pitched to.
  • Now: The sales process is harder and there’s more competition.
  • Now: Focus is on building trust, being honest and transparent about the work involved without giving false hope.

[9:49] "What we've been seeing work really well is being transparent and upfront. We're actually making the offer within the first three minutes of the webinar."-JE

[13:06] "People always think 'if I give the offer right away people are going to leave' and it doesn't happen because you're still going to give content."-JE

[14:26] Trevor’s sales mechanism for running live and evergreen webinars:

  • Does a combo of live and evergreen webinars each month.
  • Everyone that downloads a lead magnet receives an invitation to a webinar.
  • If the live webinar is within a week, Trevor's thank you page promotes the live webinar. Otherwise, registrants are directed to the evergreen webinar.

[16:14] Trevor's evergreen setup:

  • Uses EverWebinar
  • Switched from GoToWebinar to Webinar Jam
  • Opens with a 1-minute video that informs the audience the webinar is recorded
  • His transparency maintains integrity and builds trust and credibility with his list.

[18:57] Joel turns 100% of high-end done-for-you clients away who refuse to do any live webinars.

[20:15] If no one shows up to your webinar, go through your normal routine anyway. "You'll figure out that one thing you should've said differently...because you've seen it, heard it and know the trigger of how to react to it the next time."-TT

[21:10] Trevor’s advice if you're just getting started with webinars:

Yes — absorb as much info as you can from smart guys like Joel and then stop learning, start implementing and adjust from there.

[21:53] See how Trevor's simple lead magnets and webinar funnel works: /profile /scripts

[24:53] Tested offers:

  • Program price point: started at one-time fee of $997
  • Tested: phone sales with a price point of $997 vs selling directly on a webinar for $497 straight to an order form
  • Result: same amount of conversions
  • Currently: focuses efforts on selling via webinar because it takes less time but still offers a phone call option (50% close rate)

[28:30] Trevor's upsells:

  • "Accelerator Package": one-time offer, done-for-you service (light & plus versions available). Price points vary from $997 - $6K per campaign.

Future upsells:

  • Paid access to support group
  • LinkedIn makeover package
  • Sales Team Accelerator package

[31:37] "I'm finding that our business is evolving based on the feedback we get from webinars. People tell us what they need and we build it."-TT

[35:52] Joel's course currently sells for $997 via webinar (increase in coming months) without a support group. Planning a one-time offer, 14-day free trial for webinar community.

[39:14] Trevor's winning tips on approaching LinkedIn groups for partner webinars and joint promotions


Connect with Trevor

Connect with Trevor on LinkedIn – mention this episode of Sold With Webinars!


Mentioned in this episode:

Trevor’s lead magnets: /profile /scripts


Oct 16, 2017

Akbar Sheikh has used webinars to make multiple 6-figures in his funnel consulting business, and he did it without spending a dime on paid traffic.  Instead, he leveraged things he already had in place as a ‘webinar business card.’


In this episode, Akbar shares this simple yet effective business card funnel that got his own side webinar to generate 6 figures in 90 days — without paid traffic or follow-up emails. He does a stellar job of reminding us that simplicity wins almost every time and that you don’t always need paid traffic to be successful.


Episode Discussions:


  • How to effectively target your ideal market and people you want to work with
  • ‘The Business Card funnel’
  • Optimizing your Facebook and LinkedIn profile to attract your ideal customer
  • People want personal, not automation
  • What 2 things to have in place prior to building your funnel
  • Overconsumption without implementation
  • What exactly is funnel hacking?
  • What to do if your webinar failed and why you shouldn’t give up
  • Copying someone else’s webinar funnel doesn’t work
  • Attraction-based marketing is powerful and profitable
  • Easy ways to create authority and get testimonials when you’re just starting out
  • Should your webinar pause?
  • The importance of using statistics in your webinar
  • Bad copy mistakes, the power of words, and when to outsource
  • Overcomplication and complex funnels hurt your business
  • Including your personality, beliefs, and your 'why' into your webinar
  • How to be memorable and connect with your webinar audience


[2:25] What makes Akbar special:

-Grew up in an entrepreneurial family

-Groomed to be in retail and hated it

-Ended up homeless

-Took 15 years to recover and find something he was passionate about…

-Which happened to be internet marketing

[4:22] Akbar's 'side webinar' that qualifies ideal prospects

  • Offer: helps people build funnels
  • Simple opt-in page (80% opt-in rate)
  • To autoplay webinar
  • Call to action (CTA) – ‘Schedule a call with Akbar’
  • To a questionnaire (qualification process)
  • Akbar calls qualified lead (50% closing rate)

Generated 6 figures in the last 90 days

No paid traffic and no follow-up emails sent

[5:45] Akbar's target avatar:

Initially targeted existing businesses with plateaued income — not newbies.

Now works with serious newbies who offer ethical products/services that will benefit the world.

"If you're not working with people that you enjoy, it's going to affect your business big time."

[9:17] The Business Card Funnel

Optimize your Facebook or LinkedIn profile with a link and description informing your audience that your product/service alleviates their pain point.

 "People talk about not getting enough traffic. They're their own worst enemy. When I click on people's Facebook profile, it's a joke."

[12:30] Automation should only be used when you've got your avatar and offer completely dialed in.

[13:02] "Everyone has their own fingerprint. You have to bake your identity into the webinar." - AS

[14:23] By including your personality, beliefs, and your big 'why' into your webinar, you attract the type of clients you want to attract.

[15:32] Webinars work. If you failed at a webinar, there's a reason. Keep testing, tweaking, and scaling your webinar. Don’t give up.

"I've never seen anyone fail who keeps trying, tweaking, implementing and moving forward."- AS

[18:56] Getting social proof when you’re a newbie:

  • Be creative to create authority
  • Be vulnerable
  • Highlight your accomplishments
  • Show you're human
  • Offer to do something small and tangible for free in exchange for a testimonial

[21:06] Being memorable and connecting with your webinar audience:

  • Make their jaw drop by teaching something powerful
  • Associating that jaw drop with your content creates a solid connection
  • Use statistics
  • Paint a picture of why you do what you do
  • Highlight how you do things differently

[23:54] "If your copy is bad, it's like elevator music — forgettable background noise. But if your words serve a purpose, concise and powerful, this creates an orchestra that can create a masterpiece." -AS

[24:38] ‘Do what you do best and outsource the rest.’ Don't try and do everything because you're not great at everything.

[25:22] Overcomplication is the reason why most people fail in the world of online business.

[27:05] Just be yourself. Attraction-based marketing is powerful and profitable.



Connect with Akbar:

  • – Get your free copy of Akbar’s book, 7 FIGURE FUNNELS: A Slap You in the Face With a Cold Wet Fish Blueprint on How to Build a Million Dollar Online Business in just 7 Ethical Steps :)
  • Akbar on Facebook


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Oct 9, 2017

Somebody quadrupled the business of one software company they worked with. Then 12x’d the growth of another software company they worked with. And did it with the help of leveraging over 200 partner webinars. So naturally, we had to get this incredibly intelligent marketer on the show to reveal his strategies.


In this episode, the legendary Sid Bharath explains how he strategically used partner webinars to get free traffic, build relationships, and grow LemonStand and Thinkific to exponential heights. Plus, plenty of actionable tips and growth strategies you can implement in your webinar marketing to experience massive results.

Episode Discussions:

  • The difference in effectiveness between webinar swaps and big boom launch promotions and how to decide which one is right for you
  • The webinar trick that turns cold traffic into super-hot traffic (and keeps popping up in the show)
  • Direct selling on partner webinars: yes or no?
  • The most effective webinar content for attendees from internal lists, partner webinars, and cold traffic
  • Tips on nurturing relationships with influencers
  • When it makes sense to outsource marketing tasks
  • Marketing strategies Sid used to grow a software company with an e-commerce platform
  • Marketing strategies Sid used to grow an online course platform
  • Why partner webinars are the most effective strategy for consistent growth
  • Where and how to find influencers
  • How to contact industry influencers and get them to do a partner webinar
  • Your main focus during massive webinars with large audiences should be this


[2:27] What makes Sid special:

-Lover of learning: Reads books, follows other marketers, listens to podcasts, takes courses

-Is exposed to various companies by working with them

-Ties together core concepts behind successful people and comes up with repeatable solutions to implement in other companies


[3:15] Sid's first full-time role as head of marketing for LemonStand (software company with E-commerce platform)

  • His core strength was content but needed to produce quicker results
  • Used targeted ads to boost content and achieved instant results
  • Created e-book "50 Shades of Growth" with 50 growth hacks for e-commerce platforms
  • Got industry influencers to contribute to and promote the e-book
  • Promoted book launch with a contest to win discounts from various software companies
  • Did JV webinar swaps with other software companies


[6:34] The difference in effectiveness between webinar swaps and big boom launch promotions

  • When you're doing a big promotion or boost, you connect with influencers and start relationships which can be converted into a partnership webinar down the road.
  • If you have the resources, do both and you'll get big spikes and steady growth.
  • If you don't, lean toward the partner webinars which provides dependable growth


[8:30] "If you have a good list of partners, influencers, or affiliates who are willing to push your contest on launch day, then your contest will be successful. Contests work on momentum."-SB

[9:12] For consistent growth, strategy, and progress, partner webinars are more effective. 

