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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Mar 6, 2017

AJ Rivera is the success story every business owner craves to hear. He started out making more than his fair share of mistakes but did what it took to earn his title as an industry expert. Now, he’s a successful coach who teaches fitness professionals how to build a profitable fitness business.

In this episode, AJ shares his unique strategy on how he's getting 30x return on his ad spend for his webinar marketing efforts and shares valuable tips that others rarely use (HINT). In other words, information from a pro who knows what works.  


Episode Discussions:

  • How AJ uses live streams to market his products and services
  • AJ’s journey to success
  • A rundown of AJ’S 8-week coaching program
  • The system he uses to get new clients using automated webinars
  • How AJ incorporates VSL's (video sales letters) and webinars into his marketing strategy
  • A genius call to action that converts
  • AJ’s case study test numbers
  • Video sales letter close rate vs. webinar/VSL combo close rate
  • The single most important thing to remember for a conversion to happen


[1:56] AJ’s intro:

  • Grew up in Chicago
  • Always wanted to be an entrepreneur
  • Became a part-time personal trainer
  • Built a client base
  • Opened 2 studios


"I had a huge ego and didn't want to ask for help so instead I just made every single mistake and then still asked for help anyway and learned from people smarter than me."

[2:56] Working with mentors and coaches resulted in his studio's success.

[3:08] In 2015, his studios were grossing $500K.

[3:19] The business side of personal training excited AJ.

[3:45] Started business coaching other people to help other succeed.

[4:06] Sold his gyms to his managers to coach full time

[4:51] AJ's core program: an 8-week coaching program with him and his team.

[5:38] "One of the big things we tell them when they start is 'If you go out of business, you can help zero people."

[5:52] Core program teachings:

  • marketing (sales, basic lead generation using Facebook, organic referral methods).
  • webinars (private clients)
  • systems (what they need to scale their business and out of it)

[7:08] Pricing and special offers for AJ's 8-week program.

[8:03] What does the system look like to get new clients in using automated webinars? "We actually started with a video sales letter but started shifting more toward the webinar because you get more leads for cheaper."

[9:48] AJ's typical webinar is one hour.

[11:10] His CTA (call to action) at the end of his webinar is to schedule a call with himself or team member and pitches the program.

[11:46] How AJ incorporates VSL's (video sales letters) and webinars.

[13:51] AJ's VSL's are typically 15 minutes

[14:15] Joel recaps the strategy:

  • People register for the webinar
  • After the webinar, everyone is retargeted with a VSL that includes a CTA to engage in a phone call.


"We saw this crazy spike on the day we did the webinar. We were like 'we gotta do this all the time now."-AJ

[15:28] What was your cost per application? "We would get applications off our VSL for as low as $30. From the webinar, we generally would get applications for $50-$100."

[16:53] Cold VSL traffic close rate: 10% — (1 in 4). Webinar/VSL combo close rate: 50%+ for a $6K-$8K offer.

[17:33] Joel recaps the numbers:

  • $100 to generate an application
  • Closed 50% of them from the webinar
  • Cost: $200 for a $6K sale

[18:31] Live streaming is a secret obsession of AJ's.

[19:10] Almost every day of the week, AJ's live streams feature different entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, coaches, fitness professionals, etc.


 "One of the things I love about live streams and Facebook Live...Sales presentations become social and people can share them. The social proof is unbelievable. It's the future of webinars."-Joel

[23:08] Numbers for AJ's case study test:

  • Reach: 7K
  • Views: 4K

[24:26] Figure out how to incorporate social with your presentations. Social proof is important when it comes to making a buying decision.”



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