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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Feb 11, 2019

"Go through your copy like you are the most self-interested busy jerk in the entire world...

ask yourself... 

What is this product going to do for me? Get to the point!" - Bond

Bond was the first copywriter to write a book on editing.  Editing is one of the most important pieces of copywriting.  He is the son of the late - great Gary Halbert; one of the most renowned copywriters of our present and past day. In addition to building off of his father's success, Bond has been able to take Gary Halbert lessons and take them into "how to" lessons. 

Marketing does not start when we sit down at the computer... it is all encompassing; it is everywhere; it is all the time; it is constant.

In This Episode:

  • Background on Gary Halbert;
  • Personal Breakthroughs;
  • Swipe Files and using them PROPERLY; 
  • Avatars and understanding your customers; 
  • Making offers and creating interest;
  • Studying the copy you create to get to the point, "get rid of the boring";
  • "When your copy is good enough to test..."
  • Testing copy;
  • Components, tips and techniques...

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