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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Mar 20, 2017

Charles Byrd is growing his business organically through non-paid marketing methods. Translation: He doesn’t use any paid traffic to grow his list. Instead, he methodically and successfully uses joint ventures and affiliate webinars.

In this episode, Charles shares how to leverage other people’s audiences to promote products and services using JV ventures and affiliate webinars and how and why everyone wins.  


Episode discussions:

  • Tips on how to reach out to influencers on Facebook
  • Good strategies to help build your list, make sales in the process and build goodwill in the marketplace
  • The difference between webinar swaps and affiliate or joint ventures
  • The best ways to make connections at live events
  • The most important asset in your business when it comes to webinars
  • A look into Charles’ productivity course, “Zero-to-60 with Evernote”
  • Why webinars are ideal for promoting to other people's lists
  • How to meet high-quality connections


[1:58] Charles intro:

  • 15-year career in Silicon Valley

"I thought, 'Hey! I wanna work for no one!"

  • Launched a productivity course focused on teaching entrepreneurs to "kill the chaos of info overload by learning to apply Evernote to their business and life".
  • Had no list and pulled people in through LinkedIn connections
  • Learned how to do joint venture partnerships

 [4:06] Webinar swaps: promote your partner's webinar to your audience in exchange for promoting your own product to their audience. 

[4:19] Affiliates or joint ventures: promote someone else's product to your audience and split the revenue from that webinar.

[6:28] Charles' first webinar had over 1,000 people on it.

[7:12] "Lots of people want to be more productive and in fact, 92% of people I speak to have heard of Evernote, 3/4 of them already have it."

[8:56] Joel recaps: “Essentially what Charles is doing is leveraging other people's audience to grow his own audience.”

[9:19] "Your list is your most important asset in your business."

[9:55] "It's a win for them because you're bringing their people this fresh perspective and good ideas and a win for you because I started with no audience."

[10:40] What does the process look like when you reach out to bloggers and podcasters? "Find groups that have the kind of people you're looking for on Facebook like entrepreneur groups and internet marketing-type groups."

[12:06] If you don't already have a network, Charles recommends you:

  • Find active members in the groups
  • comment and like some of their stuff
  • contribute to the conversation
  • message them

[13:22] Joel recaps:

Charles is finding his target audience of influencers first and engaging them by liking and commenting on their Facebook posts.

[15:35] "Ping em and ask. I've never had anyone decline. Why wouldn't they take a meeting, ya know?"

[16:02] The best outreach strategy is adding value to them first before you ever ask for anything in return.

[16:47] Like and share their posts and introduce them to people who can help them with an issue or solve a problem.

[18:06] "Let’s say you're home alone. It's crickets. It's quiet. You're an entrepreneur wondering why the world is so quiet...this is how you start getting more interaction."

[20:02] Charles did 5 partner webinars in 9 months. Now he books 2-6 webinars every week. Sometimes 2 webinars a day (books them Tues, Wed, Thurs). Grows his list at about 2,000 a month.

[20:49] He's grown his list from 0 to 7,000 in about 4.5 months.

[21:42] Why do you think joint venture webinars and promotions work so well for this strategy? "Because you're providing value up front."

[22:09] "You gotta light their imagination and awareness to the bigger impact the message that you're sharing has."

[22:36] The promise of Charles' course is "You'll spend 3 hours in the course, you'll save 3 hours a week going forward."

[23:01] A minimum of 10% of people buy. Charles has had it as high as 42%.

[24:00] "It's a win for the partner because I just showed up and provided a free training to their audience, the buyers get the deeper-dive course that will save them 3 hours a week and the partner gets 50% commission in my case."

[24:29] As you deliver more webinars, conversions increase, messaging gets smoother and deliveries get better.

[24:59] "Webinars are the ultimate form of content marketing. You’re able to teach, you're able to wow people and you're able to give them this transformation in a 45-60-minute presentation."

[27:44] Charles on live events:

  • Live events pay for themselves.
  • There's no better way to build relationships than meeting people in person.

[29:26] In January, Charles went to 8 cities in 5 countries and did 14 live webinars.

[30:44] "If somebody signs up for a webinar and attends, they're 4-6x more likely to buy just because they showed up to a live webinar."

[31:21] The movers and shakers who fly to events are super high-quality people you want to connect with.

[33:55] Webinars are ideal for promoting to other people's lists because you provide content, value, goodwill to the audience and give them the opportunity to continue to follow you.


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