[9:25] The great thing about partner webinars is you're building relationships with some really awesome people and that's the name of this game — the name of marketing."-JE

[10:09] Head of marketing for Thinkific (online course platform):

  • Used ads while creating partnerships and content for long-term strategy
  • Worked well and hired a full-time employee to allow Sid to focus on exploring other channels.
  • Whatever worked was outsourced. Whatever didn’t was scrapped.


[11:08] Testing:

  • Focused on getting more traffic using ads and scrapped ads that didn't produce.

o   Twitter ads didn't work

o   Facebook Ads worked

  • Discovered Convertkit consistently did partner webinars
  • Hired someone to contact influencers and software partners to build relationships and book webinars


[12:47] What was your strategy for contacting these influencers and how would you get them to agree to a partner webinar?

  • Started with people who were still building their influence.
  • “Even if they sent 10 people, I'd still do the webinar because one day they may be big. But it was slowly building up our base to which we could go to bigger influencers and work our way up the ladder to get those bigger names."
  • Continued to build relationships over time.

Pro tips in dealing with influencers:

  • Start by giving value and helping them with their needs before you ask for anything in return.
  • As you give value, approach them about doing a webinar together.
  • Keep nurturing relationship with influencers that say no.


[16:28] Where do you find all these influencers?

"We expanded into the [influencers] that no one's heard of."


[19:11] For massive webinars where people have already signed up for a free version of software, the focus is on delivering pure value and motivating them.


[20:20] Sid aims for a 15% conversion rate, 20% is great. Has reached 30%.


[20:49] Most effective and impactful content inside the webinar itself:

  • The content depends on the source of the attendees.
  • If they're coming from an internal list, they're already aware of the platform. Gear the content toward helping them be successful on the platform.
  • For partner webinars, focus on more basic information about the product and how to use it.
  • For cold traffic, help them get an instant result during the webinar (Sid offers no free trials and still converts at 10-15%)


[24:11] What's next for Sid:

Started own consulting business helping other companies with their marketing. Hopes to eventually build his own software product or e-commerce business using the same learnings from growing other businesses.



Connect with Sid:

Sid’s Website

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Oct 2, 2017

How To 4x Your Conversion On Live Webinars w/Tim Paige | #024


Two successful webinar experts from upstate New York, sharing knowledge and hosting this podcast episode. Joel’s co-host is Tim Paige — vacuum salesman turned webinar host.   Aside from generating more than ten million in revenue for his webinar clients, he’s more than quadrupled webinar conversions by making a small adjustment to his Q & A session.


Join Joel in one of his favorite episodes to date where they discuss strategies you can apply to your webinar to effectively 4x your conversions. Tim’s high-converting webinar hiccup story provides for some good entertainment too.


Episode Discussions:

  • Building authority quickly
  • The benefits of having a brief heroes journey
  • The Q & A strategy that 4x’d Tim’s webinar conversions
  • Promotions that work for cold traffic webinars
  • “Offer anxiety” and how to eliminate it to increase sales
  • What to do when you’re uncomfortable pitching an offer upfront
  • The worst way to start a relationship with your audience
  • Why revealing the offer price upfront works
  • How to answer questions throughout the webinar without stopping every 5 minutes
  • Deciding between 60 and 90-minute webinars and which is more effective
  • Positioning yourself to sell other people’s products as a webinar host
  • Using webinar scripts vs. not using webinar scripts
  • Why short pitches can be more effective than long pitches
  • Joel’s new offer structure that’s testing very well
  • Converting hiccups into sales during a webinar
  • Headset twins: Why Joel and Tim love their webinar headsets


Tim's Story:

-Used to be a traveling musician

-Got into sales and sold $3,000 vacuums door-to-door

-Studied online marketing and started a podcast w/ John Lee Dumas

-Was hired by Clay Collins, CEO of Leadpages, to do a webinar

-Hosted his first webinar for Clay after he got sick and ‘outconverted’ him

- Has hosted over 1,000 live webinars and generated more than 10 million dollars in revenue.

-Now owns his own business doing the same thing for other clients.


[8:19] Promotions that work well for cold traffic webinars: lead with the price and substantiate everything afterward vs. hiding the price up front.


[8:46] Tim's ‘heroes journey’ is only 5 minutes long in his webinars and tells them the entire offer upfront to avoid offer anxiety.


[9:40] "Offer anxiety": When webinar attendees wonder about the cost of the offer for the duration of the webinar instead of focusing on the content.


[14:51] If you're uncomfortable giving the offer upfront, at least give them the price upfront.


[16:04] When you give the price upfront, they're focusing on the content and the product itself to figure out what value they'll receive for the price. You have a longer opportunity to present the offer.


[16:53] How did you 4x your conversions? Tim split tested webinars to 2 large audiences.

“I answer questions throughout the whole webinar, I don't wait until the Q & A.”

Day 1 - didn't answer questions until the Q & A.

Day 2 - answered questions throughout the webinar.

On day 2, he quadrupled sales.


[18:41] The only time it's difficult to answer questions throughout the webinar content is if the webinar is a story from start to finish.


[20:01] Answer questions relevant to whatever topic is being discussed at that point in the webinar. Leave non-relevant questions to answer at the end.


[21:03] "I'm seeing right now on average that 95% of the people that show up at the start of the webinar will stay for 75 minutes or longer — which is insane."- TP


[21:16] On average, Tim's clients have 90-minute webinars but more are trending toward 60 minutes. It depends on the client, topic, and content.


[22:12] "What we're finding is shorter is almost always better in terms of conversions."-JE


[23:12] Positioning as a webinar host for other people's products. “When I'm presenting, if there's a story that's relevant to the brand or founders story, I never try to turn it into my story. I think that's disingenuous...I will not tell something that's not true.”


[25:36] Average price points for Tim's webinars: lowest price point is $397 and highest is $2K. 70% cold traffic, 30% retargeting.


[29:25] Joel uses scripts for his personal webinars. Tim doesn't write or script his presentations. His slide decks are typically 140 slides and contain pictures or phrases that trigger his points.


[33:32] "I always tell my clients, 'You cannot insult your customer's intelligence, especially if this is a cold traffic webinar because most people aren't going to buy on the webinar. They’ll come back and buy later. Do not ruin that relationship"-JE


[33:57] When you go into your pitch, how does it differ from a normal-style offer creation? "I use the ending pitch as an opportunity to expand." If it's not a well-known product, he'll reference it as a solution throughout the webinar. This works well for software products. Tim's beginning pitch is 3-5 minutes and ending pitch is 10 minutes.


[37:40] Tim’s Q & A strategy:

Start with 2-3 buying questions:

Address the biggest objection first

(with Leadpages, it was, "Can I use this with more than one website?”)

2 more buying questions

2-3 non-buying questions based around the content

More buying questions ("Can you tell me more about your program/product/software?") and deep dive.

  • Get to Q & A as quickly as you can
  • Answer buying questions
  • Answer content questions
  • Deep dive into product.


[39:19] If you use your Q & A like an opportunity to overcome objections, I found that that's kind of the magic that closes those last-minute sales."-TP


[39:34] Joel is testing a new offer structure internally that’s worked very well. “We position the objections within the content of the webinar.”


[40:59] What's the highest conversion rate you've ever had live on a webinar and what was the price point? Tim answers with his hiccup's-during-a-webinar story. "Like — BAD hiccups. It was brutal!". Converted at 50% and the price point was $577.


[45:22] “I believe we use the same headset — Sennheiser PC 8. It’s all I use.” Inexpensive but sounds great on webinars.


Connect with Tim

Tim’s website


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Sep 25, 2017

Webinars done right have massive payoff potential but require a lot of work. Frank Salas found a way to get paid for his efforts and all the value he was providing his webinar audience. Using only his realtor experience, Frank “The Talented Mr. Salas” built a social media presence and audience that would result in a five-figure payday for his very first webinar.


In this episode, Frank tells you how he created, branded, and packaged the offer that got people to open their wallets and purses right out of the gate. He also shares his thoughts on who paid webinars will and won’t work for and how to make the transition from free to paid webinars if you’re ready.


