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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Sep 25, 2017

Webinars done right have massive payoff potential but require a lot of work. Frank Salas found a way to get paid for his efforts and all the value he was providing his webinar audience. Using only his realtor experience, Frank “The Talented Mr. Salas” built a social media presence and audience that would result in a five-figure payday for his very first webinar.


In this episode, Frank tells you how he created, branded, and packaged the offer that got people to open their wallets and purses right out of the gate. He also shares his thoughts on who paid webinars will and won’t work for and how to make the transition from free to paid webinars if you’re ready.


Episode Discussions:

  • How to conduct free research on your target webinar audience
  • Capturing attention on social media platforms
  • How Frank branded his offers and why it worked to increase sales
  • Making multiple offers on a webinar the right way
  • The benefits of overdelivering and oversharing in your webinar
  • How to serve a tribe and community and show your audience you care
  • Running a Facebook group that helps with retention and future sales
  • How to decide between running a free or paid webinar
  • How to negotiate splits for JV webinars
  • ChatBot funnels and using them to qualify leads
  • The value difference between Frank’s free and paid webinars


[2:17] Frank’s story and why you should pay attention:

-Born homeless, English is his second language, college dropout

-Started first business at the age of 20

-Was a successful residential realtor

-Leveraged realtor expertise and skills to market himself as a social media thought leader

-Most income comes from top-level advanced webinars to the right people

[5:41] The creation of Frank's First Offer

  • Structured webinar to be value packed and value driven for two audiences:

o   Qualified attendees who could purchase the offer

o   People who couldn’t afford the offer but could still take action and get results

  • Performed a psychoanalysis of target audience for 2 weeks
  • Researched their fears, needs, desires, goals, passions, challenges
  • Created a strong offer that solved all of their problems

[7:13] Frank’s Amazon and Google Review Mining tips:

  • Search and read through 5-star and 1-star reviews only
  • Copy and paste pain points and other relevant data
  • Use info to create copy for emails and landing pages

"I go by the name of The Talented Mr. Salas — the only talent that I have is I work hard."-FS

[8:48] Branding, packaging, and pricing the offers:

The service: Blocks of time for prepaid virtual assistant

The packages: varying levels of support and titled as luxury vehicles:

Low - Tesla ($197)

Middle - BMW ($497)

Top – Rolls-Royce ($997)

[10:51] Overall sales for 1st webinar: $10K

"The notifications [from Paypal] as I was doing the livestream would just pop in. It was exciting me to be honest with you."-FS


[12:13] How Frank transitioned into paid webinars:

Built a brand around over-delivering and oversharing for 2 years.

Because of his reputation, he’s been able to start charging for webinars within the last 60 days.

“What I found is that when people pay [for a webinar], they actually pay attention."-FS

[13:07] Frank's latest paid webinar: 

‘How to Get Legit Facebook Likes Masterclass’

  • Live training
  • $97 price point
  • Sends a pre-webinar email – “You’ve got 60 seconds or this is going to $497.”
  • Price increases to $497 when the webinar goes live

[16:22] Facebook group tip:

Frank uses case studies within the group to motivate them by posting before and after screenshots of ‘Facebook like’ numbers.

[17:05] End of webinar offers:

For marketing agency owners - Facebook Like Mastermind Class

Business owners that want to handle their own marketing – Frank’s consulting service

  • Offers are only available to webinar attendees
  • All possible objections are addressed and handled within the offer
  • Consulting packages start at $1K/hr. and go up to 6 figures.

[20:53] Frank's suggestion - choosing to run a free or paid webinar:

Free webinars if… You’re just starting out and nobody knows you or your brand yet.

Paid webinars if…You have a tangible skill with case studies, testimonials, and receipts. Pitch your expertise to someone with an existing list and do a JV webinar.

[22:07] JV webinars split: “Everything is negotiable. Know who you are, your numbers and how you do business and be fully transparent with no ulterior motives or shadiness.”-FS 

[25:41] Frank’s ChatBot funnel and new ChatBot course


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