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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Mar 13, 2017

If you’re familiar with Ryan Stewman, you’re going to want to listen to this. If you’re not familiar with Ryan Stewman, you can’t afford to miss this. His company’s website,, is home to one of the most popular sales blogs on the internet and with names like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post on his résumé, it’s no wonder why people listen when he talks.

In this episode, Ryan discusses how he’s applied his previous sales experience in the mortgage industry to his current strategies, how he’s using webinars to sell his program to the masses and ways you can implement his tactics to boost your webinar sales.


Episode Discussions:

  • How Joel inspired Ryan to seriously pursue webinars
  • The success of Ryan’s first webinar ($42K in 4 days)
  • The real reason you won’t build a webinar presentation
  • Handling audience objections: When, why and how
  • A question for webinar skeptics
  • What's different about selling to the masses on a webinar
  • The absolute most important aspect of sales
  • How Ryan earned the moniker “The Hardcore Closer”
  • Ryan’s stats from his last webinar
  • The "Break Free Academy Entourage"
  • The Break Free Academy Monthly – a truly irresistible newsletter
  • The contents of a successful follow-up strategy
  • How you can get a free ride on the “Elevator to the Top”


[2:41] Ryan's intro:

  • Owns Hardcore Closer - is home to one of the most popular online sales blogs
  • Advisor and writer for Forbes
  • Advisor for Entrepreneur
  • Has a green light to put anything on Huffington Post (including his podcast)
  • Trusted by many big brands as an influencer

[3:09] “I've sold from door knocking, face-to-face, from the stage, on the phone, through text message, social media, video, webinars… I'd be selling in holographs if they'll let me. I’ll sell in virtual reality when the time's right."

[3:26] Has never had a salary job.

[3:51] "Everything about me that you hear today is gonna be from experience, not theory."

[5:13] Ryan's been involved in the (video) business for 7 years - before "webinars."

[6:11] Joel inspired Ryan to seriously pursue webinars.

[6:28] In October 2015, 300 people viewed Ryan's 1st serious webinar.

Made $42K in sales in 4 days.

[8:24] Does one or two webinars a month.

[9:40] "If you do it correctly, especially in the way you teach, Joel...that thing works!"

[10:27] “I hear this time and time again...'oh, my audience isn't going to sit through a webinar’. I would challenge you not to think that because it's just an objection that you have of why you don't want to sit down and build a presentation."

[11:02] Ryan poses a question to the webinar skeptics.

[12:21] Is it more difficult to sell via webinars vs. in-person? Ryan shares his answer and breaks down the “why”.

 [15:20] "When it comes to doing a webinar, I treat it as if it's like a room full of people and I'm center stage. I treat it like it's gotta be my show."

[15:56] Ryan earned his nickname as "The Hardcore Closer" because of his ability to handle objections up front.

[16:27] "One thing that you said earlier - which is of paramount importance if you're gonna sell anything is - I know who my audience is."

[18:46] Ryan's presentation is based around the results of what his audience wants.

[19:30] Handling objections during the main part of your presentation is important. They need to be sold before they get to the offer.

[21:11] "We don't sell mortgages, well sell the American dream of homeownership."

[24:20] "Even our haters are like 'you know what man...I don't like that guy but his sh*ts good."

[24:28] Ryan's webinar stats and his $2500/yr. or $297/mo. membership program.

[25:03] The "Break Free Academy Entourage" network

[26:04] The most gangster monthly newsletter EVER, "The Break Free Academy Monthly".

   Shirts, badges and sweet swag.

[29:08] Ryan's last webinar: 180 attended, 97 during the pitch, sold 14 spots.

[30:30] The webinar is used for the "on-the-fence" people.

[32:09] 1 out of 8 people take the upsell.

[32:40] Ryan's sales team is made up of 4 people. Averages 150 leads a day.

[33:07] "What people admire about us is our follow-up."

[33:43] The Hardcore Closer has a heart the size of Texas.

[34:33] Ryan’s given away 3,500 copies of his best-selling book Elevator to the Top.

Has 1,500 left. Head here for your copy!

"It's the best sales book you will ever read because it's not some like 'You gotta get up, put your business pants on and walk out and be fancy and talk to people'...It's everything you need to know from day one to the end in sales. It's a sales manual."


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