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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

So, you’ve priced your information product at $997 because all the cool kids are doing it. But this episode will make you think twice about buying into the hype as Joel reveals the ‘$997’ connection to low conversion rates — plus how to reframe your offer to grow your customer base and surge your sales.


Episode Discussions:

  • Is your ask too big?
  • How an ask held a cold traffic webinar to one sale
  • Building trust with membership sites
  • Commitment as a barrier
  • Lowering commitment levels to increase sales
  • Ascending your audience to higher-level programs
  • Leveraging your existing content to improve conversions
  • Ask yourself these questions if you’re struggling to convert


[4:23] People are leaving so much money on the table by trying to go for the home run with the webinar.

[5:00] Understand the magnitude of your ask in terms of what your audience has to commit to learning.


[7:12] Joel discusses a past client’s $997 house flipping program and why his ‘ask’ kept his cold traffic webinar sales to one.


[8:39] Think in terms of the customer journey and how much work is involved to achieve success.


[9:08] Rather than offer a $1K course or program, frame it as a lower commitment level and work on ascending them.


[9:42] A month-to-month membership site presents an opportunity to build trust with your audience while consuming your content.


[10:28] Think about different ways to ascend them to different offers and higher-level programs so they start educating themselves more.


[10:47] Let your teaching do the selling for you.


[11:34] If you're struggling, think about how big your ask is, assuming money is a non-issue. How else can you leverage content you’ve already created to convert them?


[11:58] Rethink your offers, content, and everything you talk about inside your webinar. 


What’s your take on the $997 product? Joel wants your feedback!

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