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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Oct 16, 2017

Akbar Sheikh has used webinars to make multiple 6-figures in his funnel consulting business, and he did it without spending a dime on paid traffic.  Instead, he leveraged things he already had in place as a ‘webinar business card.’


In this episode, Akbar shares this simple yet effective business card funnel that got his own side webinar to generate 6 figures in 90 days — without paid traffic or follow-up emails. He does a stellar job of reminding us that simplicity wins almost every time and that you don’t always need paid traffic to be successful.


Episode Discussions:


  • How to effectively target your ideal market and people you want to work with
  • ‘The Business Card funnel’
  • Optimizing your Facebook and LinkedIn profile to attract your ideal customer
  • People want personal, not automation
  • What 2 things to have in place prior to building your funnel
  • Overconsumption without implementation
  • What exactly is funnel hacking?
  • What to do if your webinar failed and why you shouldn’t give up
  • Copying someone else’s webinar funnel doesn’t work
  • Attraction-based marketing is powerful and profitable
  • Easy ways to create authority and get testimonials when you’re just starting out
  • Should your webinar pause?
  • The importance of using statistics in your webinar
  • Bad copy mistakes, the power of words, and when to outsource
  • Overcomplication and complex funnels hurt your business
  • Including your personality, beliefs, and your 'why' into your webinar
  • How to be memorable and connect with your webinar audience


[2:25] What makes Akbar special:

-Grew up in an entrepreneurial family

-Groomed to be in retail and hated it

-Ended up homeless

-Took 15 years to recover and find something he was passionate about…

-Which happened to be internet marketing

[4:22] Akbar's 'side webinar' that qualifies ideal prospects

  • Offer: helps people build funnels
  • Simple opt-in page (80% opt-in rate)
  • To autoplay webinar
  • Call to action (CTA) – ‘Schedule a call with Akbar’
  • To a questionnaire (qualification process)
  • Akbar calls qualified lead (50% closing rate)

Generated 6 figures in the last 90 days

No paid traffic and no follow-up emails sent

[5:45] Akbar's target avatar:

Initially targeted existing businesses with plateaued income — not newbies.

Now works with serious newbies who offer ethical products/services that will benefit the world.

"If you're not working with people that you enjoy, it's going to affect your business big time."

[9:17] The Business Card Funnel

Optimize your Facebook or LinkedIn profile with a link and description informing your audience that your product/service alleviates their pain point.

 "People talk about not getting enough traffic. They're their own worst enemy. When I click on people's Facebook profile, it's a joke."

[12:30] Automation should only be used when you've got your avatar and offer completely dialed in.

[13:02] "Everyone has their own fingerprint. You have to bake your identity into the webinar." - AS

[14:23] By including your personality, beliefs, and your big 'why' into your webinar, you attract the type of clients you want to attract.

[15:32] Webinars work. If you failed at a webinar, there's a reason. Keep testing, tweaking, and scaling your webinar. Don’t give up.

"I've never seen anyone fail who keeps trying, tweaking, implementing and moving forward."- AS

[18:56] Getting social proof when you’re a newbie:

  • Be creative to create authority
  • Be vulnerable
  • Highlight your accomplishments
  • Show you're human
  • Offer to do something small and tangible for free in exchange for a testimonial

[21:06] Being memorable and connecting with your webinar audience:

  • Make their jaw drop by teaching something powerful
  • Associating that jaw drop with your content creates a solid connection
  • Use statistics
  • Paint a picture of why you do what you do
  • Highlight how you do things differently

[23:54] "If your copy is bad, it's like elevator music — forgettable background noise. But if your words serve a purpose, concise and powerful, this creates an orchestra that can create a masterpiece." -AS

[24:38] ‘Do what you do best and outsource the rest.’ Don't try and do everything because you're not great at everything.

[25:22] Overcomplication is the reason why most people fail in the world of online business.

[27:05] Just be yourself. Attraction-based marketing is powerful and profitable.



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