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Sold With Webinars Podcast

May 15, 2017

David Abrams, a true entrepreneur at heart, knows the true elements of a successful webinar — relationships, connections, and simplicity. That’s why he decided to create Demio, a user-friendly webinar software platform that would easily accomplish all.


In this episode, David shares the secrets to connecting with your audience, tips to boost conversion rates, and why the simplicity of Demio works to help business owners effortlessly and effectively create a powerful, high-quality webinar.


Episode Discussions:

  • How to increase your conversion rate and increase connection with your audience
  • Why webinars are so impactful and have high conversion rates
  • The effectiveness of webinars and sales pages and how they differ
  • Webinar’s expansion into e-commerce
  • The success of webinars in niche markets
  • Key things to implement into live webinars to make the best experience possible
  • Why engagement plays a vital role in webinars and how to do it
  • The downfall of offering a freebie toward the end of a webinar and what to do instead
  • The hook of testimonials and why they work
  • The one thing you may not be aware of or testing in your webinar and how it affects your success


[2:24] David's backstory:

  • Started in marketing and business as a web designer
  • Built a web design agency
  • Learned online marketing through internship turned full-time marketing director position
  • Used webinars at the company as a tool for growth
  • Grew business from $0 to 7 figures/year
  • Left company and partnered to create marketing funnels
  • Webinars proved to be the most consistently successful system
  • Built deep funnels with segmentation
  • Marketing and segmentation automation wasn't easy


[7:23] Demio was created to solve the company’s own problem.

[8:07] "What we really wanted was simplicity. What realized it was the key to webinars."

[8:41] While developing Demio, David focused on:

  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • Ease-of-use
  • What attendees love and presenters love to use
  • High quality

[9:34] Explain what you mean by simplicity and why it's so important. What challenges did you run into to separate yourself from the competitors? "The idea of simplicity is that you want to be able to do the core things very well, get it done quickly, and get a result. No one is buying a webinar tool to play with it. They want a webinar tool to connect with their audience."

[11:17] "It doesn't matter what business you're in, simplicity is always important."

[12:46] What's the key concept that you guys focused on when you launched Demio? "The key is connection. We want to connect you with your audience. The core essence of a webinar is building relationships."

[14:25] The idea of the webinar is to connect with your audience, build relationships, build trust, and transparency. Whether you're selling a product or training, you want your audience to know they're in good hands.

[15:01] When people jump into the online world and look at different types of funnels, they think 'automation', but you'll get better conversion rates the more you can talk to somebody one-on-one."

[15:55] Webinars allow you to have a one-to-many sales process. The more intimate you can get with your customers, they more you grow.

[16:22] Demio offers a free one-on-one demo to connect with their customers.

[16:57] Webinars convert high because the event itself it so powerful:

  • real built-in scarcity
  • real relationships
  • excitement
  • engagement
  • scalable
  • easy to do

[19:47] Key things to implement into live webinars to make the best experience possible

  1. The big promise
  2. Incentives to stay on the webinar
  3. Be engaging

[22:40] The downfall of offering a freebie toward the end of a webinar and what to do instead.

[25:19] One thing you're may not be aware of or testing with webinars.

[25:45] "Understand what's happening, where attention and focus is going and how you can change where you put engagement points."


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