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Sold With Webinars Podcast

May 25, 2020

What happens when you combine a “Moneymaker Market” with the Perfect Expert model, a Power Offer, and a Mini Webinar? You get a business that grows even during a recession.

Today I’m interviewing Nick Fullmer about his success in High Ticket Courses. Nick is the founder of a real estate consultancy called Overage Syndicate.

When I first met Nick last year, the minute he told me what he does my eyes turned into dollar signs. You’ll find out why in the first few minutes of our chat.

Nick and I talked about his journey from making $40k/year as a Corrections Officer to making $30k in 30 days after launching his high ticket offer. And how this has affected his life and his family’s.

You’ll Discover

  • Nick’s “niche of a niche” real estate product that triggered my Power Offer “Spidey Sense” when I first met him… a perfect example of “markets that make money” [2:00]
  • The “hidden” problem in educating your market… ethical business owners who care about improving their customers’ lives NEED to hear this [6:30]
  • Nick joined High Ticket Courses in Oct 2019… we recorded this interview in May 2020… what are his results so far? (My favorite part of these interviews… hearing this never gets old) [10:16]
  • The biggest questions and hesitations Nick faced before joining High Ticket Courses… this happens with many of my students because they’re used to thinking a certain way about launching and selling a course… and I shatter their beliefs [16:15]
  • And much more

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