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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Feb 21, 2017

Greg Hickman is the “Automation King”. As someone who builds funnels for the some of the biggest names in the digital marketing industry, he’s well-qualified to give advice on what to consider when building out a webinar funnel.

In this episode, Joel and Greg discuss what a simple automated webinar funnel looks like from start to finish, why to use urgency over discount when getting people to take action and some specific tools to use to complete automation.  


[2:23] Started out of desperation 

  • Started building marketing funnels for some of the top online entrepreneurs.

 [4:14] What's the first thing you'll be looking at when deciding to go automated?

"We're looking to see if they have experience doing webinars first. More importantly, have they been selling from that webinar successfully."

[5:10] Iteration is paramount when finding how to convert on a webinar, especially when testing a new offer. If creating something new, always start live to validate that they can close on a webinar.

[7:06] Get people to know, like, and trust you faster than ever before and sell products... essentially on auto-pilot.

[7:20] If you're new, validating or just getting into webinars for the first time, go live.

[7:51] What does a simple automated webinar funnel from start to finish look like? "One of our beliefs at is start simple, get ninja later."

In any funnel, always implement what's considered to be the minimum viable funnel first. Focus on simple.

[8:59] Email notifications and reminders. "Tell people where to be, what you're gonna talk about, why they should show up."

[10:02] The event and the follow-up.

[10:58] The emails are focused on why they need to buy right now. "Expiring bonus" emails are most effective and should be "brick-to-forehead so complementary to your existing offer that you'd be dumb not to buy."  

[11:34] "The thing with discounts..."

[13:26] Connecting urgency to an expiring bonus helps make people take action.

[14:19] Joel recaps: Landing page > registration page for your event > confirmation page > a couple reminders pushing people to your webinar > sales page. 

[15:21] "Go more ninja". What are the next steps to automate?  [16:55] "What do you mean 'they took it to the extreme and it had a negative impact?'" "She ended up getting comments that she didn't have integrity...When you'd look for her organically, a lot of negative stuff would show up first."

[19:15] "Just because you can do a lot of these things doesn't mean you should." 

[19:57] Still have on-demand but only within a certain number of times.

[20:06] On-demand defined

[21:40] Warm-up emails are a key reason as to why people buy.  [24:28] "When you automate a webinar, how do you determine if you can go straight to the automated webinar or put another step in front of it?" " I'd want to target and invite certain people directly into my webinar and others veer into a warm up funnel or sequence." 

[28:46] Make the problem aware and educate them with a solution.

[29:01] "It's so important to crystalize your solution by taking a step back and envisioning your customer journey." 

[30:03] Build things that are closest to the transaction as possible.

[32:04] Tools to complete automation:

  • Marketing automation:


ActiveCampaign (get started for $9/mo.) 

  • Registration page:

EverWebinar (offers own registration and "Thank You" pages)

  • Landing page:

ClickFunnels (mobile responsive and easily connect to InfusionSoft and Active campaign)

Leadpages, Unbounce, Instapage (for the budget-conscious)

  • Payment processor:

samcart or thrivecart


"The webinar has truly become the highest leverage point no matter what funnel you're creating in today's world."

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