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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Nov 27, 2017

How to Get 2,525 Webinar Registrants For Under 1K w/ Josue Pena | #030


If you've never thought about using Instagram as a source of traffic for your webinars, this episode might get you to reconsider. Josue Pena used a unique strategy to get over 2,500 webinar registrants from Instagram and did it for under a grand. Now he helps other entrepreneurs leverage the power of Instagram to grow their audience and effectively promote themselves for maximum exposure.


In this episode, Josue shares the simple strategies and tactics you can use in your industry to get massive amounts of traffic and webinar registrations with Instagram.


Episode Discussions:

  • How influencer marketing works on Instagram
  • The secret world of Instagram
  • The 4 posts you need for an Instagram Story promotion
  • What to look for in an Instagram influencer and how to reach out
  • How to optimize text in Instagram posts for max engagement
  • Which posts are more likely to get engagement
  • The cost of hiring an Instagram influencer to promote you
  • Instagram algorithm hack to 3x your post’s exposure
  • How to negotiate with and persuade reluctant influencers
  • Targeting highly qualified traffic on Instagram
  • Instagram analytics and leveraging the algorithm
  • How to monetize your brand as an Instagram influencer
  • How to grow a brand-new Instagram account quickly
  • Using Powerlikes, and high-authority accounts to promote your webinar


[3:18] Josue's story:

From the Dominican Republic

Initially started with social media to become a pro soccer player

Refused an offer in favor of entrepreneurship

Applied traditional business knowledge to Instagram strategy

Grew account to over 4.5 million followers


[7:50] Maxed out 1000 attendee cap during 1st webinar.

Pitched to over 800 people and generated 5 figures


[8:47] How influencer marketing works on Instagram:

Find Instagram accounts targeting your audience and pay them to promote you.

Either with an Instagram Story with swipe up or normal post pushes traffic to a link in the influencer’s bio or link to your account bio.


[10:45] How to reach out to Instagram influencers:

  • Contact via email, KIK or Telegram messenger link in their bio
  • Approach them as your brand or business to convey credibility and let them know what you're selling
  • Ask what they charge for a promo
  • Establishing a relationship with the influencer will go a long way


[14:08] How payment works and why you should only send payment directly to the influencer.


[14:54] A typical Instagram Stories promo:

4 separate posts over a 24-hour period

Influencers address audience to drive awareness, sell your registration with a CTA to swipe up.


[17:09] Between 5-10% of the total follower amount will see the Stories. The same percentage of that audience will swipe up.


[17:40] Instagram influencers with personal brands are more powerful than those without.


[18:05] A typical Instagram post promo:

Create a picture or engaging video and put text within the picture

Pay influencer for 1 post with link in bio

Make arrangements with the influencer to repost every 4 hours

90% percent of engagement is within the first few hours of posting


[21:20] An example of how typical influencers charge and how to 3x your exposure and traffic.


[23:44] How to grow a brand-new Instagram account

Pay for Powerlikes and comments (not shout out’s)

"If you have great content and know what works for your market space and industry, that's like the gasoline on the fire. You'll grow extremely quickly."

Powerlikes: Audience sees which posts are liked and commented on by high authority accounts.

Instagram surges relevant content from high authority accounts (100k+ followers)


[26:37] Negotiating price for likes and comments with influencers:

Start the conversation with promotion price to gauge awareness of value and use as leverage when negotiating.

Ask Stories and Likes & Comments price

If they're reluctant, frame offer benefits in simple terms and concepts


[29:19] How to get quality traffic from Instagram:

Don't push directly to the webinar

Use a lead magnet to warm up audience (with optional Tripwire offer to help cover Adspend) and learn more about buyers

Ask influencers for their analytics to assess quality of traffic


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