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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Aug 28, 2017

Joel's looked at well over 100 webinars and talked to more than 200 course creators trying to launch their webinars. But his client, Dan Henry, showed him things he’s never seen anybody in the industry do. Dan’s tiny tweaks scaled his automated webinar to $2.2 million in 11 short months.

In this episode, Dan deep dives into the behind-the-scenes webinar optimization techniques he used to transform and scale his Facebook Ads course into a multi-million-dollar money making machine. Dan’s numbers are proof that even the smallest adjustments to your webinar can make the biggest impacts.


Episode Discussions:

  • How to tell if your webinar has scalability
  • How to boost results from cold traffic implementing the ‘Quick Win’ technique
  • The number one thing that Dan did to crush it with his webinar
  • A strategy that gets a 90%-win ratio on chargebacks
  • Tested tweaks, what worked, didn't work, biggest things held true to grow and optimize webinar
  • A testimonial trick that could double your conversion rate
  • The challenges of scaling from a low seven-figure to eight-figure business
  • Testimonials to help overcome buyer objections
  • A genius way that prevents you from giving away free coaching
  • Facebook’s crackdown on misleading ads and how Dan plans to adapt
  • In depth-look at Demio’s features and why they’re good for the technologically challenged
  • Dan’s successful webinar optimization techniques you’ve probably never heard of



[03:01] Dan's story:

  • First webinar attempt had no sales
  • Researched other successful webinar experts to model them
  • Used Russel Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script and made $48K the first day
  • Learned more tweaks including Joel's tips on sales psychology
  • Earned $2.2MM with his webinar in 11 months

[6:41] Dan's webinar offer:

  • Course price: $997
  • Upsell: $497
  • Course: How to get paid to start your own Facebook ad agency and get results for local businesses. Has all the info you'd need to run ads for your own business.

[10:01] "A lot of people will come to me and say ‘Oh Joel, I don't have a make-money-online offer.' That's not what's going to tell you it'll have scalability. It's how quickly you can get results for your clients."-JE

[10:28] "What do you do during your webinar that has crushed it for you?"

Dan's method:

  • Teaches a script early in the webinar that gets a client interested in hiring them.
  • Instructs attendees to use script while webinar is in progress.
  • 50-70% of attendees get potential clients messaging them, interested in their potential service.
  • Attendees have potential buyers and need to purchase course to create it.

[12:14] "If I wanna sell you something, I figure out a way to get you a result that's taken away if you don't buy my stuff."-DH

[12:25] The Quick Win Syndrome: Where you try and get the audience to experience a quick win so they can comprehend the future and the potential of what you want for them.

[14:32]Social Table Rush’:

  • After a purchase, buyer must join a private group for course access.
  • A pinned post contains link to create user account and set password.
  • User must use same email used to purchase.
  1. Adds to social proof and creates a buying frenzy
  2. Collects proof that customer received their product and serves as protection against unfair claims

[16:42] Get a 90%-win ratio on chargebacks:

Show the merchant company a screenshot of buyer’s request to join the group and a screenshot of them in the private group.

[18:55] "Those were two things that caught my eye right away and I knew your webinar was crushing it just because of those two things."-JE

[20:09] Dan’s tested webinar optimization tweaks:

  • Testimonials: Take screenshots of actual Facebook post testimonials. On order page, place top four testimonials above credit card input field.
  • Two-step order form on the checkout page: Follow ups with cart abandoners via voicemail and text through Sly Broadcast
  • Voicemail hack: At end of webinar, unsure buyers can leave a voicemail with name, email, credit card number, and question (+$40K/mo. to revenue stream). Credit card number prevents free coaching.
  • Deadline Funnel: When time runs out, implements a waiting list follow-up sequence.

[24:00] Dan's #1 tip:Don't create your product until you've created your webinar.”

[30:46] Facebook will mark your ads as ‘misleading’ if users think they're misleading.

[34:14] "The bulk of your sales all came from a Clickfunnels auto webinar, right?" "That's it. No fancy webinar software just pop in a YouTube video in Clickfunnels and a little custom code and you're off to the races."

[36:16] "When you make two or three hundred grand a year, you're fine. When you start making two or three million a year, it becomes a lot more stressful and you definitely need a good husband or wife to support you because it can be very demanding."-DH

[37:12] Dan uses Actionetics to tie into Clickfunnels auto webinar. Ideal for those not wanting to learn email software.

[38:26] Dan sends a seven-day email sequence after the webinar and one missed webinar email. That’s it.


"People have this misconception that you have to take action. That's not true. Action isn't good enough. It's action that inspires belief."-DH



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