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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Feb 12, 2018

This special episode of Sold With Webinars introduces its first case study! Mike Schmidt and Anthony Rivera grew their webinar sales from mediocre to million-dollar-massive. What made the difference? Implementing tips and strategies learned from this here podcast.


In this episode, Mike and AJ reveal the key takeaways from past Sold With Webinar episodes that helped put their course, ReviewPro Launchpad, on track to doing $1MM a year.


(Find links to all mentioned episodes at the end of the show notes)


Episode Discussions:

  • The ad that dropped Mike and AJ’s cost per lead from $21 to $6
  • Strategies to boost live webinar attendance rates
  • AJ and Mike’s high-converting webinar sales funnel
  • How to use Facebook during your webinar to increase conversions
  • Re-inviting an existing list to the same live weekly webinar
  • When to go (and not go) evergreen
  • Why you should consider offering 5-star reviews as a service
  • Testing curiosity-based ads and pain-based vs desire-based ads
  • Packaging an offer as a business growth strategy and business opportunity
  • Automating with messenger bots
  • A ringless voice messaging tool to send webinar reminders


[3:06] Mike Schmidt and Anthony Rivera

Own AnchorWave - Website design, digital marketing agency based in Tuscon, AZ

15 years in business

[6:11] Product: ReviewPro Launchpad is an online course that helps businesses get 5-star reviews.

[8:58] Clients typically see results within 24 hours to 1 month from campaign launch.

[9:14] The webinar is also packaged for freelancers and other agencies to include 5-star reviews as a service.

[11:22] “You may be really close to something and just need to change the positioning of who you're selling it might be just one reframe away."

[12:30] What made the webinar successful?

  • Transparency - about what was being taught on the webinar
  • Curiosity based ads - helped with show up rate and dropped cost per lead from $21 to $6. Product isn't revealed until 20 minutes into the webinar.

[19:26] Offer is $1K and the webinar converts 3-5% of cold traffic registrants.

[20:26] Inspired by SWW guest Dan Henry: The audience is asked to write a Facebook post to gage interest in the service. Audience response proves opportunities and generates leads.

[24:44] What boosted your show up rate? 

Live webinar attendance rate: 30%-35%

  • Emails: New registrants trigger a 3-part email sequence
  • Messenger bot automation: Thank you page features a ManyChat button that invites registrants to join the Facebook group with a 3 min countdown timer - (inspired by SWW Guest Molly Keyser)
  • Financial barrier: Registrants are offered a chance to watch a replay of the webinar for $3 instead of waiting for the live webinar (Wednesday 9 am PST)
  • Reminders: Text message and voicemail drop via Sly Broadcast

[30:39] When to go evergreen with your webinar.

[33:15] Impactful content changes: copied successful webinars, implemented own successful strategies, added more value.

[35:31] Joel's success with re-inviting an existing list to the same live weekly webinar.

[37:25] What's next for AJ and Mike: Going evergreen and JV’s 

[38:16] "It's a no-brainer for anybody who has a course teaching agencies or creatives copywriting or email marketing.”

[39:35] Testing Ads and Conversion Optimization

Testing new ads: Pain based ads are performing better.

Longer video format ad had higher cost per registrant but had the best cost per sale.

Social proof: Screenshots from Facebook group, emails, collecting testimonials via automation.

[41:47] Pain-based ads vs desire-based ads (inspired by SWW Guest Jon Tarr)

Desire-based ads attract wishful thinkers (no commitment)

Connect with them on a current pain (committed to solving their problem)

 [42:54] "We're super grateful for you and this podcast has been an amazing resource for us as we become more and more of webinar junkies ourselves.”


Connect with Mike and AJ

Agency Mastermind group on Facebook


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