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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Nov 13, 2017

If the term ‘mini webinar’excites you, it should. Especially if you’re just getting started and need to maximize your offer. This episode gives you a sneak peek at the revolutionary concept of a mini webinar and its power to potentially change the way we market and sell online.

Don’t miss this short but sweet solo chat where Joel shares how the mini webinar took one client from 0-$13K in less than 21 days.


Episode Discussions:

  • The year of"make the darn offer" has paid off
  • The one downside to the direct selling webinar
  • How to ‘Make the Darn Offer’ work for you
  • Building out a real sales funnel
  • A sneak peek at the potent power of the mini webinar
  • How an automated mini webinar generated $13Kin 3 weeks
  • The number one thing you need to focus on before marketing
  • Why ‘no’ is more important than ‘yes’ when first launching a product
  • The threshold you need to be hitting before optimizing your marketing funnel
  • Clients with brand new offers and their $35K & $27K success stories
  • Joel’s Fifty Thousand Dollar Mini Webinar Domination event
  • Making $50K a month a reality


[2:45]A client with a coaching program who wanted to work with e-commerce store ownersinvested in Joel less than a month ago.


[3:29]Within a week of successfully launching the program using the mini-webinar funnel, the client received his 1st call.


[4:11]At the start of 2017, Joel set a goal to simplify his marketing and sales system.

“Every time I launched a new initiative, I'd think to myself ‘How can I make this simpler?"


[4:45]"The year of ‘Make the Darn Offer" - has paid substantial dividends.


[7:45]The only downside to a direct selling webinar is people try them too soon, especially when they're just starting out.


[8:27]Joel's client originally wanted to sell his course for $500-$1K but suggestedhe:

  • Sell coaching and implementation services
  • Raise offer to $3K, help customers implement program within 7 days and make at least $10K from their campaign.
  • Do an automated mini-webinar and book calls directly on calendar


[10:18]Within the past 3 weeks,Joel’s client has sold 5 programs.The first one sold at $1K, then 4 at $3K (each). Total revenue: $13K


[10:49]"The number one thing that you have to focus on before you really even dial in the rest of your marketing is you need to get yes or no as quickly as possible on your offer."


[11:16]Talk to your ideal client and get them to say yes or no.

‘No’ is more important in the beginning — figure out why they're sayingno.

When you learn that, you can pivot your offer until you start getting yes's.

Then you can raise your price.

Now you have a real sales funnel.


[11:44] Joel is hosting a live event revealing the mini-webinar funnel called The Fifty Thousand Dollar Mini Webinar Domination eventhappening 12/4/17-12/6/17.


[12:50]Make the Darn Offer:”

  • Make the offer as soon as possible
  • Collect data
  • Revise pitch
  • Figure out what people want to buy
  • Dial in everything else
  • When you reach $50k/month, start building in segmentation and follow up sequences


[13:52] Ryan was Joel's first Webinar Accelerator client call.

Brand-new offer. No paid traffic, going exclusively to internal network.

Collected $27,500 in revenue in 4 days.


[14:24] Anthony was challenged to break Ryan’s record with his new offer.

$35K in new collected revenue within 7 days


[14:45]“That $50K a month mark seems like it's a big pie in the sky for a lot of people but [it’s not a lot of work]. It's getting on the phone, talking to people, figuring out what they need and if your offer resonates with the desire and with the need."


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