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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Nov 30, 2020

Recently, I offered to do a funnel review and optimization for a few students. Brent Kocal raised his hand immediately and we went to work.

Brent’s offer is in the personal development space. He helps his clients do more in 12 weeks than other people do in an entire year.

That’s the “promise” but what he’s really selling is self-discipline and how to become friggin Marine (metaphorically speaking.)

As you can imagine, no one wants to pay money to do hard work. So nailing his Power Offer was a challenge.

But we did. And Brent and I caught up to talk about his progress since we optimized his funnel.

You’ll Discover

  • The first time I reviewed Brett’s funnel - his CPLs, CPAs, the major problem he needed to fix, and what happened when he fixed it [02:59]
  • How to nail your core promise when you’re selling something people “need” but don’t “want” - no one wants to buy a product teaching self-discipline [09:59]
  • The secret sauce behind Brent’s sales funnel - his extended power offer… and his current monthly revenue [16:35]
  • What happens when you have a good coach in your corner and you act on their advice - tbh, Brent has the perfect attitude about this [23:54]
  • How to reduce the time you spend dealing with tire-kickers and bad-fit prospects to zero [27:22]

...And much more!

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