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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Feb 27, 2017

Mike Morrison has worked with a variety of clients and markets for years. He runs the website "The Membership Guys" where he helps business owners and entrepreneurs build membership sites or information and expertise hubs to sell their products and services.

In this episode, Mike discusses how he and his clients use webinars to sell more memberships for his programs and sheds light on the different approaches when launching, selling, and pricing a membership program. Don’t worry, his accent isn’t as hard to understand as he claims.


Episode Discussions:

  • Mike defines what exactly a membership site along with examples
  • Flat membership fees vs. monthly fees
  • Why webinars are so effective for membership sites
  • Strategies for using webinars to sell membership sites
  • How to use webinars if you’re not selling high-ticket items
  • One of the best ways to sell a membership using webinars
  • Using the exclusivity factor to ramp up scarcity


[2:26] Mike's intro:

  • "First and foremost, I'm just always impressed anybody can understand my accent."
  • Ran online marketing and digital agencies
  • Gravitated toward memberships.

[3:55] Started membership site about membership sites and now has hundreds of members who are running a variety of different market-based membership sites.

[4:26] A membership site is any website where someone needs to have a registered account in order to access protected content of some form.

  • Typically involves payment.
  • Usually involves some form of E-learning element (courses, tutorials, live training webinars) and community.

[6:28] Mike shares different types of ways he's tested to sell membership sites.


"You can do so much more on a webinar in terms of your sales tactics when you've got a $2K product because you've got more margin to play with."

[8:26] You want people that sign up for your membership to stick around long-term. Can't dupe people into signing up in the way some people do with a course. They'll be in your community and figure out you're not delivering on your promises.

[8:48] "We find organic marketing as the bedrock of what you're doing. It's a slower burn but a membership is a slow-burn model."-Mike

[9:16] Find ways to connect the dots between your content marketing and the content inside your membership.

[10:17] You can still use a webinar even if you're not selling a high-ticket item but you have to be more creative.

[12:30] Joel recaps key information:

  • Membership sites are a different model.
  • They're a marathon, not a sprint.
  • By implementing webinars, you have to be careful about your existing members.

[14:13] How do you sell access to your program using your automated webinar?

"We are very much following that 'be everywhere' kind of strategy."


"We don't do any of the trickery about making it appear live or any of that nonsense because I've been on webinars where it's mid-July and the first words out of the presenter's mouth is 'hope you all had a great Christmas!"-Mike

[17:20] Mike has a course called "Membership Lifecycle Course" about membership retention.


"You are genuinely doing a disservice if you don't tell people what happens next." -Mike

[23:30] Joel calls Mike out on one hilarious but true quote...

[25:15] One of the best ways to use a webinar to sell a membership is to find an angle that makes it mid to high ticket.

[29:00] "Offering lifetime value prolongs member lifetime value to you."

[30:22] Joel and Mike discuss discounts and pricing.


"The truth is someone could your biggest fan and never sign up to your email list."



"You don't call yourself the ‘Membership Guys’ if you don't love just waffling on about this stuff."-Mike



If you’re considering building a membership site,

Connect with Mike:

Twitter: @MebershipGuys