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Sold With Webinars Podcast

May 8, 2017

When it comes to selling your program or digital course, the way you deliver your message to your audience could mean the difference between getting them to take action and not. So, what’s the best method to get people to understand what you’re trying to explain?


In this bite-sized yet beneficial episode, Joel shares his expertise on how to creatively craft a message to resonate and motivate your webinar audience.


Episode discussions:

  • The difference between good instruction and bad instruction
  • Why “features” don’t sell
  • How to sell using stories and why it works
  • Steps to crafting the perfect story




 Good instructors take the same content but teach it through different mediums. Tell you the student to read the material and come to class and give examples and try and help you understand it through different ways of explaining it or teaching it.


[4:31] With sales presentations, you're trying to tell through story why they need to jump on board and why it's important to them.

[5:00] Write with benefits and features…

“Features don't sell. They're things they get inside the program. Benefits are the results you get from the features of the content you learn inside the material. Too many are focused on talking about the features and regurgitating information within the course.”

[5:33] When you're telling through story how you discovered your content, you’ll move your audience and get them to take action on your course.

[5:46] Joel's challenge:

  • Craft stories to your audience of how you came to realize what it is you're teaching them.
  • Put yourself back in the situation of whatever transformation you're teaching them

and how you discovered it.

  • Dig deep into the emotion of what you were going through.

[6:27] "The people on your webinar wanna know that you've gone through their experience and they wanna know how you can help change them."


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