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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Dec 17, 2018

"The way that I view webinars is 80% emotion, story, teaching and content and 20% stats... pick whatever percentages you'd like.  Whatever you are comfortable with."

Today, I am going to pit two very well-known marketers head to head!  Two very good and very different marketers.  If you ever wondered how to sell on webinars or what style to use? Well, this episode is for YOU.

If you are part of The Webinar Vault, then you know that I am going through tons of webinars every month and critiquing the best ones for you.  There is no right way to do anything, but our personalities are all different so our marketing, our webinar styles should differ slightly.

So both Frank Kern and Russell Brunson are very successful and wildly different, which is why I want to use them for this episode.

Which one is better? Which one is RIGHT FOR YOU - that is what you should be asking yourself. 

Frank is very fact driven, so you may see alot of facts and figures in his presentations; logical-based arguments. While Russell is more emotional - he tells stories. Telling stories allows your prospects to think about and see what is possible. Very different strategies but each effective depending on who you are going after.

They are probably closing completely different clients.

There is no one way to do an effective sales presentation, there is no one perfect webinar strategy.  I personally teach framework rather than formulas. 

It's a combination of logic and emotion, that's my style.

So who wins?  

Consider who YOUR audience is. You want your audience to know your truthful.  Know them and steer your tactics to that.  Remember to do what feels most comfortable to you.

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