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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Apr 23, 2018

What's better than a tasty sandwich? A profitable one. In this episode, Joel gives you the recipe for a Power Offer Sandwich and explains how to platter it perfectly in your webinars to increase sales and conversions for your digital product.


Episode Topics

  • Exactly where to place your power offer for max impact
  • Where else you can use the Power Offer Sandwich
  • The perfect model for crafting power offers
  • How a simple mental shift resulted in a 7-figure launch

[2:50] Joel helped his client Selena Soo eliminate the mentality she's selling a course. The result was a 7-figure launch.


[4:01] Model universities when you craft your offers.

Sell the experience while attending and what happens after graduation.


[6:25] The Power Offer Sandwich is one sentence. It can be used for ad copy, Facebook posts, webinars, etc.


[8:12]"If there's one thing I want them to know in order to make the yes/no buying decision, it's this sentence. Nobody is going to remember the details of what they're buying."


[08:33] Lead with power offer and end with the power offer. It's the single most important thing they'll remember.


[09:42] Selling transformation.


[10:03] How to optimize your webinar with the Power Offer Sandwich for maximum impact.



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