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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Dec 2, 2019

The number one thing that will affect somebody's opinion and personal stance on you is how much time they are willing to give you and the more time you get someone to spend with you... the more likely they are to become true fans. - Joel

We are in the midst of launching our new webinar, which is going really well for our re-vamped High Ticket Courses.

As the year is coming to a close, I am looking forward to 2020. As you know I have two podcasts, Experts Unleashed and Sold With Webinars. This is done on purpose. One goal moving forward is to take Experts Unleashed and turn it into my personal brand. Last year I created Experts Unleashed and although it was profitable, we ultimately decided to shut it down.

Today we discuss: Branding + Webinars.

When we launch webinars, it is my belief that it is the most powerful form of branding.  Branding is all about your messaging, images, content, silent messages (customers' conversations about you when they are not in front of you).

My focus when we launch these projects and new projects is 1. Revenue - customers want to know, "can you solve this problem for me?".  We need the revenue to move forward. 2. The Dominio Effect -> when a webinar is successful, people will research you, etc.  For us, it has lead to a massive increase in podcast downloads, investment into our business and messaging, sales calls, and ultimately purchasing one or more of our products and services. 

As I expand my brand, the webinar is the pillar of this. 

  • How can I create something people will talk about?
  • How can I create something FIRST where that people will want to spend time with me so they remember me and trust me?
  • If this converts, great. If not, you re-work it.

Check out our webinar on our new course, High Ticket Courses here ->

Keep a look out for the re-launch of my personal brand in 2020!

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