Episode Discussions:

  • How to conduct free research on your target webinar audience
  • Capturing attention on social media platforms
  • How Frank branded his offers and why it worked to increase sales
  • Making multiple offers on a webinar the right way
  • The benefits of overdelivering and oversharing in your webinar
  • How to serve a tribe and community and show your audience you care
  • Running a Facebook group that helps with retention and future sales
  • How to decide between running a free or paid webinar
  • How to negotiate splits for JV webinars
  • ChatBot funnels and using them to qualify leads
  • The value difference between Frank’s free and paid webinars


[2:17] Frank’s story and why you should pay attention:

-Born homeless, English is his second language, college dropout

-Started first business at the age of 20

-Was a successful residential realtor

-Leveraged realtor expertise and skills to market himself as a social media thought leader

-Most income comes from top-level advanced webinars to the right people

[5:41] The creation of Frank's First Offer

  • Structured webinar to be value packed and value driven for two audiences:

o   Qualified attendees who could purchase the offer

o   People who couldn’t afford the offer but could still take action and get results

  • Performed a psychoanalysis of target audience for 2 weeks
  • Researched their fears, needs, desires, goals, passions, challenges
  • Created a strong offer that solved all of their problems

[7:13] Frank’s Amazon and Google Review Mining tips:

  • Search and read through 5-star and 1-star reviews only
  • Copy and paste pain points and other relevant data
  • Use info to create copy for emails and landing pages

"I go by the name of The Talented Mr. Salas — the only talent that I have is I work hard."-FS

[8:48] Branding, packaging, and pricing the offers:

The service: Blocks of time for prepaid virtual assistant

The packages: varying levels of support and titled as luxury vehicles:

Low - Tesla ($197)

Middle - BMW ($497)

Top – Rolls-Royce ($997)

[10:51] Overall sales for 1st webinar: $10K

"The notifications [from Paypal] as I was doing the livestream would just pop in. It was exciting me to be honest with you."-FS


[12:13] How Frank transitioned into paid webinars:

Built a brand around over-delivering and oversharing for 2 years.

Because of his reputation, he’s been able to start charging for webinars within the last 60 days.

“What I found is that when people pay [for a webinar], they actually pay attention."-FS

[13:07] Frank's latest paid webinar: 

‘How to Get Legit Facebook Likes Masterclass’

  • Live training
  • $97 price point
  • Sends a pre-webinar email – “You’ve got 60 seconds or this is going to $497.”
  • Price increases to $497 when the webinar goes live

[16:22] Facebook group tip:

Frank uses case studies within the group to motivate them by posting before and after screenshots of ‘Facebook like’ numbers.

[17:05] End of webinar offers:

For marketing agency owners - Facebook Like Mastermind Class

Business owners that want to handle their own marketing – Frank’s consulting service

  • Offers are only available to webinar attendees
  • All possible objections are addressed and handled within the offer
  • Consulting packages start at $1K/hr. and go up to 6 figures.

[20:53] Frank's suggestion - choosing to run a free or paid webinar:

Free webinars if… You’re just starting out and nobody knows you or your brand yet.

Paid webinars if…You have a tangible skill with case studies, testimonials, and receipts. Pitch your expertise to someone with an existing list and do a JV webinar.

[22:07] JV webinars split: “Everything is negotiable. Know who you are, your numbers and how you do business and be fully transparent with no ulterior motives or shadiness.”-FS 

[25:41] Frank’s ChatBot funnel and new ChatBot course


Connect with Frank:


Mentioned in this episode:

Molly Keyser - Episode #21


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Sep 18, 2017

If you’re interested in selling high-ticket offers, you’ll want to listen to Adam Wenig’s story from beginning to end. Adam is in the business opportunity space and sells high-end coaching programs using his auto webinar.  Since becoming one of Joel’s students, he was able to transform his offer from $97 to $8,000 — taking him to six figures a month.


In this episode Adam and Joel tell you exactly how they were able to immediately 10x Adam’s business — sharing everything from getting $1 Facebook webinar registrations to the simple Facebook Ad that sent warm traffic to Adam’s webinar.

Episode Discussions:

  • How Adam got Facebook webinar registrations for $1 and below
  • The adjustment Joel made to Adam’s webinar that 10x’d his business
  • Adam’s experience using Instagram Story Ads
  • A webinar that pulled in 2500 people from Instagram
  • A simple yet genius Facebook Ad that sends warm traffic to your webinar
  • A breakdown of Adam’s high-ticket blog style auto webinar funnel
  • How to get your sales team more effective and efficient using bots
  • How Joel is using bots and ManyChat to capture leads right away


[1:44] Adam’s story:

  • Introduced to entrepreneurship at age 18
  • Started first business after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Did well in network marketing
  • Moved into internet affiliate marketing
  • Made own infoproducts
  • Hired Joel to get webinar up and running
  • Currently in the make-money-online space selling high-end coaching programs


[2:56] Adam's original offer:  $97 offer with a $3K package upsell using auto-webinars

[3:21] During their first session, Joel suggested offering $3K product right off the webinar. "That immediately 10x'd our business."-AW

[3:48] Adam’s Current Price points:

  • $2K Home study course
  • $5K Group coaching
  • $8K one-one-one coaching

[4:10] Adam will easily cross the million-dollar mark with his webinar. [4:55] How Adam got Facebook webinar registrations for $1 and below:

  • Wrote a short blog article discussing his discovery.
  • Simple ad featuring his photo, one line of copy for the top post text, and a curiosity-based headline.
  • Included hyperlinks to the registration page within the blog article.

 “Not only did we get registrants for under a dollar but the traffic was warm because they heard my story through the blog article.” -AW

[8:58] Adam’s funnel:

  • Blog article page acts as the registration page
  • Once registered, directed to a 5-min countdown page with a quick ‘hype-up’ video

And video testimonials

  • Redirected to the auto-webinar after 5-minute countdown expires
  • Application to call to close

[10:23] Conversion from application to sale: 1 out of 8

[11:10] Adam’s current testing and optimizations for his high ticket offers:

  • Changed language in the pitch to target higher quality applicants
  • Instead of scheduling calls, people are sent from the webinar straight to the application page
  • Applicants are sent an email sequence to call Adam’s office

[13:08] Joel's secret bot qualification strategy to capture leads right away.

Can also make sales teams more effective at handling more conversations at once. [17:40] Adam is currently working on creating a plus shipping offer to bring more buyers into his business as well as new Instagram software.

[18:45] Joel’s experience with a recent Instagram webinar. "I've never seen so much webinar traffic as I have from Instagram."-JE


Connect with Adam:

Adam on Facebook

Instagram @AdamWenig


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Sep 11, 2017

How’d you like a 75% show-up rate for your live webinar? How about a 25% take rate for a tripwire offer? Those remarkable numbers belong to Molly Keyser, a creative who teaches boudoir photographers how to book more clients and make more money. So, if you’re ready to see rates like that for your live webinar, it’s time for you to give a bot a chance.


In this episode, Molly shows you the exact methods and strategies she used to get a 75% show up rate using ManyChat, a tool that lets you create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support. Learn how to use simple growth tools to skyrocket your webinar registrations and effectively boost your conversion rates.


Episode Discussions:

  • Why webinars work so well for the photography niche
  • Ways to personalize the audience experience during a live webinar
  • One critical component to live webinars that many struggle with
  • Joel’s marketing objection to ManyChat
  • An email-free registration process
  • How to implement a one-click registration for your webinar
  • Molly's simple tripwire with a 25% take rate
  • A pestering yet effective reminder sequence that boosts Molly’s sales
  • Using urgency and scarcity in your live webinar follow-up sequence
  • How Molly frames freebies for photographers at the end of webinars and includes affiliates
  • How long should you offer a webinar replay?
  • Why avoiding live webinars is like throwing money away
  • Collecting emails and growing your list with ManyChat
  • Win the ultimate webinar mega sales bundle
  • Molly’s bonus tip to increase webinar registrations using ManyChat growth tools


[2:22] Molly's story:

  • Has been a photographer since she was 17
  • Business evolved into a profitable portrait studio
  • Educates other Boudoir photographers online


[3:05] Has been doing webinars since 2013 but hasn't experienced true success until this year (2017). "Instead of seeking out people that were having great success with webinars, I just decided to do what I thought was best."-MK


[4:22] Webinars are 80% of her business.

[4:54] Why do you think webinars work so well for your business in the photography niche? "They're personalized. Although auto webinars do work, live webinars work way better. Photography is a very personalized type of service."

[6:40] "People don't understand how difficult it is to really get an auto webinar converting...If you want to go straight to automated, just work on a video sales letter." - JE

[7:14] “If you do want to just go straight to an automated webinar, it's pretty much like saying you're willing to throw away $20,000, $40,000, $80,000.”-MK

[7:40] Molly's live webinars each bring in at least $10K.

[10:03] How Molly uses ManyChat:

  • One-click webinar registration: Embeds a ManyChat button on a landing page that registers people through Facebook.
  • Directed to Facebook Messenger where the registrant selects a date and time to attend the webinar.
  • A confirmation ‘thank you’ message responds with the basic webinar info (date, time, link)

[12:49] Molly's simple tripwire with a 25% take rate:

After confirmation, registrants are offered a 50% discount on a $59 product designed to enhance the webinar's experience (via Facebook Messenger).

[18:36] Pestering yet effective reminder sequence:

Frequency: 72 hour, 48 hour, 24 hour, 6 hour, 3 hour, 1 hour

[24:02] Follow-up sequence:

10-hour replay window one hour after the live webinar

Sends 3 follow-up bot messages (10-hour, 5-hour, final hour)

"Some of the best advice I've learned is you're not marketing well enough until you're annoying people."-MK

[26:06] "All you really need is the webinar, getting people on it, and the order form."-MK

[28:41] Molly’s Freebie Frame: On the final webinar slide, photographers get a no-strings-attached complimentary gift and pushes helpful affiliate software.

[35:59] Her 75% show-up rate webinars had a 15% conversion rate.

[36:49] Joel’s ManyChat marketing objection: “What about collecting emails? “

  1. ManyChat recently partnered with Zapier, allowing you to integrate your ManyChat list with your CRM.
  2. Molly uses Webinar Jam where attendees have to input their name and email to enter the webinar. She collects leads from the attendees.

