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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Jul 24, 2017

‘Make-money-online’ and ‘business opportunity’ aren’t the only niches crushing it with webinars. Annie Grace has experienced serious success with her automated webinar for her course on overcoming alcohol addiction. Through personal experience, her webinar, and her website,, she’s inspired the positive transformation of many lives.


Annie’s story is the perfect example of how to profit from your story, passion and course using webinars. And if you still don’t think it’s possible, wait ‘till you hear her before and after stats.


Episode Discussions:

  • Why Annie’s initial launch failed to convert
  • Mindset’s role
  • The simple website tweak Annie made to increase conversions and sales
  • The debate on webinar lengths – is there a right and a wrong?
  • Thoughts on Jeff Walker’s, “Launch”
  • How to get over the awkwardness of using urgency and scarcity to sell
  • The first things Joel looks at when reviewing a webinar and why
  • Guarantees are the quickest way to boost your sales
  • What to do when you’re scared of making a really strong guarantee
  • Changing a mindset in the webinar is more valuable than providing answers and solutions
  • The one thing you shouldn’t do when talking to a very hot market
  • Webinar feedback: The value in leaving a webinar with hope
  • The Expert Curse and how it lowers conversions
  • Annie’s before-and-after-webinar funnel stats
  • Joel’s secret ‘2-part guarantee’ tip for all courses
  • The 3 goals every webinar should have


[2:06] Annie's story:

  • Was the chief marketing officer for a large offline marketing corporation
  • Found herself consuming more alcohol and wrote about the experience
  • Book was well-received and grew a passion for changing lives
  • Created a video course and jumped into full blown entrepreneurship
  • Launched video course last October - saw low conversion rates
  • Got pregnant and launched auto webinar 7 days before she had her child

[5:03] How did you first try to launch your course and what were your ideas?

  • Was getting a significant number of organic subscribers
  • Book sold well on Amazon but offered a free download via landing page
  • Wanted to get it into as many hands as possible
  • Read "Launch" by Jeff Walker and tried to do the 4 video sequences.
  • Converted 1 out of every 100
  • Those who did buy praised the course

[5:41] "I knew I had something really great but I just couldn't figure out how to sell it."-AG

[6:22] Missing urgency factor by presenting offer at the end of a 10-day email sequence.

 [6:38] "I started thinking a webinar. If somebody was looking for it, they could consume it and quickly get where they needed to get.”-AG

[7:10] "If you're talking to a very hot market, you can't hold back the product because you're only reducing your own success. Any time you add a step, it's just another drop-off point."-JE

[7:58] When did you kill the PLF style funnel and transition to a webinar?

Annie spent her pregnancy trying to figure out how to better sell her course. Went through Russell Brunson's ‘Funnel Hacking’ and downloaded Joel's case studies. Launched auto webinar 7 days before having the baby.

[10:31] Changing someone's mindset or belief in the webinar is more valuable than providing answers or solutions.  There’s more value in breaking belief patterns because it enables growth and freedom from their problem.

 [10:59] Resonating with Annie’s audience and their experiences:

  • They experience cognitive dissonance
  • They feel alone
  • The struggle is long and hard
  • They'll have to give up their social life
  • Alcohol duped into them into thinking they need it to have fun


“I can free somebody by giving them neurological and scientific examples that those things aren't true. They leave the webinar with hope that there is possibility for change.”-AG

[12:26] The ‘Expert Curse’“When people think they have to teach on the webinar. When you teach so much, you confuse them. A confused mind doesn't buy."-JE

[12:42] Inspiration, transformation, and hope is the whole goal of the webinar and it's conflicting for experts to hear and understand that.

[13:27] Stats:

  • Annie's course is $597 on website, $397 through webinar
  • Made $8K/month before webinar
  • $40K/month after webinar
  • Sold 10% via Facebook ads
  • Mostly organic traffic

 [14:39] People enter webinar funnel via links shared on popular forums

  • Gives product away for free
  • Sells more books, gets more amazon reviews
  • Offers webinar access in final email of the sequence
  • Website has 80K visitors a month
  • Generates $.50 per visitor

[16:51] Funnel:

  • Register for webinar
  • Reminder email sent 10 minutes before start
  • View webinar
  • ‘Replay’ email next day
  • Then ‘final chance to watch replay’ email.

[19:44] Annie wants to launch a 30-day alcohol experiment for those who want to make more mindful decisions about drinking.

[23:09] Her webinar is 2 hours long.

[24:43] "Putting urgency and scarcity around it felt really awkward. What I realized is that I actually want people to act."

[25:24] Annie’s guarantee: 30-day course with a 60-day guarantee.

"The truth is that I do believe now that I'm doing somebody a disservice if I don't get them to actually act."-AG

[26:06] The first things Joel looks at when reviewing a webinar: the offer and the guarantee.

[27:44] Joel’s 2-part guarantee for all courses:

Part 1: 30-day money back guarantee

Part 2: Course completion credits

"A sincere intention to help people always makes the best business at the end of the day."-AG

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