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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Jul 20, 2021

People don’t read. They just go by what they see on the big promise, and skip the rest of the page.

You do not need to be a world-class copywriter to sell your webinars.

Your headlines are what people remember. It will carry people all the time.

Here are my thoughts on that:

You’ll Discover

  • The single biggest leverage point that you can test in your funnels. [2:05]
  • Learn the art of conversion rate optimization. [3:14]
  • The one thing that makes the difference is the headline. [6:41]
  • The number one thing that we can do to improve our sales conversion rate is to test your headlines. [8:36]
  • Master the skill set of writing. [9:36]

...And much more!

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