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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Apr 3, 2023

I returned from a week on Necker Island, hanging out with Richard Branson a few days ago.


We sat down and talked about life, business, and things that only billionaires discuss.


I spent the week reflecting on the phase I’m at in my career, where I want to go next, and what it means to everything I’ve done up until now. 


It has unlocked a new vision for growth, and I can see more clearly where I want to go next.


Find out here.


You’ll Discover

  • You can do things when you have a lot more money. [6:19]
  • Build connections and legacy. [6:38]
  • Change the perspective on why some people want to be billionaires. [7:11]
  • The day you stop having fun is the day you start dying. [10:11]
  • Never sacrifice the ability to have fun. [11:04]

...And much more!


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