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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Dec 25, 2017

Did you hear the news? Online learning is a multibillion dollar industry! Ok. That’s not “news.” But you might perk your ears to the meager 3-5% course completion rate that could be killing the back end of your funnel. This episode may not be saturated with webinar talk but it will help you course creators increase the quality and long-term profitability of your course.


Dr. Carrie Rose had dedicated the entirety of her professional career into learning management curriculum.  She’s the founder of Of Course, a company that helps entrepreneurs successfully get their message out with online courses. In this episode, Carrie unpacks how to optimize your course for maximum engagement and course completion rates that shape students into loyal repeat buyers.


Episode Discussions:

Videos vs written course content

Increasing engagement and retention with course bots

Elements for the perfect online course

How a low course completion rate impacts your funnel

Why long course videos aren't typically effective

Online learning studies and stats

Application components should come standard

Carrie’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ course model

Ideal video lengths for online courses

Letting go of the ego around your content

Dripping content vs all access

How to increase course completion rates

Email automation and alternatives for the non-techie

Should you include a ‘mindset’ module?

Teaching foundational concepts

Lessons in effective instructor leadership

What makes the best course length?

Creating consumable content for kinesthetic and other learning types

[3:04] Dr. Carrie ‘The Great’ Rose's story:

Born with Selective Mutism

Started 5th grade dyslexic and not knowing how to read

One teacher in one year helped her earn the school's highest standardized test score ever

Spent 10 years in public education working with students with a low socioeconomic background

Randomly introduced to online marketing at a World of Beers and took online courses to better understand it

Created a process based on over 500 research studies on how the human brain connects to content and uses it to create better courses

[8:00] Of Course is based on the freedom lifestyle and creating life-changing impact.

[10:14] Online course stats: Dr. Rose states that online learning is a $255 billion-dollar industry with a 3-5% completion rate.

Industry leaders are recognizing the impact of disparity on the back-end of their funnels.

[12:58] What makes the perfect course? [Course creators] have to think we're one piece of the puzzle. It's never about how we learn, it’s always about how they learn."

[13:49] Film the video, strip the audio and transcribe it to appeal to different learning styles.

[14:23] Kinesthetic learners learn by doing and account for 15% of the population. They tend to be left-handed and have ADHD.

[15:11] Application components should come standard in all courses.

[16:21] Video length: "Having a 40-minute video is just crazy." Seminar study shows viewers fall off at the 7-minute mark. 3-5 minutes is ideal.

[17:43] Carrie's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' model. Adults are self-selective learners.

[20:42] Course creators need to let go of their ego around their content.

[22:17] Drip the content out or give them all access? "Treat people how you want to be treated...if you don't have a reason [to drip content], you're taking their time again."

[24:33] Jason Swank's automated email method accommodates student's schedules and course commitment.

[25:52] Non-techie alternative: have students write course and module completion dates in their calendar or in their phone.

[27:02] Course bots:

Courses with accountability partners have an average of 3x higher completion rates.

Course bots interact and go through the course with students.

Model them after your personality. Add gifs. Create engagement and ask them questions. [32:04] Ideal course length: "It's kind of a catch 22. I want to see people teach an inch wide and a mile deep as opposed to a mile wide and an inch deep."

[34:57] The importance of teaching foundations, mindset, and framing your content for a more effective learning experience.

[39:14] "My goal is to make you self-reliant, it's not to make you dependent on me."



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