[40:15] Molly’s bonus tip to increase webinar registrations using ManyChat growth tools:

  • Post a lengthy status on your Facebook business page sharing a success story or a ‘helpful tip’ video.
  • Insert a CTA, asking those interested in the webinar to reply with “yes” (will work with your word of choice)
  • A message is sent to the “yes’s” with available webinar dates and times



Connect with Molly


Mentioned in this episode:

Win the ultimate webinar Mega Sales Bundle - Over $3,000 in prizes including a free subscription to Deadline Funnel

Episode #17 - Interview w/ Jason Wardrop


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Sep 4, 2017

There are endless methods, tools, and tactics to grow your email list. John Corcoran was able to double his from 6,000 to 12,000 during the first quarter of 2015 with partner webinars. With numbers like that, it makes you wonder why you don’t hear about using webinars as a list-building strategy more often.


Just days before recording this episode, John Corcoran from Rise25 and Smart Business Revolution, had his largest partner webinar to date — to the tune of a few thousand registrants. In this episode, he shares strategies you can use to build a large database of interested buyers using other people’s audiences (without hard pitches!)


Episode Discussions:

  • Why you should stick to one title for your webinar
  • How to get around the “non-pitching” policy during joint venture webinars
  • How to follow-up with a company who promised you an email list but hasn’t delivered
  • A process to test your new webinar and title
  • Elements of a webinar title that gets people excited
  • What titles worked best for John
  • A breakdown of John’s perfect webinar timeline and what to include where
  • Why it’s important to be clear on your webinar’s length
  • How to lose your audience in the first 6-8 min of your webinar
  • Why you need to be specific about the benefits of your webinar
  • Providing proof to validate your claims
  • What to include in a good case study
  • How to naturally transition from educating to selling during your webinar
  • How to end a lead-gen style webinar
  • What to look for when researching companies to partner with
  • Why you should have a follow-up sequence in place for everything


[2:27] John's story:

  • Former writer in the Clinton Whitehouse & CA governor speechwriter
  • A "recovering attorney" (stepped back from law in 2015)
  • Started Smart Business Revolution (blog and podcast)
  • Teamed up with Dr. Jeremy Weisz to create Rise25 – Helps professional entrepreneurs who want to move away from “one on one” client work trading hours for dollars to a “one to many” offering.

[5:33] In 2014, guest posted on small blogs and progressed to Forbes, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur. Went from 1,000 email subscribers to 5,800 end of 2014.

[6:21] Learned about external webinars and doubled his list from 6,000 to 12,000 during the first quarter of 2015.

[6:45] Abandoned guest posting to double down on webinars. "I did 83 webinars during 2015, grew my list to 25,000...and haven't looked back since then. [I'm] completely focused on webinars as a list growth strategy."

 [8:41] “One of the best things you can do is immerse yourself with other people who are doing webinars for different audiences. Get to know them, become friends with them, and recommend each other back and forth to different organizations or individuals."-JC

[9:30] Once you find a title that resonates well with your audience, use it again and again.

[9:52] John’s last webinar (with Score Association):

  • Was required to use a different webinar title but ended up with 4,500 registrants (the company’s 2nd largest number ever)
  • Was not allowed to pitch at the end
  • Received email list of people who opted to receive information from John (net 3000 out of 4500 emails)

[10:34] How to collect email addresses from “No-Pitch” webinars:

Workbook method:

  • Ask permission from the company to distribute a workbook to registrants
  • Create a free workbook people can download from an opt-in page and use during the presentation.
  • The company may send their own email list to your workbook opt-in page.
  • At the beginning of the webinar, urge attendees to download the workbook.

Teaser method:

  • Incentivize audience with a bonus given at the end of the webinar.
  • Give the same link as the workbook opt-in.
  • Email additional bonus later that day.

[17:35] John’s New Webinar Testing Process:

  • Share webinar internally (LinkedIn, email list)
  • Do the same or similar versions of the webinar but with different titles over a number of weeks.
  • Test different titles and keep track of how many people register to see what the best webinar was.

 [18:30] Webinar titles:

  • Influence how many register for the webinar, how many show up, how many buy what you're selling.
  • When titling, find out what your audience wants.
  • Use specific and odd numbers
  • Include time parameters

[21:08] What timeline works best for you with partner webinars?

John’s method:

  • Length: 50-60 min
  • Intro (6-8 min): Establish who you are, why they should listen to you and exactly how they’ll benefit from the content.
  • “The meat” (8-30min): “You actually need to teach people something or they're going to be really really angry at you.” Use facts, figures, numbers, and data at some point.
  • Case studies (30-40min): (educational and edifying you)

Naturally transitioning from educating to selling:

"We've covered a lot but there's a lot more to cover. If you would like to do it a lot faster than it took me, here's a solution that can help you to get there."

[25:32] "You have to have that substantial proof to validate your claims otherwise people are just going to call BS on you."-JE

[32:28] When researching companies to partner with, make sure they’re doing regular free webinars and have external presenters. Watch a webinar to make sure they're promoting themselves in some way.

[33:55] "You should have a follow-up sequence in place, period. For everything."-JC

“I’m a sure advocate of webinars and I say go for it. Don't be intimidated by the amount of work it requires on the front end. It's pieces you put in place and will benefit from for years to come.”-JC


Connect with John:


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Aug 28, 2017

Joel's looked at well over 100 webinars and talked to more than 200 course creators trying to launch their webinars. But his client, Dan Henry, showed him things he’s never seen anybody in the industry do. Dan’s tiny tweaks scaled his automated webinar to $2.2 million in 11 short months.

In this episode, Dan deep dives into the behind-the-scenes webinar optimization techniques he used to transform and scale his Facebook Ads course into a multi-million-dollar money making machine. Dan’s numbers are proof that even the smallest adjustments to your webinar can make the biggest impacts.


Episode Discussions:

  • How to tell if your webinar has scalability
  • How to boost results from cold traffic implementing the ‘Quick Win’ technique
  • The number one thing that Dan did to crush it with his webinar
  • A strategy that gets a 90%-win ratio on chargebacks
  • Tested tweaks, what worked, didn't work, biggest things held true to grow and optimize webinar
  • A testimonial trick that could double your conversion rate
  • The challenges of scaling from a low seven-figure to eight-figure business
  • Testimonials to help overcome buyer objections
  • A genius way that prevents you from giving away free coaching
  • Facebook’s crackdown on misleading ads and how Dan plans to adapt
  • In depth-look at Demio’s features and why they’re good for the technologically challenged
  • Dan’s successful webinar optimization techniques you’ve probably never heard of



[03:01] Dan's story:

  • First webinar attempt had no sales
  • Researched other successful webinar experts to model them
  • Used Russel Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script and made $48K the first day
  • Learned more tweaks including Joel's tips on sales psychology
  • Earned $2.2MM with his webinar in 11 months

[6:41] Dan's webinar offer:

  • Course price: $997
  • Upsell: $497
  • Course: How to get paid to start your own Facebook ad agency and get results for local businesses. Has all the info you'd need to run ads for your own business.

[10:01] "A lot of people will come to me and say ‘Oh Joel, I don't have a make-money-online offer.' That's not what's going to tell you it'll have scalability. It's how quickly you can get results for your clients."-JE

[10:28] "What do you do during your webinar that has crushed it for you?"

Dan's method:

  • Teaches a script early in the webinar that gets a client interested in hiring them.
  • Instructs attendees to use script while webinar is in progress.
  • 50-70% of attendees get potential clients messaging them, interested in their potential service.
  • Attendees have potential buyers and need to purchase course to create it.

[12:14] "If I wanna sell you something, I figure out a way to get you a result that's taken away if you don't buy my stuff."-DH

[12:25] The Quick Win Syndrome: Where you try and get the audience to experience a quick win so they can comprehend the future and the potential of what you want for them.

[14:32]Social Table Rush’:

  • After a purchase, buyer must join a private group for course access.
  • A pinned post contains link to create user account and set password.
  • User must use same email used to purchase.
  1. Adds to social proof and creates a buying frenzy
  2. Collects proof that customer received their product and serves as protection against unfair claims

[16:42] Get a 90%-win ratio on chargebacks:

Show the merchant company a screenshot of buyer’s request to join the group and a screenshot of them in the private group.

[18:55] "Those were two things that caught my eye right away and I knew your webinar was crushing it just because of those two things."-JE

[20:09] Dan’s tested webinar optimization tweaks:

  • Testimonials: Take screenshots of actual Facebook post testimonials. On order page, place top four testimonials above credit card input field.
  • Two-step order form on the checkout page: Follow ups with cart abandoners via voicemail and text through Sly Broadcast
  • Voicemail hack: At end of webinar, unsure buyers can leave a voicemail with name, email, credit card number, and question (+$40K/mo. to revenue stream). Credit card number prevents free coaching.
  • Deadline Funnel: When time runs out, implements a waiting list follow-up sequence.

[24:00] Dan's #1 tip:Don't create your product until you've created your webinar.”

[30:46] Facebook will mark your ads as ‘misleading’ if users think they're misleading.

