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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Oct 23, 2017

Webinars have been Trevor Turnbull’s only source of sales since 2010. He’s done hundreds of them over the years to sell his popular training programs like LinkedInfulence, a course that helps business owners and entrepreneurs leverage LinkedIn for lead gen. So, does he use live webinars or automated webinars to sell his products? Yes.


In this episode, Trevor shares the strategies and systems that make it possible to run his unique hybrid style combo of live and automated webinars as well as the valuable lessons, experiences, and observations that go along with 7 years of history.


Episode Discussions:

  • Why webinars work so well in the business opportunity space
  • The 3-minute pitch from a past SWW guest Joel’s used to increase conversions
  • How webinars have evolved since 2010 - What worked then, what works now
  • Hybrid approach: A sales mechanism for running both live and evergreen webinars
  • Include this at the start of your evergreen webinar to build credibility and trust
  • Why being transparent and building trust with your audience is so critical
  • Why you should still run through your webinar with little to no audience
  • How Trevor tested and refined his done-for-you offers using different price points
  • Tweaks to improve your one-time offers
  • A walkthrough of Trevor’s simple and effective lead magnets and webinar funnel
  • Different price points and offers: What has and hasn’t worked over the last 2 years
  • Crafting the perfect offer
  • The power of the phone call
  • Selling programs with vs without support groups
  • Successfully building a support community around a program
  • You don't need paid traffic to make webinars work!
  • Tips on approaching LinkedIn groups for partner webinars and joint promotions


[3:28] Trevor's story:

  • Worked in the pro sports industry and used LinkedIn to connect with people
  • Connected with Lewis Howes and ran his sports recruiting website for years
  • In 2010, sold LinkedIn course (how to get a job in sports) using webinars
  • Now uses webinars to sell training programs that show people how to use and leverage LinkedIn for lead generation and conversion

[6:41] How webinars have evolved since 2010:

  • Then: It was easier to get people to attend because it was new and different.
  • Then: You could go straight to a sales pitch.
  • Now: People don't want to be pitched to.
  • Now: The sales process is harder and there’s more competition.
  • Now: Focus is on building trust, being honest and transparent about the work involved without giving false hope.

[9:49] "What we've been seeing work really well is being transparent and upfront. We're actually making the offer within the first three minutes of the webinar."-JE

[13:06] "People always think 'if I give the offer right away people are going to leave' and it doesn't happen because you're still going to give content."-JE

[14:26] Trevor’s sales mechanism for running live and evergreen webinars:

  • Does a combo of live and evergreen webinars each month.
  • Everyone that downloads a lead magnet receives an invitation to a webinar.
  • If the live webinar is within a week, Trevor's thank you page promotes the live webinar. Otherwise, registrants are directed to the evergreen webinar.

[16:14] Trevor's evergreen setup:

  • Uses EverWebinar
  • Switched from GoToWebinar to Webinar Jam
  • Opens with a 1-minute video that informs the audience the webinar is recorded
  • His transparency maintains integrity and builds trust and credibility with his list.

[18:57] Joel turns 100% of high-end done-for-you clients away who refuse to do any live webinars.

[20:15] If no one shows up to your webinar, go through your normal routine anyway. "You'll figure out that one thing you should've said differently...because you've seen it, heard it and know the trigger of how to react to it the next time."-TT

[21:10] Trevor’s advice if you're just getting started with webinars:

Yes — absorb as much info as you can from smart guys like Joel and then stop learning, start implementing and adjust from there.

[21:53] See how Trevor's simple lead magnets and webinar funnel works: /profile /scripts

[24:53] Tested offers:

  • Program price point: started at one-time fee of $997
  • Tested: phone sales with a price point of $997 vs selling directly on a webinar for $497 straight to an order form
  • Result: same amount of conversions
  • Currently: focuses efforts on selling via webinar because it takes less time but still offers a phone call option (50% close rate)

[28:30] Trevor's upsells:

  • "Accelerator Package": one-time offer, done-for-you service (light & plus versions available). Price points vary from $997 - $6K per campaign.

Future upsells:

  • Paid access to support group
  • LinkedIn makeover package
  • Sales Team Accelerator package

[31:37] "I'm finding that our business is evolving based on the feedback we get from webinars. People tell us what they need and we build it."-TT

[35:52] Joel's course currently sells for $997 via webinar (increase in coming months) without a support group. Planning a one-time offer, 14-day free trial for webinar community.

[39:14] Trevor's winning tips on approaching LinkedIn groups for partner webinars and joint promotions


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