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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Dec 14, 2021

My idea of semi-retirement is a four-hour-per-day workday for four days per week.

And many people resonate with the idea of semi-retirement, which is possible.

It is a simplistic way to design your life.

Find out how to set up a lifestyle like this by scaling your high ticket course.

You’ll Discover

  • Think about what...

Dec 9, 2021

It is essential to build a profitable business before making a brand.

It is something I deal with from the people who were in the course creation space leaders who want to sell low tickets first.

Remember, there is a time and place for high and low tickets to work together.

Find out here how to build a profitable...

Dec 7, 2021

There are three core phases of growing a high ticket course business.

Not everyone goes through the three phases, and some people stop at every stage.

You need to understand what takes place when you launch a high-ticket course.

Listen to the podcast to get a high-level overview of these phases.

You’ll Discover

  • The...

Dec 2, 2021

Anyone can say, “You should raise your rates,” or “Increase your price,” without giving any sort of logical consideration when it comes to pricing your high ticket courses.

Figuring out the price of your high ticket course is very important in the market field.

This is something that many people don’t talk...