[34:14] "The bulk of your sales all came from a Clickfunnels auto webinar, right?" "That's it. No fancy webinar software just pop in a YouTube video in Clickfunnels and a little custom code and you're off to the races."

[36:16] "When you make two or three hundred grand a year, you're fine. When you start making two or three million a year, it becomes a lot more stressful and you definitely need a good husband or wife to support you because it can be very demanding."-DH

[37:12] Dan uses Actionetics to tie into Clickfunnels auto webinar. Ideal for those not wanting to learn email software.

[38:26] Dan sends a seven-day email sequence after the webinar and one missed webinar email. That’s it.


"People have this misconception that you have to take action. That's not true. Action isn't good enough. It's action that inspires belief."-DH



Connect with Dan:


Other links mentioned:


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Aug 21, 2017

Any interest increasing your conversions by 56%? Susan Lassiter-Lyons did just that by making a few simple tweaks to her webinar —  but her success didn’t come without a few grueling sessions of trial and error. Susan is a real estate investor turned educator/course creator who trains people how to invest in alternative and unique forms of investing.


In this episode, you’ll discover what costly mistakes Susan made with her webinar, and the tweaks she made to catapult her webinar’s conversion rates. What it took to go from drastic loss to drastic grain.


Episode Discussions:

  • Why webinars convert so well versus other conversion techniques
  • The crucial role emotion plays in the buyer’s decision
  • How to increase conversion rates by implementing your brand’s story in your marketing
  • Combining your hero’s journey and future pacing
  • Should you get rid of your webinar replay sequence?
  • Why not raising your prices is a confidence issue
  • Learn from Susan’s $25K webinar outsourcing mistake
  • How to improve your conversions with aspirational marketing and future pacing
  • Writing scripts for make money online opportunities
  • Susan’s webinar funnel versus her prospect follow up sequence


[1:50] Susan's story:

  • Started investing in the stock market in 1990
  • Substantial profit from call option on Unilever stock
  • Began investing in real estate in 1994
  • Ran a mortgage company for 8 years that provided financing solutions for real estate investors
  • Closed mortgage co. and private equity fund after 2008 stock market crash
  • “What am I gonna do now?!”
  • Now runs The Investor Insights — a training and coaching program for alternative investors.


[6:48] Susan first started experimenting with webinars in 2009.

[8:03] Her 1st webinar (live) was for a course - "Portfolio Loan Blueprint."

Thought attendees would be able to see attendance numbers. Made her friends and family log on to the webinar.

  • 7 attendees aside from friends and family
  • Sold 3, made $300

"Webinars have always been one of the top two ways that I can generate revenue in my business. “-SLL

[10:03] Susan crafted a webinar funnel for each of her products:

  • Marketed directly to webinar registration page and held a live webinar.
  • Marketed directly to opt-in page that directed to a video sales letter or long-form sales letter.
  • Used follow-up email campaign for non-buyers.

"Take that prospect follow-up sequence and stack it up against a webinar funnel. My webinar funnel outperforms that prospect follow up sequence by a factor of about 4 to 1."

[11:00] Why do you think that is? Why such a dramatic change?

  1. The buzz around event marketing. Has a higher perceived value than a training video or email course.
  2. People get to know you. They get to see & hear your personality and authenticity come through.

 [12:54] Webinars do so well versus other forms of conversion techniques due to the comprehensive ability to learn via video or slides or audio versus reading only.

[13:13] “With webinars where you teach a little bit and you inspire them and give them hope — it's like the ultimate form of content marketing."-JE

[15:42] Outsourcing Oops:

Susan’s highest conversion rate before outsourcing webinar creation ($25K): 11%

Conversion rate for 1st webinar after outsourcing: 5.5%

 [16:55] Susan on her first impression of Webinar Accelerator:  "I was one of those people that that said ‘Ugh, look — I've been doing this long enough. I know how to do this. I just need that software because the software will have that thing I'm missing. I don't need to go through that training because he can't tell me anything. Big mistake."

[17:07] “I came across so many great nuggets going through your training and hearing your program through Webinar Accelerator that I was able to make a few simple tweaks...and get incremental pickups in conversion."

[17:33] The tweaks Susan made to increase conversions:

  • Cut webinar content in half.
  • Incorporated more emotion by incorporating her story and Hero’s Journey.
  • Integrated the Future Pacing technique

[19:24] A confused mind doesn't buy.

[20:44] The Hero’s Journey:

  • Where did I start?
  • Where have I gotten to?
  • What did I learn along the way?
  • What setbacks did I have along the way?

“This was my whole journey to figure out this solution and here's where I am now as a result of that…and people want to hear that!”-SSL

[23:30] Susan’s transformation with ‘Master Lease Option Method’ course:

  • Old attendance rate (06/16): 34.6%
  • New attendance rate (07/17): 24.3%
  • Old earnings per registrant: $8.05
  • New EPR: $13.44
  • Total sales percentage increase: 56%

[26:34] "I would never encourage getting rid of the replay sequence but it all depends on your cold market strategy."-JE

[30:47] Raising your prices is a confidence issue.

“Using the training from the Webinar's had a significant and fast impact on my business already, so I'm really looking forward to aligning with you more in the future so that I can take it to the next level. “-SSL

Connect with Susan:


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Aug 14, 2017

Roller coasters are usually fun — but not so much in an entrepreneurial theme park. Many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with overcoming the obstacles that fluctuations and inconsistences produce. And they prove to be exceptionally disheartening when it comes to their webinar strategies.


Jason Wardrop is the founder of Arsenal MKG, a social lead generation platform tailored for real estate agents. He’s been Joel’s client for over a year and in this episode, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at a year of Jason’s webinar marketing angles and funnels — the successes, the flops, the good, bad, and ugly. But most importantly, how he transformed his webinar’s roller coaster of success into the ultimate ride of dependability.


Episode Discussions:

  • Simplification of your message is vital to your success
  • Why Jason’s first webinar strategy ‘tanked’
  • Reasons to target the beginner market
  • The timeline of Jason’s webinar roller coaster
  • The standard follow-up sequence for live webinars
  • Knowing your target market and speaking to their desires
  • Why “the more you email, the more money you make” doesn’t always work/isn’t always true
  • The curse of the expert
  • A winning headline formula for your webinar website
  • Joel and Jason’s mindset shifts that ultimately boosted their revenue
  • Joel hasn’t seen this in any market other than real estate (he’s still perplexed)
  • Why the standard follow-up email sequence may not work for the real estate market
  • A breakdown of Jason’s email sequences: Fails and wins
  • Why 24-hour webinars psychologically make sense for cold traffic
  • The brilliant sequence strategy Jason uses for cold traffic
  • Joe’s creative writing advice for webinars
  • The 2 game changers that increased Jason’s webinar conversions
  • An ideal time to target real estate agents with your webinar
  • Value-packed tips on how to resonate with your target market and create a bigger impact with your webinar


[1:47] Jason's story:

  • Has been an entrepreneur for 7 years (online marketing)
  • In 2015, founded Arsenal MKG -a social lead generation platform that helps real estate agents generate leads for their business.

[2:45] Webinar history:

  • Marketed software to network marketers
  • Ran webinars for weeks without success
  • Targeted real estate market using the same webinar with a few minor tweaks
  • Had two sales the first week.
  • Realigned marketing to target real estate agents

[4:33] Jason's original offer was $300/year. Increased to $497.

[5:29] "I was attracting unemployed engineers and that was the first major shift I had — I can't sell to broke people. So I can take the exact same offer and sell it to a different audience and charge more money for it."-JE

[7:26] Jason sold 4/week but saw potential to increase.

[7:53] One of Jason's big mental shifts: realizing he wasn't selling more because he didn't feel like he could fulfill more than 4 people.

[8:16] Once Jason put his fears aside, he scaled up his sales to 8, sometimes 11 per week. Totaling $10K per webinar.

[9:17] Jason had his biggest day ever right before the end of 2016. But his first webinar of 2017 was "total crickets."

[10:03] The roller coaster begins:

  • January of 2017, Jason's list had approximately 9,000 people on it.
  • February - he sold a $37 mini-course resulting in a $12K increase from his biggest month ever.
  • March - sales increased $20K.
  • April - sales dropped and became inconsistent.
  • May - Jason takes a break to work on revamping the webinar.
  • June, “I launched my webinar thinking it was gonna kill it and then I realized my messaging was totally off and rewrote [the webinar] three times before I got I working again."

[15:21] Jason’s two game changers:

  1. Simplifying the webinar to make it more consumable for his "non-tech savvy" market
  2. Recreated the offer itself to resonate with his market.

[17:39] "It was the same offering but instead of saying, 'Hey, we'll set up one lead generation campaign, we'll get you to thirty leads per month consistently."-JW

[19:02] "As you're trying to sell your own products, services or courses, we have this curse of the expert I see all the time with the webinar campaign."-JE

[19:49] Headline formula: Who you're talking to + what you want them to become.

[20:25 Joel and Jason finished reworking the webinar end of June.

