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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Feb 15, 2017

This is part 2 of a 2-part interview with Travis Stephenson…


In part 1 of this interview, Travis talked about how he was using auto webinars to generate sales for his previous software business, InterOptin.  This episode focuses on how he’s launched his new software product and how he’s using it to generate sales for his Minimum Viable Product.

In this episode: You’ll learn an important strategy to launch a brand-new product or service, how to start generating sales to help fund the development of the software before your products official launch and tips to maximize your earnings with webinars.  


  • [2:47] “Imagine Kickstarter but for software and service businesses.”
  • [2:57] "Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the least amount of use you can have in a program with still being able to sell it. "
  • [4:29] Spent $5,526, sent 1,435 leads- On average, spent $3.85 to get sign-ups for webinar. “Which everyone knows in the internet marketing world...that is gangster."

Generated $19.5K in sales and profited $9K.

  • [5:24] "Every good webinar person knows that when you get on a webinar the very first thing you do is hit the 'record' button..."
  • [5:58] "I always schedule 2 sessions"
  1. the first one I actually want
  2. the very next day I do a different time zone encore
  • [6:57] During an encore, Travis ran through Chatmatic webinar (not yet done) -

90 people show, did $13.5K in sales.

  • [9:51] Recap of Travis turning a live webinar mistake into an extra $30K in revenue
  • [12:20] Spent $12,368 on ads in 2 weeks - Made $23K affiliate offer earnings - Built list of 2800 subscribers. In encore sessions, close to $30K in sales.

“I literally never promote my encores, just the main session.”-Travis

  • [14:28] A 1-2 min video on Travis’ squeeze page made him $2.5K
  • [15:30] Things Travis learned from trial and error:

o   Nobody cares what you’re selling. They care about what they need.

o   What they want is easier, to spend less time, more results and automation.

o   When he focused his ads on results, he started seeing massive results himself. 

Matching your audience's deep desires and needs to what your product does is the #1 thing you've gotta figure out."-Travis

  • [18:50] What happens when you stop overcomplicating your sales pitch, message and ads
  • [19:56] Webinars start a deeper relationship level than sales pages
  • [20:21] Launch for Travis’ next product – March 20th, 2017.
  • [22:22] “Wherever it's difficult is where the most opportunity is.”-Joel
  • [22:35] “Getting feedback from your audience is one of the greatest things about live webinars.”-Joel
  • [24:38] Show, don’t tell, in your webinars.
  • [26:18] Show recap


"People ask 'Don't you get tired of doing webinars from 3-9pm?'…To be completely honest with you, when you go home and you can tell your wife 'Hey, I made 50 thousand dollars today' or even 5 thousand bucks...No. You don't get tired of it.”-Travis Stephenson


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InterOptin - View auto webinar rolling all the time

GoToWebinar (Travis has used for 7 years!)


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