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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Aug 10, 2020

I talk about Mini Webinars all the time, right? All. The. Time.

But in this episode, I get to talk with someone who is just as passionate about Mini Webinars as I am. Hard to believe, I know!

But Brendan Kelly is not just a Mini Webinar guy, he’s also a High Ticket Courses student.

You’ll hear how he got into e-commerce after graduating from college, sending out 100 resumes and getting ZERO response. Nada.

His online journey includes literally selling stuff from out of his parents’ basement on eBay; building a successful Amazon business that got shut down overnight; and then diving head-first into webinars until finally discovering my mini Webinar system.

You’re going to like his story.

You’ll Discover

  • How Brendan reduced his workload by 80 percent — and got better results — by switching from long-form webinars to Mini Webinars [05:05]
  • How Power offers and Mini Webinars work for ANY kind of business, not just the “make money online space” [08:52]
  • Why using core keywords in your ad copy and Power Offer helps Facebook target your ideal prospects [15:35]
  • How Brendan uses a “self-guided sales call” strategy to close super hot leads ASAP [24:32]
  • Why Brendan refers long-form webinar clients to someone else!

...And much more!

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