1st webinar results:

  • Sent to list, no paid traffic
  • Totaled almost 300 registrants
  • 50% show-up rate
  • Immediately had six sales
  • Within 24 hours, 5 additional sales
  • 11 sales after first week

[23:11] "I had never seen follow up sales — let alone double the amount of sales — so I was so pumped about that."-JW

[23:32] "Whenever you look at the market size, the beginners of any market are always going to be your biggest pool and usually your most attractive pool."-JE

[25:00] Jason breaks down his 5+ failed follow up sequences

[26:08] Jason's current sequence (for 24-hour webinar):

  • Thursday morning - Live webinar (he's found it to be the best time that works for agents).
  • Thursday afternoon - Sends a webinar replay email to follow up with non-buying attendees. Introduces urgency. (46% open rate)
  • Four hours before offer expiration – intense urgency to ‘go in and check it out.’
  • Non-attendees receive an email invite to an encore auto webinar that starts at the top of every hour.
  • Non-openers receive an email with a different attractive subject line.

[28:42] Joel compares and contrasts Jason’s sequences.

[29:29] 24-hour webinars psychologically make sense for cold traffic. "I think it's brilliant and it tipped the tables for you 100%."-JE

[30:37] How cold traffic responds to frequent emails: "They've never heard your name and all the sudden this random Jason Wardrop guy has emailed me 4 times in one day?!...Take me off your list!"-JW

[32:02] Joel's creative writing advice for webinars: Don't pigeonhole yourself into a specific formula.

[33:06] Jason’s future:

Looking to launch software into the insurance market (and possibly fitness).

[35:32] "Just gotta hustle and sprint while it's all still working good because you know that winters can always come to any business."-JW

[35:40] What's your ROI now on your ad spend with this new cold traffic webinar? It's 3x in week one and I haven't put upsells in place."

[36:52] Joel's takeaways for the audience:

  • Analyze what market you're really speaking to
  • With the beginner market, there's always leads coming in.
  • Think about it just like a funnel: The most educated, moderately educated, and the uneducated. If you can speak to the uneducated, you speak to all of them.


Connect with Jason:


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Jul 24, 2017

‘Make-money-online’ and ‘business opportunity’ aren’t the only niches crushing it with webinars. Annie Grace has experienced serious success with her automated webinar for her course on overcoming alcohol addiction. Through personal experience, her webinar, and her website,, she’s inspired the positive transformation of many lives.


Annie’s story is the perfect example of how to profit from your story, passion and course using webinars. And if you still don’t think it’s possible, wait ‘till you hear her before and after stats.


Episode Discussions:

  • Why Annie’s initial launch failed to convert
  • Mindset’s role
  • The simple website tweak Annie made to increase conversions and sales
  • The debate on webinar lengths – is there a right and a wrong?
  • Thoughts on Jeff Walker’s, “Launch”
  • How to get over the awkwardness of using urgency and scarcity to sell
  • The first things Joel looks at when reviewing a webinar and why
  • Guarantees are the quickest way to boost your sales
  • What to do when you’re scared of making a really strong guarantee
  • Changing a mindset in the webinar is more valuable than providing answers and solutions
  • The one thing you shouldn’t do when talking to a very hot market
  • Webinar feedback: The value in leaving a webinar with hope
  • The Expert Curse and how it lowers conversions
  • Annie’s before-and-after-webinar funnel stats
  • Joel’s secret ‘2-part guarantee’ tip for all courses
  • The 3 goals every webinar should have


[2:06] Annie's story:

  • Was the chief marketing officer for a large offline marketing corporation
  • Found herself consuming more alcohol and wrote about the experience
  • Book was well-received and grew a passion for changing lives
  • Created a video course and jumped into full blown entrepreneurship
  • Launched video course last October - saw low conversion rates
  • Got pregnant and launched auto webinar 7 days before she had her child

[5:03] How did you first try to launch your course and what were your ideas?

  • Was getting a significant number of organic subscribers
  • Book sold well on Amazon but offered a free download via landing page
  • Wanted to get it into as many hands as possible
  • Read "Launch" by Jeff Walker and tried to do the 4 video sequences.
  • Converted 1 out of every 100
  • Those who did buy praised the course

[5:41] "I knew I had something really great but I just couldn't figure out how to sell it."-AG

[6:22] Missing urgency factor by presenting offer at the end of a 10-day email sequence.

 [6:38] "I started thinking a webinar. If somebody was looking for it, they could consume it and quickly get where they needed to get.”-AG

[7:10] "If you're talking to a very hot market, you can't hold back the product because you're only reducing your own success. Any time you add a step, it's just another drop-off point."-JE

[7:58] When did you kill the PLF style funnel and transition to a webinar?

Annie spent her pregnancy trying to figure out how to better sell her course. Went through Russell Brunson's ‘Funnel Hacking’ and downloaded Joel's case studies. Launched auto webinar 7 days before having the baby.

[10:31] Changing someone's mindset or belief in the webinar is more valuable than providing answers or solutions.  There’s more value in breaking belief patterns because it enables growth and freedom from their problem.

 [10:59] Resonating with Annie’s audience and their experiences:

  • They experience cognitive dissonance
  • They feel alone
  • The struggle is long and hard
  • They'll have to give up their social life
  • Alcohol duped into them into thinking they need it to have fun


“I can free somebody by giving them neurological and scientific examples that those things aren't true. They leave the webinar with hope that there is possibility for change.”-AG

[12:26] The ‘Expert Curse’“When people think they have to teach on the webinar. When you teach so much, you confuse them. A confused mind doesn't buy."-JE

[12:42] Inspiration, transformation, and hope is the whole goal of the webinar and it's conflicting for experts to hear and understand that.

[13:27] Stats:

  • Annie's course is $597 on website, $397 through webinar
  • Made $8K/month before webinar
  • $40K/month after webinar
  • Sold 10% via Facebook ads
  • Mostly organic traffic

 [14:39] People enter webinar funnel via links shared on popular forums

  • Gives product away for free
  • Sells more books, gets more amazon reviews
  • Offers webinar access in final email of the sequence
  • Website has 80K visitors a month
  • Generates $.50 per visitor

[16:51] Funnel:

  • Register for webinar
  • Reminder email sent 10 minutes before start
  • View webinar
  • ‘Replay’ email next day
  • Then ‘final chance to watch replay’ email.

[19:44] Annie wants to launch a 30-day alcohol experiment for those who want to make more mindful decisions about drinking.

[23:09] Her webinar is 2 hours long.

[24:43] "Putting urgency and scarcity around it felt really awkward. What I realized is that I actually want people to act."

[25:24] Annie’s guarantee: 30-day course with a 60-day guarantee.

"The truth is that I do believe now that I'm doing somebody a disservice if I don't get them to actually act."-AG

[26:06] The first things Joel looks at when reviewing a webinar: the offer and the guarantee.

[27:44] Joel’s 2-part guarantee for all courses:

Part 1: 30-day money back guarantee

Part 2: Course completion credits

"A sincere intention to help people always makes the best business at the end of the day."-AG

Connect with Annie:


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Jul 3, 2017

After hearing his name over and over again in the industry, Joel couldn’t wait to interview David Schloss on Sold with Webinars — and for good reason. If you’re currently running or even considering paid advertising, pay close attention to this episode. If you’re not part of either crowd, perk your ears even more.


In this episode, David compares the different mediums, markets, and methods of the past with what’s working now — specifically Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Bottom line: You’ll learn valuable tips and tricks to get you running profitable advertising for your webinar campaign.

Episode Discussions:

  • The most effective way to advertise a webinar
  • How working in reverse can benefit you
  • Why David does the opposite of what everyone else is doing
  • Is nurturing your audience really necessary?
  • The key to dramatically improving your retargeting costs
  • Why to use caution when using industry celebrities and leaders in your ads
  • The quality of traffic from YouTube vs. Facebook
  • Why results are different between Facebook and YouTube
  • The dos and don’ts of YouTube ads
  • Best practices for creating and optimizing responsive YouTube Ads
  • Tips and pointers when starting your YouTube channel from scratch
  • YouTube is a long game
  • Comparing YouTube and Facebook audiences and the way they register for webinars
  • Two types of Instagram ads that improve your chances of success
  • Vital things to consider when advertising on Instagram
  • Mashup videos explained and how they help generate more leads for your service
  • Follow these YouTube channels to perfect your webinar marketing
  • The importance of entertaining your YouTube audience
  • Writing Facebook Ads: Copy, image, or headline first?


[2:01] David's story:

  • Started agency in 2007 by using funds intended for his school education
  • Google-searched ways to support himself
  • Spent 3 years doing SEO and video marketing for local businesses
  • All agency’s clients were hit by a massive Google update
  • Agency transitioned to strictly paid social advertising 2 years later
  • Currently caters to 40 clients at a given time
  • Assists info publishers, real estate investors, coaches and consultants, etc. with social ads and distribution of their online product
  • Spends almost $2 million a month on ads

[5:26] David runs webinar ads for over 50% of his clientele and spends roughly $1 million in webinar ads. He specializes in webinar ads and high-ticket funnel ads.

[6:12] Facebook webinar ads: 2014 vs. 2017 - What’s changed and what’s working today?

