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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Mar 26, 2018

How much would you have to pay right now for 100 new leads on Facebook? One thing is certain — it’s more than you’d pay on LinkedIn. 100% more. Nemo found a way to get 100 webinar registrations per day on LinkedIn —for $0. You can choose to divert your sights from LinkedIn forever, but you can’t unsee those numbers.


In this episode, John Nemo reveals the exact tactics and strategies behind how he’s leveraged LinkedIn to average 1-2 sales a day with an automated webinar selling his $1500 course. And how simple it can be for you to generate qualified leads and fill your webinar for free using LinkedIn —even if you’re ‘LinkedIn-averse.’


Episode Discussions:

  • Why webinars are the ultimate form of content marketing
  • Prospecting with automation tools and search filters
  • John’s complete automated webinar funnel
  • How to immediately build know, like, and trust with prospects
  • How to leverage LinkedIn messaging
  • The 3 essentials to finding LinkedIn leads and filling a webinar
  • Why ‘the riches are in the niches’
  • Integrating LinkedIn with Facebook
  • Effective icebreaker scripts to use for cold outreach
  • How to pitch your webinar in the follow-up message
  • Why John still uses email marketing
  • Tagging and segmenting prospects
  • A free template to optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Are premium subscriptions worth it?
  • LinkedIn's advantage over Facebook ads
  • The best CRM and other LinkedIn automation tools
  • John builds a plan for Joel’s new product, The Webinar Vault
  • Market data and applying DSG’s one question survey

[3:02] John's origin story

  • A son of two English teachers
  • In 2012, launched own marketing agency
  • Found a way to grow businesses using LinkedIn and offered as a service.
  • Heard about online courses and launched LinkedIn Riches in 2014
  • Now creates and sells online courses full time
  • Spends $0 on marketing

[5:39] "LinkedIn?! Like, what are you talking about, dude? That's for HR people and job seekers. You're using it for webinars?!"

[7:25] The riches are in the niches: Generated over six figures in revenue targeting only debt collectors within the first 90 days of opening his marketing agency,

[8:51] Automated funnel: Webinar to prequalifying leads to live chat software.

[10:23] John had 60-70 iterations of the same webinar. “Once you figure it out, it's the gift that keeps on giving.”

[12:16] LinkedIn’s lay of the land

  • 550 million members, 200 different countries, 2 new members every second
  • #1 network in the world for professionals of all shapes and sizes
  • The world's largest searchable database for ideal customers.
  • LinkedIn indexes every piece of content.

[13:10] The secret sauce of LinkedIn messaging and automatic icebreakers

  • Free to connect with people
  • Unlimited back and forth 1 on 1 messaging
  • Treat it like a virtual coffee meeting

[19:43] Tagging and segmenting: "What I do with the automation software is every new lead I connect with LinkedIn gets a tag assigned to them."

[22:14] Recommended automation tools

[24:12] How levels and connections work

[25:33] Scripts: How to optimize your outbound message and pitch your webinar in the follow-up message.

[28:19] “With LinkedIn, you're never gonna run out of leads, there are 500 million people! There are always people to connect with!"

[29:06] Do you use email marketing at all? Yes. I'm playing in the LinkedIn digital sandbox —they could change the rules tomorrow!

[31:19] You're getting 100 to 150 new email opt-ins a day? Yes, they sign up for the webinar so they're on my list.

[32:35] 3 things you need to find LinkedIn leads and fill up a webinar:

  1. Build a client facing profile - Target a niche audience
  2. Understand LinkedIn search - Premium options provide more reach and prospect info
  3. Understand the messaging – build quick 1 on 1 messages

[36:50] Integrating LinkedIn with Facebook

[37:58] John builds a plan for Joel’s new product, The Webinar Vault

[40:02] Market data: Applying DSG's one question survey

[41:03] "LinkedIn is not interruption marketing. It's relationship marketing."


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