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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Dec 3, 2018

The more that we do this... the more that we focus on this and see the incredible results we get for our clients, the more that we see that the industry is completely misinformed...completely uneducated. Not in a bad way. But there is something out there that people are believing that is not necessarily true.

So this is an update on what's happening in our agency! We are doing a ton of custom work and have been noticing a trend over the last few months.  Today I will discuss these trends.

Most of our clients are course creators, coaches and consultants. Sometime service providers, who are all looking for webinars. 

But to be honest, we have been re-directing our efforts on doing things a little differently.  In a different order.

Rather than building the webinar out right away we have been setting it aside to prepare first; learn the ideal audience and what they want and how they want it ... then we create the webinar. 

You really need to listen in for the details.  Listen to how we start with a profitable email campaign then build out a webinar step by step.  This is really interesting.  There is a science to it and a psychology behind it.  No one else is doing this and it is something that I believe is essential moving forward in our industry. 

I hope you enjoy this episode! 

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