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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Sep 18, 2017

If you’re interested in selling high-ticket offers, you’ll want to listen to Adam Wenig’s story from beginning to end. Adam is in the business opportunity space and sells high-end coaching programs using his auto webinar.  Since becoming one of Joel’s students, he was able to transform his offer from $97 to $8,000 — taking him to six figures a month.


In this episode Adam and Joel tell you exactly how they were able to immediately 10x Adam’s business — sharing everything from getting $1 Facebook webinar registrations to the simple Facebook Ad that sent warm traffic to Adam’s webinar.

Episode Discussions:

  • How Adam got Facebook webinar registrations for $1 and below
  • The adjustment Joel made to Adam’s webinar that 10x’d his business
  • Adam’s experience using Instagram Story Ads
  • A webinar that pulled in 2500 people from Instagram
  • A simple yet genius Facebook Ad that sends warm traffic to your webinar
  • A breakdown of Adam’s high-ticket blog style auto webinar funnel
  • How to get your sales team more effective and efficient using bots
  • How Joel is using bots and ManyChat to capture leads right away


[1:44] Adam’s story:

  • Introduced to entrepreneurship at age 18
  • Started first business after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Did well in network marketing
  • Moved into internet affiliate marketing
  • Made own infoproducts
  • Hired Joel to get webinar up and running
  • Currently in the make-money-online space selling high-end coaching programs


[2:56] Adam's original offer:  $97 offer with a $3K package upsell using auto-webinars

[3:21] During their first session, Joel suggested offering $3K product right off the webinar. "That immediately 10x'd our business."-AW

[3:48] Adam’s Current Price points:

  • $2K Home study course
  • $5K Group coaching
  • $8K one-one-one coaching

[4:10] Adam will easily cross the million-dollar mark with his webinar. [4:55] How Adam got Facebook webinar registrations for $1 and below:

  • Wrote a short blog article discussing his discovery.
  • Simple ad featuring his photo, one line of copy for the top post text, and a curiosity-based headline.
  • Included hyperlinks to the registration page within the blog article.

 “Not only did we get registrants for under a dollar but the traffic was warm because they heard my story through the blog article.” -AW

[8:58] Adam’s funnel:

  • Blog article page acts as the registration page
  • Once registered, directed to a 5-min countdown page with a quick ‘hype-up’ video

And video testimonials

  • Redirected to the auto-webinar after 5-minute countdown expires
  • Application to call to close

[10:23] Conversion from application to sale: 1 out of 8

[11:10] Adam’s current testing and optimizations for his high ticket offers:

  • Changed language in the pitch to target higher quality applicants
  • Instead of scheduling calls, people are sent from the webinar straight to the application page
  • Applicants are sent an email sequence to call Adam’s office

[13:08] Joel's secret bot qualification strategy to capture leads right away.

Can also make sales teams more effective at handling more conversations at once. [17:40] Adam is currently working on creating a plus shipping offer to bring more buyers into his business as well as new Instagram software.

[18:45] Joel’s experience with a recent Instagram webinar. "I've never seen so much webinar traffic as I have from Instagram."-JE


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