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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Feb 19, 2018

Picture this… It’s minutes before your webinar starts. You know —the one that showcases your $20K offer. You’re shadowboxing to Eye of the Tiger when all the sudden your slide deck goes on strike. Is it possible to recover from a technical mishap and still crush it?


Caleb O’Dowd did. In fact, he closed 30% of his audience. If that didn’t impress you, he had a webinar that did over $7MM in sales in 2017. In other words — he’s the man. In this episode, learn the secrets behind his conversion superpowers and how he’s harnessed tonality and passion to whip attendees into an emotional buying frenzy. Did we mention he got his start working with Gary Halbert?


Episode Discussions:

  • Repositioning offers to crush conversions
  • Selling more with tonality, delivery, and passion
  • The conversion-boosting "mentorship loan" offer you’ve never heard of
  • Strengthen weak copy in your webinar script
  • Breakdown of a 2017 $7MM webinar
  • Outdoing yourself and evolving your webinar to stay relevant
  • The “Two Friends Talking” example that stirs curiosity
  • You may have an excellent offer but is it going to the right audience?
  • Keeping your audience engaged for 3+ hour webinars
  • Training attendees to buy using The Yes Ladder technique
  • One of the biggest secrets to selling anything
  • Could having the camera on kill your response?
  • Effective positioning against competitors

[2:25] Caleb's origin story:

  • Got his start working with Gary Halbert
  • Started selling high-ticket items with webinars several years ago
  • Got hooked when he realized there was no faster way to generate millions of dollars in such a short period of time

 [4:23] "One of the big secrets to selling anything is to truly believe in your heart and soul that what it is you're selling is valuable and potentially life-saving."-CO

[6:13] The image you want to portray when hosting a webinar: Visualize two friends talking and having a good time. See their conversation as they’re laughing and joking with each other. You're naturally attracted and curious as to what they're talking about.

[7:17] Tonality and Delivery. Use energy, power and enthusiasm to captivate your audience. If you're not a passionate person, fake it ‘till you make it!

"You can whip people into an emotional buying frenzy."-CO

[9:36] "People are buying YOU the presenter. If you don't have the greatest slide deck or script, they will buy your passion above all."

[11:04] Caleb's slide deck crashed right before his webinar for a $20K offer but still closed 30% of his audience using passion and delivery.

[12:01] He doesn't like to have the camera on during webinars. In his experience, "it kills response."

[17:22] In 2017, he launched ‘The Newspaper Profit Formula’ for $3K with fair results. Repositioning the webinar to ‘Supplement Business Launch Formula,’ generated $363K.

[20:18] Keep your audience engaged for long webinars and effectively position your products against competitors.

[28:39] TheYes Ladder’: ask your audience questions that are easy to say yes to — ultimately training them to say yes to your offer.

[34:22] Attendees need to feel like they're better off because of your training program and learn something positive even if they didn't buy.

[35:10] The conversion-boosting "mentorship loan" offer:

  • Positions the product to be ultimately far more valuable than asking price
  • Performance-based guarantee
  • Demonstration of belief

[37:40] Evolving and updating your webinar to stay relevant: One thing isn't going to work forever.

"If the webinar that you have today is the same as the webinar you were using 2 or 3 years ago, you're probably boring the crap out of your audience and certainly your marketplace."


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