  • Cost increase
  • Bids gauged more on engagement

"We're almost creating a half conversion campaign, half engagement campaign."-DS

  • Longform, story-based ads see more success
  • Direct, straight-to-the-point, no CTA

"Long gone are the days where you can just 'click here' and register."-JE

[10:27] "You're in the business of interruption but you're also in the business of creating conversation."-DS

[12:22] What is the most effective way to advertise a webinar?

"I don't nurture anyone to jump on a webinar. If your message is aligned with the individual reading it, they'll naturally click and apply or register."-DS

David believes a longform ad is enough to convince someone to sign up for your webinar.

[14:12] Why do the opposite of what everyone else is doing?

"When the masses are hearing one way of doing it, that's your opportunity to try the opposite."-DS

[15:27] Joel is an advocate for starting at the closest point of sale as possible.

[16:30] Improve retargeting costs:

  • Create video campaigns that giveaway nuggets of valuable information
  • Build video audiences
  • Measure the engagement of each video
  • Combine most engaged audiences
  • Deliver the true retargeting ad to get them back to the webinar or register
  • Key point: Use video

[19:07] Lowering your cost per lead.

[20:36] Using industry celebrities/ leaders in your ads:

  1. Make sure they're OK with it.
  2. Consider the audience unfamiliar with the celebrity

[22:11] YouTube

  • What worked on Facebook may not work on YouTube
  • Audience attention spans differ

[25:09] Mobile optimized page for YouTube ads should be:

  • Short
  • To the point
  • Be above the fold

Desktop ads can include longform opt in pages

[26:22] YouTube audience isn't as click-happy as Facebook

"They won't click anything unless you're entertaining."-DS

[27:04] The YouTube audience is accustomed to watching longer from content

[27:50] “When you start your YouTube channel from the beginning, it's going to be very disheartening. It's going to suck."-DS

[29:40] Bottom line: The people on YouTube are completely different than Facebook in the way they register for webinars.

[30:39] The quality of traffic from YouTube vs. Facebook:

  • Depends on your end goal.

[34:58] What to be aware of when you advertise on Instagram:

  • Like, Facebook, it's either image or video
  • Video content is limited to 3 to 60 seconds depending on your objective.
  • There's no CTA

[35:56] Two types of ads that work well on Instagram.

[37:32] Mashup videos and how you can use them to your benefit.

[42:05] When writing a Facebook Ad, do people notice copy, image, or headline first?

  1. Video and image
  2. Headline
  3. Ad copy


Connect with David:

  • Want to discuss advertising and what you can do to improve your ads and funnel? Need David to run ads for your business? - Email direct:
  • Get to know David - (nickname since elementary in case you’re wondering)


Follow and watch a behind-the-scenes look at how I’m personally launching a brand new 6 & 7 figure product from scratch at

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May 29, 2017

Creating urgency and scarcity can drastically improve your sales conversion numbers, but how do you avoid sounding sleazy and still get your audience to take action now? Master direct response marketer Jack Born developed the answer by creating Deadline Funnels.


In this episode, Jack talks about what lead him to develop software that provides ethical and legitimate deadlines and how to implement psychological triggers into your webinar and marketing funnels using the power of deadlines.


Episode Discussions:

  • A deadline tip anyone can use right away, even if you’re not using Deadline Funnel
  • The advantages of a minimum viable funnel
  • Why a live webinar is the ultimate minimum viable funnel
  • What type of webinar works best in a saturated market
  • Why it's so important to make sure your deadlines are ethical and have integrity
  • How using deadlines can make your future offers more effective
  • Words to emphasize in your copywriting and scriptwriting that create urgency
  • How to incorporate deadlines to add value inside an offer
  • The endowment effect and how to use it in your copy
  • The best way to go into a cold traffic automated webinar funnel
  • How to use deadlines to sell physical products
  • A powerful way to improve your funnels using feedback and redirects
  • The importance of investing in a good customer support system and team
  • A special offer for the Sold with Webinars audience


[2:47] Jack's story:

  • Created a "super ugly website" that served as job board for the healthcare industry for free.
  • After a year, wife started getting real about progression and making money.
  • Quickly learned about the power of deadlines.
  • Received a help-wanted email proposing a challenge to applicants
  • Won challenge and became marketing manager

[12:32] "Too often we price things lower than we should.”-JB

[12:58] Joel's recap: "You did $28K in sales in 48 hours after you started shutting off the free accounts. It was the first experience you had with an actual deadline.”

[13:29] "It was that surge of sales at the end driven by the deadline that I was thinking… ‘wouldn't that be cool if we could build that into our system?’"-JB

[14:42] Jack wanted to have a deadline that met automated sequences but did it in a way that was completely authentic

 [15:48] The first time you launched this and did an actual deadline funnel, what were the results? "Our current clients are seeing anywhere from 35% increases to 100% lifts so it's doubling their results.”

[17:40] Almost everyone implementing the automated evergreen deadline funnel sees a double to triple digit increase in conversions

[19:08] Jack explains why a combination of deadlines works best for webinar funnels.

[22:33] Joel discusses the potential effectiveness of incorporating payment plans with an automated deadline.

[24:21] Jack's deadline tip: send more than one email on the last day.

[27:21] Simple vs. hypersegmented email strategy

[28:31] "A 90% complete funnel is not gonna make you any money."-JB

[29:32] "A live webinar is the ultimate minimum viable funnel."-JE

[30:39] If the market is saturated with webinars, go live before you go evergreen.

[31:17] Make sure your angle, hook, and content is supreme before going automated.

[32:37] One of the most popular integrations people ask for is webinar integrations, specifically EverWebinar.

[33:14] Why it's so important to make sure your deadlines are ethical and have integrity.

[37:50] Use words that emphasize the value in the opportunity your audience has and create urgency by letting them know what they'll miss out on.

[38:48] Writing copy using the endowment effect.

[39:39] Jack uses a soft offer plus…

  • conditional double-your-money-back guarantee on top of unconditional money back
  • 14-day free trial
  • pay nothing today
  • free onboarding call
  • several bonuses

[42:31] The best way to go into a cold traffic automated webinar funnel:

Give a free trial (value first) and then start charging.

[44:45] If you're not using urgency and scarcity in your funnels, you're losing sales.

[44:52] Tips on using feedback and redirects to improve your funnel.

[47:53] A special offer for Joel's audience

Use promo code: Joel

[48:50] Jack's support team offers live chat and free 50-minute onboarding calls.


Connect with Jack: – sign up for the free trial and exclusive offer for the SWW audience


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May 15, 2017

David Abrams, a true entrepreneur at heart, knows the true elements of a successful webinar — relationships, connections, and simplicity. That’s why he decided to create Demio, a user-friendly webinar software platform that would easily accomplish all.


In this episode, David shares the secrets to connecting with your audience, tips to boost conversion rates, and why the simplicity of Demio works to help business owners effortlessly and effectively create a powerful, high-quality webinar.


Episode Discussions:

  • How to increase your conversion rate and increase connection with your audience
  • Why webinars are so impactful and have high conversion rates
  • The effectiveness of webinars and sales pages and how they differ
  • Webinar’s expansion into e-commerce
  • The success of webinars in niche markets
  • Key things to implement into live webinars to make the best experience possible
  • Why engagement plays a vital role in webinars and how to do it
  • The downfall of offering a freebie toward the end of a webinar and what to do instead
  • The hook of testimonials and why they work
  • The one thing you may not be aware of or testing in your webinar and how it affects your success


[2:24] David's backstory:

  • Started in marketing and business as a web designer
  • Built a web design agency
  • Learned online marketing through internship turned full-time marketing director position
  • Used webinars at the company as a tool for growth
  • Grew business from $0 to 7 figures/year
  • Left company and partnered to create marketing funnels
  • Webinars proved to be the most consistently successful system
  • Built deep funnels with segmentation
  • Marketing and segmentation automation wasn't easy


[7:23] Demio was created to solve the company’s own problem.

[8:07] "What we really wanted was simplicity. What realized it was the key to webinars."

[8:41] While developing Demio, David focused on:

  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • Ease-of-use
  • What attendees love and presenters love to use
  • High quality

[9:34] Explain what you mean by simplicity and why it's so important. What challenges did you run into to separate yourself from the competitors? "The idea of simplicity is that you want to be able to do the core things very well, get it done quickly, and get a result. No one is buying a webinar tool to play with it. They want a webinar tool to connect with their audience."

[11:17] "It doesn't matter what business you're in, simplicity is always important."

[12:46] What's the key concept that you guys focused on when you launched Demio? "The key is connection. We want to connect you with your audience. The core essence of a webinar is building relationships."

[14:25] The idea of the webinar is to connect with your audience, build relationships, build trust, and transparency. Whether you're selling a product or training, you want your audience to know they're in good hands.

[15:01] When people jump into the online world and look at different types of funnels, they think 'automation', but you'll get better conversion rates the more you can talk to somebody one-on-one."

[15:55] Webinars allow you to have a one-to-many sales process. The more intimate you can get with your customers, they more you grow.

[16:22] Demio offers a free one-on-one demo to connect with their customers.

[16:57] Webinars convert high because the event itself it so powerful:

  • real built-in scarcity
  • real relationships
  • excitement
  • engagement
  • scalable
  • easy to do

[19:47] Key things to implement into live webinars to make the best experience possible

  1. The big promise
  2. Incentives to stay on the webinar
  3. Be engaging

[22:40] The downfall of offering a freebie toward the end of a webinar and what to do instead.

