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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Aug 14, 2017

Roller coasters are usually fun — but not so much in an entrepreneurial theme park. Many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with overcoming the obstacles that fluctuations and inconsistences produce. And they prove to be exceptionally disheartening when it comes to their webinar strategies.


Jason Wardrop is the founder of Arsenal MKG, a social lead generation platform tailored for real estate agents. He’s been Joel’s client for over a year and in this episode, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at a year of Jason’s webinar marketing angles and funnels — the successes, the flops, the good, bad, and ugly. But most importantly, how he transformed his webinar’s roller coaster of success into the ultimate ride of dependability.


Episode Discussions:

  • Simplification of your message is vital to your success
  • Why Jason’s first webinar strategy ‘tanked’
  • Reasons to target the beginner market
  • The timeline of Jason’s webinar roller coaster
  • The standard follow-up sequence for live webinars
  • Knowing your target market and speaking to their desires
  • Why “the more you email, the more money you make” doesn’t always work/isn’t always true
  • The curse of the expert
  • A winning headline formula for your webinar website
  • Joel and Jason’s mindset shifts that ultimately boosted their revenue
  • Joel hasn’t seen this in any market other than real estate (he’s still perplexed)
  • Why the standard follow-up email sequence may not work for the real estate market
  • A breakdown of Jason’s email sequences: Fails and wins
  • Why 24-hour webinars psychologically make sense for cold traffic
  • The brilliant sequence strategy Jason uses for cold traffic
  • Joe’s creative writing advice for webinars
  • The 2 game changers that increased Jason’s webinar conversions
  • An ideal time to target real estate agents with your webinar
  • Value-packed tips on how to resonate with your target market and create a bigger impact with your webinar


[1:47] Jason's story:

  • Has been an entrepreneur for 7 years (online marketing)
  • In 2015, founded Arsenal MKG -a social lead generation platform that helps real estate agents generate leads for their business.

[2:45] Webinar history:

  • Marketed software to network marketers
  • Ran webinars for weeks without success
  • Targeted real estate market using the same webinar with a few minor tweaks
  • Had two sales the first week.
  • Realigned marketing to target real estate agents

[4:33] Jason's original offer was $300/year. Increased to $497.

[5:29] "I was attracting unemployed engineers and that was the first major shift I had — I can't sell to broke people. So I can take the exact same offer and sell it to a different audience and charge more money for it."-JE

[7:26] Jason sold 4/week but saw potential to increase.

[7:53] One of Jason's big mental shifts: realizing he wasn't selling more because he didn't feel like he could fulfill more than 4 people.

[8:16] Once Jason put his fears aside, he scaled up his sales to 8, sometimes 11 per week. Totaling $10K per webinar.

[9:17] Jason had his biggest day ever right before the end of 2016. But his first webinar of 2017 was "total crickets."

[10:03] The roller coaster begins:

  • January of 2017, Jason's list had approximately 9,000 people on it.
  • February - he sold a $37 mini-course resulting in a $12K increase from his biggest month ever.
  • March - sales increased $20K.
  • April - sales dropped and became inconsistent.
  • May - Jason takes a break to work on revamping the webinar.
  • June, “I launched my webinar thinking it was gonna kill it and then I realized my messaging was totally off and rewrote [the webinar] three times before I got I working again."

[15:21] Jason’s two game changers:

  1. Simplifying the webinar to make it more consumable for his "non-tech savvy" market
  2. Recreated the offer itself to resonate with his market.

[17:39] "It was the same offering but instead of saying, 'Hey, we'll set up one lead generation campaign, we'll get you to thirty leads per month consistently."-JW

[19:02] "As you're trying to sell your own products, services or courses, we have this curse of the expert I see all the time with the webinar campaign."-JE

[19:49] Headline formula: Who you're talking to + what you want them to become.

[20:25 Joel and Jason finished reworking the webinar end of June.

1st webinar results:

  • Sent to list, no paid traffic
  • Totaled almost 300 registrants
  • 50% show-up rate
  • Immediately had six sales
  • Within 24 hours, 5 additional sales
  • 11 sales after first week

[23:11] "I had never seen follow up sales — let alone double the amount of sales — so I was so pumped about that."-JW

[23:32] "Whenever you look at the market size, the beginners of any market are always going to be your biggest pool and usually your most attractive pool."-JE

[25:00] Jason breaks down his 5+ failed follow up sequences

[26:08] Jason's current sequence (for 24-hour webinar):

  • Thursday morning - Live webinar (he's found it to be the best time that works for agents).
  • Thursday afternoon - Sends a webinar replay email to follow up with non-buying attendees. Introduces urgency. (46% open rate)
  • Four hours before offer expiration – intense urgency to ‘go in and check it out.’
  • Non-attendees receive an email invite to an encore auto webinar that starts at the top of every hour.
  • Non-openers receive an email with a different attractive subject line.

[28:42] Joel compares and contrasts Jason’s sequences.

[29:29] 24-hour webinars psychologically make sense for cold traffic. "I think it's brilliant and it tipped the tables for you 100%."-JE

[30:37] How cold traffic responds to frequent emails: "They've never heard your name and all the sudden this random Jason Wardrop guy has emailed me 4 times in one day?!...Take me off your list!"-JW

[32:02] Joel's creative writing advice for webinars: Don't pigeonhole yourself into a specific formula.

[33:06] Jason’s future:

Looking to launch software into the insurance market (and possibly fitness).

[35:32] "Just gotta hustle and sprint while it's all still working good because you know that winters can always come to any business."-JW

[35:40] What's your ROI now on your ad spend with this new cold traffic webinar? It's 3x in week one and I haven't put upsells in place."

[36:52] Joel's takeaways for the audience:

  • Analyze what market you're really speaking to
  • With the beginner market, there's always leads coming in.
  • Think about it just like a funnel: The most educated, moderately educated, and the uneducated. If you can speak to the uneducated, you speak to all of them.


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