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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Jul 3, 2017

After hearing his name over and over again in the industry, Joel couldn’t wait to interview David Schloss on Sold with Webinars — and for good reason. If you’re currently running or even considering paid advertising, pay close attention to this episode. If you’re not part of either crowd, perk your ears even more.


In this episode, David compares the different mediums, markets, and methods of the past with what’s working now — specifically Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Bottom line: You’ll learn valuable tips and tricks to get you running profitable advertising for your webinar campaign.

Episode Discussions:

  • The most effective way to advertise a webinar
  • How working in reverse can benefit you
  • Why David does the opposite of what everyone else is doing
  • Is nurturing your audience really necessary?
  • The key to dramatically improving your retargeting costs
  • Why to use caution when using industry celebrities and leaders in your ads
  • The quality of traffic from YouTube vs. Facebook
  • Why results are different between Facebook and YouTube
  • The dos and don’ts of YouTube ads
  • Best practices for creating and optimizing responsive YouTube Ads
  • Tips and pointers when starting your YouTube channel from scratch
  • YouTube is a long game
  • Comparing YouTube and Facebook audiences and the way they register for webinars
  • Two types of Instagram ads that improve your chances of success
  • Vital things to consider when advertising on Instagram
  • Mashup videos explained and how they help generate more leads for your service
  • Follow these YouTube channels to perfect your webinar marketing
  • The importance of entertaining your YouTube audience
  • Writing Facebook Ads: Copy, image, or headline first?


[2:01] David's story:

  • Started agency in 2007 by using funds intended for his school education
  • Google-searched ways to support himself
  • Spent 3 years doing SEO and video marketing for local businesses
  • All agency’s clients were hit by a massive Google update
  • Agency transitioned to strictly paid social advertising 2 years later
  • Currently caters to 40 clients at a given time
  • Assists info publishers, real estate investors, coaches and consultants, etc. with social ads and distribution of their online product
  • Spends almost $2 million a month on ads

[5:26] David runs webinar ads for over 50% of his clientele and spends roughly $1 million in webinar ads. He specializes in webinar ads and high-ticket funnel ads.

[6:12] Facebook webinar ads: 2014 vs. 2017 - What’s changed and what’s working today?

  • Cost increase
  • Bids gauged more on engagement

"We're almost creating a half conversion campaign, half engagement campaign."-DS

  • Longform, story-based ads see more success
  • Direct, straight-to-the-point, no CTA

"Long gone are the days where you can just 'click here' and register."-JE

[10:27] "You're in the business of interruption but you're also in the business of creating conversation."-DS

[12:22] What is the most effective way to advertise a webinar?

"I don't nurture anyone to jump on a webinar. If your message is aligned with the individual reading it, they'll naturally click and apply or register."-DS

David believes a longform ad is enough to convince someone to sign up for your webinar.

[14:12] Why do the opposite of what everyone else is doing?

"When the masses are hearing one way of doing it, that's your opportunity to try the opposite."-DS

[15:27] Joel is an advocate for starting at the closest point of sale as possible.

[16:30] Improve retargeting costs:

  • Create video campaigns that giveaway nuggets of valuable information
  • Build video audiences
  • Measure the engagement of each video
  • Combine most engaged audiences
  • Deliver the true retargeting ad to get them back to the webinar or register
  • Key point: Use video

[19:07] Lowering your cost per lead.

[20:36] Using industry celebrities/ leaders in your ads:

  1. Make sure they're OK with it.
  2. Consider the audience unfamiliar with the celebrity

[22:11] YouTube

  • What worked on Facebook may not work on YouTube
  • Audience attention spans differ

[25:09] Mobile optimized page for YouTube ads should be:

  • Short
  • To the point
  • Be above the fold

Desktop ads can include longform opt in pages

[26:22] YouTube audience isn't as click-happy as Facebook

"They won't click anything unless you're entertaining."-DS

[27:04] The YouTube audience is accustomed to watching longer from content

[27:50] “When you start your YouTube channel from the beginning, it's going to be very disheartening. It's going to suck."-DS

[29:40] Bottom line: The people on YouTube are completely different than Facebook in the way they register for webinars.

[30:39] The quality of traffic from YouTube vs. Facebook:

  • Depends on your end goal.

[34:58] What to be aware of when you advertise on Instagram:

  • Like, Facebook, it's either image or video
  • Video content is limited to 3 to 60 seconds depending on your objective.
  • There's no CTA

[35:56] Two types of ads that work well on Instagram.

[37:32] Mashup videos and how you can use them to your benefit.

[42:05] When writing a Facebook Ad, do people notice copy, image, or headline first?

  1. Video and image
  2. Headline
  3. Ad copy


Connect with David:

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