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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

Want to know a secret about fulfillment? Your clients don’t care about deliverables. They care about solving their problems with your solution.

I don’t talk a lot about fulfillment. Instead, I try to get my High Ticket Courses students to concentrate on the transformation they offer their clients. But I do get questions from people who want to know how to grow their business without promising too much of their time in the form of consulting calls or offers. Too many people get hung up on the deliverables (bloated offer stacks, anyone?) without understanding this simple idea: What your clients really want is your knowledge, and an understanding of how they’re going to use it to improve their own situation. That’s it. You don’t have to bury yourself in fulfillment by offering time-consuming deliverables like weekly coaching calls. That’s a dangerous trap that puts pressure on you, pressure on your client to perform within a specified timeframe, and it has the potential to cannibalize your offer. And, in most cases it’s just not necessary. What you should be delivering is transformation, not endless amounts of your time.

You’ll Discover

  • How to keep 1-on-1 consulting promises without drowning in fulfillment [00:26]
  • Why your clients care more about transformation instead of deliverables [2:09]
  • Exactly how to structure consulting offers [02:30]
  • Why high-performing clients don’t want endless coaching calls [04:40]
  • How to avoid cannibalizing your offers [06:24]

...And much more!

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