[25:19] One thing you're may not be aware of or testing with webinars.

[25:45] "Understand what's happening, where attention and focus is going and how you can change where you put engagement points."


Connect with David: - Live chat at or experience a one-on-one demo!

Official Facebook Page

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May 8, 2017

When it comes to selling your program or digital course, the way you deliver your message to your audience could mean the difference between getting them to take action and not. So, what’s the best method to get people to understand what you’re trying to explain?


In this bite-sized yet beneficial episode, Joel shares his expertise on how to creatively craft a message to resonate and motivate your webinar audience.


Episode discussions:

  • The difference between good instruction and bad instruction
  • Why “features” don’t sell
  • How to sell using stories and why it works
  • Steps to crafting the perfect story




 Good instructors take the same content but teach it through different mediums. Tell you the student to read the material and come to class and give examples and try and help you understand it through different ways of explaining it or teaching it.


[4:31] With sales presentations, you're trying to tell through story why they need to jump on board and why it's important to them.

[5:00] Write with benefits and features…

“Features don't sell. They're things they get inside the program. Benefits are the results you get from the features of the content you learn inside the material. Too many are focused on talking about the features and regurgitating information within the course.”

[5:33] When you're telling through story how you discovered your content, you’ll move your audience and get them to take action on your course.

[5:46] Joel's challenge:

  • Craft stories to your audience of how you came to realize what it is you're teaching them.
  • Put yourself back in the situation of whatever transformation you're teaching them

and how you discovered it.

  • Dig deep into the emotion of what you were going through.

[6:27] "The people on your webinar wanna know that you've gone through their experience and they wanna know how you can help change them."


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May 2, 2017

Shanda Sumpter is the founder of the multi-million-dollar company, Heartcore Business. Through it, she provides a step-by-step system to help people transform their financial lives and create their dream business. She also just set the record for the highest performing webinar Joel has ever launched straight to cold traffic.


In this episode: Joel and Shanda discuss the process of launching a webinar to cold traffic including how long it really takes, the idea of tying a core message to your webinar, and the pressing importance of financial self-reliance.


Episode Discussions:

  • The creation and genuine mission of Heartcore Business
  • How many hours it really does take to put together a webinar
  • Takeaways from the Todd Brown marketing event
  • Why the technology takeover makes financial self-reliance more important than ever
  • Shanda’s “ah-ha!” moments and lessons had while working with Joel
  • Evergreen and live conversion rates for Shanda’s webinar
  • How Joel helped Shanda articulate the overall mission of her webinar
  • Joel’s valuable advice for anyone working on their own webinars
  • Shanda’s prediction on whether her webinar will outperform her infomercial and why


[1:56] Shanda's story:

  • Owns Heartcore Business - named after her mission to “run the company on point with audience and customers.”
  • Helps people build audiences and create reoccurring business models.

[3:41] Working with Joel:

"We teach webinars inside my company but I'm not an expert. It’s just a piece that everybody needs to be doing in order sell virtually and leverage your time."-SS

Contacted the Genius Network to find the best assistance with her webinar.

Was referred to Joel several times.

[4:45] Shanda put in over 50 hours of work on her webinar.

[5:25] "It usually takes us about 40 hours when we create a webinar from scratch. People don't really understand how much work goes into it."-JE

[5:45] Shanda's "ah-ha" moments and lessons working with Joel.

[6:58] "I thought that I was specific because I'm so direct and to the point but I was missing a lot of steps!"-SS

[9:29] What was the most important part for you in the webinar flow? "The details. Like me teaching what a generator email is or how to get influencers to promote you...It never dawned on me to explain those details."-SS

[11:08] Shanda's evergreen version is converting just over 14%. Live version- 15.5%

[12:01] Working with Joel helped Shanda realize her overall mission was to help people be responsible for being financially self-reliant.

[12:43] “You can't blame your situation but what you can do it get something like a webinar working for you and build a great audience that you can push through that webinar."-SS

[12:53] Shanda had only done webinars that converted with her email list but this webinar is converting with cold traffic.

[14:06] Her offer is $997and converting at 15.5% and 14% evergreen on cold traffic.

[15:39] Shanda speaks about being financially self-reliant - "Right now, they're saying (by 2020) that 5 million jobs are going to be replaced by technology. If you don't plan for it, then it will be a devastation in your life."-SS

[18:06] Joel recaps the key takeaway: "The soul mission of self-reliance and being able to support a thesis that you present"-JE

[18:17] Joel shares his highlights from the Todd Brown marketing event.

[19:46] "It was a blessing working with you. I really appreciate and definitely will continue to refer your customers because you're fantastic at what you do."-SS

[20:01] Joel’s advice for those working on their own webinars:

“You have to understand this takes time. It’s not meant for beginners. This is an opportunity to add multiple subfigures per year but you have to be in it for the long haul. It takes at least 40-60 hours of in-depth work to get your message out.”

[21:03] Shanda's done two infomercials.

[21:12] Does (your webinar) have the potential to outperform your infomercial?" Yeah. Our infomercial is running online right now and converts better online than on TV."

[22:42] "You're spending $12K to $20k a week to test and tweak (the infomercial funnel) where a webinar, you can literally run some traffic to it and go 'that's not working, let's adjust this'. It's the same process on an infomercial but you need some deep pockets."


Connect with Shanda:

Heartcore Business  - Facebook

ShandaSumpter - Instagram


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Apr 3, 2017

Scott Oldford has produced remarkable open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates using messenger bots and automated technology inside of Facebook — not using his own email autoresponder.


In this episode, Scott gives insight into how he’s leveraging webinars in his business to generate new sales and produce more content. Did we mention he’s fantastic with lead generation?


Episode Discussions:

  • The 2 types of bots and the best one for your business
  • Implementing different types of webinars inside lead generation
  • An in-depth look at the purpose of bots
  • How Scott uses natural stories, no scripts, and fun to sell with webinars
  • Shiny Object Syndrome – The struggle is real
  • Different stages of where you can implement webinars and live training for conversion mechanism
  • Scott’s prediction for Artificial Intelligence
  • Facebook messenger bots/autoresponders deconstructed
  • A specific lead generation strategy that Joel believes will dominate internet marketing
  • Scott’s main funnel that includes a 5-day challenge that’s generated millions


[3:07] Scott's golden nugget #1: "People love methods and processes. They'll remember a process before they'll remember you."

[3:43] Scott's intro:

  • Best known for "being behind a computer and figuring out how to break things."
  • Has been an entrepreneur since he was 7
  • Went into $726K in debt by the time he was 21
  • Started over in 2015
  • Generated $500K in his first year and $3 million last year

[4:14] "I help entrepreneurs grow from a bit below the six-figure to seven-figures quickly. It's easy because it comes back to lead generation."

[5:03] Adopted his mindset toward lead generation from the book "The Millionaire Fastlane" - MJ DeMarco

[7:25] Scott and Joel connected at a mastermind in San Diego.

[7:44] How are you leveraging webinars in your business to generate new sales and produce more content?

"Number one, if you wanna be great, you have to realize there's only one of you."

[8:52] Scott was funding his company on his girlfriend's credit card when he first started out. He had to figure out how to get as many leads as possible, how to build an audience and how to get as many sales as possible for as least as possible.

[10:16] The idea is to use the "Sidewalk, Slow Lane, Fast Lane Methodology."

[10:41] Scott's webinars last around 3 hours. His show up rates are 50%+.

[11:00] How Scott uses natural stories, no scripts, and fun to sell with webinars.

[12:15] His main funnel starts with guides, leads to a 5-day challenge (has generated millions of dollars) and then a 3-hour implementation session.

[13:03] Anyone who joins your webinar has known you for how long? “At least 10 days.”

[14:56] Scott has one evergreen webinar (implementation session that sells $2K product).

Uses a different funnel for the high-ticket program.

[16:29] Does 2 live streams a month and 2 webinars a month.

[18:57] Joel recaps the funnel.

'We all know that webinars are the best conversion mechanism to get people to make a commitment to a purchase."

[20:52] An open discussion: Artificial Intelligence and bots for lead generation.

[21:29] Scotts prediction for A.I.: "By 2021, you won't need to make a marketing funnel anymore."

[23:59] What's a bot? "It allows you to scale intimacy."

[24:28] 2 different types of bots:

  1. Smart bots - respond to your language
  2. Dumb bots - "yes/no's" (qualifications)

[25:24] A bot is a new way to gather and direct attention.

[26:29] "I think every business should have a dumb bot that qualifies, engages, creates awareness, and takes attention."

[29:43] Joel recaps: "The future of marketing and lead generation is changing as we speak."

[31:27] Facebook's autoresponder and Scott's 89% open-rate success.

[34:19] Joel recaps the episode discussions including Scott's incredible open rates and conversion rates.

[35:55] "I don't try the typical BS webinar tactics anymore. In my opinion, I don't want to have idiot dumb customers and that attracts a lot of idiot dumb customers."-Scott



Connect with Scott: – Join the 5-day Marketing Funnel Challenge

“Or just Google me”-Scott


Mentioned in this episode:

The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco


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