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Sold With Webinars Podcast

May 29, 2017

Creating urgency and scarcity can drastically improve your sales conversion numbers, but how do you avoid sounding sleazy and still get your audience to take action now? Master direct response marketer Jack Born developed the answer by creating Deadline Funnels.


In this episode, Jack talks about what lead him to develop software that provides ethical and legitimate deadlines and how to implement psychological triggers into your webinar and marketing funnels using the power of deadlines.


Episode Discussions:

  • A deadline tip anyone can use right away, even if you’re not using Deadline Funnel
  • The advantages of a minimum viable funnel
  • Why a live webinar is the ultimate minimum viable funnel
  • What type of webinar works best in a saturated market
  • Why it's so important to make sure your deadlines are ethical and have integrity
  • How using deadlines can make your future offers more effective
  • Words to emphasize in your copywriting and scriptwriting that create urgency
  • How to incorporate deadlines to add value inside an offer
  • The endowment effect and how to use it in your copy
  • The best way to go into a cold traffic automated webinar funnel
  • How to use deadlines to sell physical products
  • A powerful way to improve your funnels using feedback and redirects
  • The importance of investing in a good customer support system and team
  • A special offer for the Sold with Webinars audience


[2:47] Jack's story:

  • Created a "super ugly website" that served as job board for the healthcare industry for free.
  • After a year, wife started getting real about progression and making money.
  • Quickly learned about the power of deadlines.
  • Received a help-wanted email proposing a challenge to applicants
  • Won challenge and became marketing manager

[12:32] "Too often we price things lower than we should.”-JB

[12:58] Joel's recap: "You did $28K in sales in 48 hours after you started shutting off the free accounts. It was the first experience you had with an actual deadline.”

[13:29] "It was that surge of sales at the end driven by the deadline that I was thinking… ‘wouldn't that be cool if we could build that into our system?’"-JB

[14:42] Jack wanted to have a deadline that met automated sequences but did it in a way that was completely authentic

 [15:48] The first time you launched this and did an actual deadline funnel, what were the results? "Our current clients are seeing anywhere from 35% increases to 100% lifts so it's doubling their results.”

[17:40] Almost everyone implementing the automated evergreen deadline funnel sees a double to triple digit increase in conversions

[19:08] Jack explains why a combination of deadlines works best for webinar funnels.

[22:33] Joel discusses the potential effectiveness of incorporating payment plans with an automated deadline.

[24:21] Jack's deadline tip: send more than one email on the last day.

[27:21] Simple vs. hypersegmented email strategy

[28:31] "A 90% complete funnel is not gonna make you any money."-JB

[29:32] "A live webinar is the ultimate minimum viable funnel."-JE

[30:39] If the market is saturated with webinars, go live before you go evergreen.

[31:17] Make sure your angle, hook, and content is supreme before going automated.

[32:37] One of the most popular integrations people ask for is webinar integrations, specifically EverWebinar.

[33:14] Why it's so important to make sure your deadlines are ethical and have integrity.

[37:50] Use words that emphasize the value in the opportunity your audience has and create urgency by letting them know what they'll miss out on.

[38:48] Writing copy using the endowment effect.

[39:39] Jack uses a soft offer plus…

  • conditional double-your-money-back guarantee on top of unconditional money back
  • 14-day free trial
  • pay nothing today
  • free onboarding call
  • several bonuses

[42:31] The best way to go into a cold traffic automated webinar funnel:

Give a free trial (value first) and then start charging.

[44:45] If you're not using urgency and scarcity in your funnels, you're losing sales.

[44:52] Tips on using feedback and redirects to improve your funnel.

[47:53] A special offer for Joel's audience

Use promo code: Joel

[48:50] Jack's support team offers live chat and free 50-minute onboarding calls.


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