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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Jun 8, 2020

Sam Mollaei is an attorney who built his legal practice using funnels. Recently, he got a 2 Comma Club award. That was before he joined High Ticket Courses.

Now, he teaches other lawyers how to grow their practice with funnels and digital marketing at After joining High Ticket Courses, he was able to make $80,000 off $2,500 in ad spend.

I got targeted with one of Sam’s ads, even though I’m not in his audience. And I immediately noticed the power offer and mini webinar. So, I followed up with him to see how he’s doing.

And after hearing about his success, I knew I had to bring him on the podcast to share his insights with you.

You’ll Discover

  • The 3-year “sales cycle” that turned Sam into a customer of mine… and why he chose me [2:42]
  • Sam is already a successful marketer and has a 2 Comma Club award to prove it… so why did he invest in High Ticket Courses? [4:00]
  • Sam’s biggest “A ha!” moment after going through High Ticket Courses [7:30]
  • Sam’s system for phone sales that lets him not take any sales calls [10:30]
  • Sam’s advice to people who are on the fence about joining High Ticket Courses… he says this is something all successful entrepreneurs have in common [13:50]

...And much more!

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