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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Mar 30, 2023

Joining me today is my client David Mendes, a young, ambitious, and successful entrepreneur from Portugal. 


We recently had a 20-minute consulting call, which is a bonus when you opt for the pay-in-full option on our High Ticket Courses Program. Once we hopped on the call, David admitted, “I don’t really have anything to say, I just wanted to thank you.”


Turns out, he read my book “High Ticket Courses”, implemented the strategies, and his results were mind-blowing. So mind-blowing in fact, that he decided to pay for one of my programs just to get me on a call to thank me. And I’m excited to have him on today so he can tell you his story.


David started in the online marketing space in 2020, running low-ticket offers here and there, eventually running an agency and setting goals for himself to understand how to improve his sales tactics. 


He created a coaching program and used tips from “High Ticket Courses” to help his first client make $65k in their first month. And the success he drove in didn’t stop there.


Now, 4 months later, David and his business partner have passed $800K in profit, from completely organic traffic. 


They listen to their market, listen to their market’s feedback, and make changes when necessary.


This success story is proof that the power of a Power Offer can completely change the game.

You’ll Discover


What David implemented with his client that created a dramatic shift [9:26]

The importance of tapping into the market that already exists [22:52]

Questions you should answer to improve your messaging [28:16]

Personalization vs information [31:18]

David’s tip for tapping into success [42:48]


...And much more!


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