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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Sep 11, 2017

How’d you like a 75% show-up rate for your live webinar? How about a 25% take rate for a tripwire offer? Those remarkable numbers belong to Molly Keyser, a creative who teaches boudoir photographers how to book more clients and make more money. So, if you’re ready to see rates like that for your live webinar, it’s time for you to give a bot a chance.


In this episode, Molly shows you the exact methods and strategies she used to get a 75% show up rate using ManyChat, a tool that lets you create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support. Learn how to use simple growth tools to skyrocket your webinar registrations and effectively boost your conversion rates.


Episode Discussions:

  • Why webinars work so well for the photography niche
  • Ways to personalize the audience experience during a live webinar
  • One critical component to live webinars that many struggle with
  • Joel’s marketing objection to ManyChat
  • An email-free registration process
  • How to implement a one-click registration for your webinar
  • Molly's simple tripwire with a 25% take rate
  • A pestering yet effective reminder sequence that boosts Molly’s sales
  • Using urgency and scarcity in your live webinar follow-up sequence
  • How Molly frames freebies for photographers at the end of webinars and includes affiliates
  • How long should you offer a webinar replay?
  • Why avoiding live webinars is like throwing money away
  • Collecting emails and growing your list with ManyChat
  • Win the ultimate webinar mega sales bundle
  • Molly’s bonus tip to increase webinar registrations using ManyChat growth tools


[2:22] Molly's story:

  • Has been a photographer since she was 17
  • Business evolved into a profitable portrait studio
  • Educates other Boudoir photographers online


[3:05] Has been doing webinars since 2013 but hasn't experienced true success until this year (2017). "Instead of seeking out people that were having great success with webinars, I just decided to do what I thought was best."-MK


[4:22] Webinars are 80% of her business.

[4:54] Why do you think webinars work so well for your business in the photography niche? "They're personalized. Although auto webinars do work, live webinars work way better. Photography is a very personalized type of service."

[6:40] "People don't understand how difficult it is to really get an auto webinar converting...If you want to go straight to automated, just work on a video sales letter." - JE

[7:14] “If you do want to just go straight to an automated webinar, it's pretty much like saying you're willing to throw away $20,000, $40,000, $80,000.”-MK

[7:40] Molly's live webinars each bring in at least $10K.

[10:03] How Molly uses ManyChat:

  • One-click webinar registration: Embeds a ManyChat button on a landing page that registers people through Facebook.
  • Directed to Facebook Messenger where the registrant selects a date and time to attend the webinar.
  • A confirmation ‘thank you’ message responds with the basic webinar info (date, time, link)

[12:49] Molly's simple tripwire with a 25% take rate:

After confirmation, registrants are offered a 50% discount on a $59 product designed to enhance the webinar's experience (via Facebook Messenger).

[18:36] Pestering yet effective reminder sequence:

Frequency: 72 hour, 48 hour, 24 hour, 6 hour, 3 hour, 1 hour

[24:02] Follow-up sequence:

10-hour replay window one hour after the live webinar

Sends 3 follow-up bot messages (10-hour, 5-hour, final hour)

"Some of the best advice I've learned is you're not marketing well enough until you're annoying people."-MK

[26:06] "All you really need is the webinar, getting people on it, and the order form."-MK

[28:41] Molly’s Freebie Frame: On the final webinar slide, photographers get a no-strings-attached complimentary gift and pushes helpful affiliate software.

[35:59] Her 75% show-up rate webinars had a 15% conversion rate.

[36:49] Joel’s ManyChat marketing objection: “What about collecting emails? “

  1. ManyChat recently partnered with Zapier, allowing you to integrate your ManyChat list with your CRM.
  2. Molly uses Webinar Jam where attendees have to input their name and email to enter the webinar. She collects leads from the attendees.

[40:15] Molly’s bonus tip to increase webinar registrations using ManyChat growth tools:

  • Post a lengthy status on your Facebook business page sharing a success story or a ‘helpful tip’ video.
  • Insert a CTA, asking those interested in the webinar to reply with “yes” (will work with your word of choice)
  • A message is sent to the “yes’s” with available webinar dates and times



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