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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Apr 3, 2017

Scott Oldford has produced remarkable open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates using messenger bots and automated technology inside of Facebook — not using his own email autoresponder.


In this episode, Scott gives insight into how he’s leveraging webinars in his business to generate new sales and produce more content. Did we mention he’s fantastic with lead generation?


Episode Discussions:

  • The 2 types of bots and the best one for your business
  • Implementing different types of webinars inside lead generation
  • An in-depth look at the purpose of bots
  • How Scott uses natural stories, no scripts, and fun to sell with webinars
  • Shiny Object Syndrome – The struggle is real
  • Different stages of where you can implement webinars and live training for conversion mechanism
  • Scott’s prediction for Artificial Intelligence
  • Facebook messenger bots/autoresponders deconstructed
  • A specific lead generation strategy that Joel believes will dominate internet marketing
  • Scott’s main funnel that includes a 5-day challenge that’s generated millions


[3:07] Scott's golden nugget #1: "People love methods and processes. They'll remember a process before they'll remember you."

[3:43] Scott's intro:

  • Best known for "being behind a computer and figuring out how to break things."
  • Has been an entrepreneur since he was 7
  • Went into $726K in debt by the time he was 21
  • Started over in 2015
  • Generated $500K in his first year and $3 million last year

[4:14] "I help entrepreneurs grow from a bit below the six-figure to seven-figures quickly. It's easy because it comes back to lead generation."

[5:03] Adopted his mindset toward lead generation from the book "The Millionaire Fastlane" - MJ DeMarco

[7:25] Scott and Joel connected at a mastermind in San Diego.

[7:44] How are you leveraging webinars in your business to generate new sales and produce more content?

"Number one, if you wanna be great, you have to realize there's only one of you."

[8:52] Scott was funding his company on his girlfriend's credit card when he first started out. He had to figure out how to get as many leads as possible, how to build an audience and how to get as many sales as possible for as least as possible.

[10:16] The idea is to use the "Sidewalk, Slow Lane, Fast Lane Methodology."

[10:41] Scott's webinars last around 3 hours. His show up rates are 50%+.

[11:00] How Scott uses natural stories, no scripts, and fun to sell with webinars.

[12:15] His main funnel starts with guides, leads to a 5-day challenge (has generated millions of dollars) and then a 3-hour implementation session.

[13:03] Anyone who joins your webinar has known you for how long? “At least 10 days.”

[14:56] Scott has one evergreen webinar (implementation session that sells $2K product).

Uses a different funnel for the high-ticket program.

[16:29] Does 2 live streams a month and 2 webinars a month.

[18:57] Joel recaps the funnel.

'We all know that webinars are the best conversion mechanism to get people to make a commitment to a purchase."

[20:52] An open discussion: Artificial Intelligence and bots for lead generation.

[21:29] Scotts prediction for A.I.: "By 2021, you won't need to make a marketing funnel anymore."

[23:59] What's a bot? "It allows you to scale intimacy."

[24:28] 2 different types of bots:

  1. Smart bots - respond to your language
  2. Dumb bots - "yes/no's" (qualifications)

[25:24] A bot is a new way to gather and direct attention.

[26:29] "I think every business should have a dumb bot that qualifies, engages, creates awareness, and takes attention."

[29:43] Joel recaps: "The future of marketing and lead generation is changing as we speak."

[31:27] Facebook's autoresponder and Scott's 89% open-rate success.

[34:19] Joel recaps the episode discussions including Scott's incredible open rates and conversion rates.

[35:55] "I don't try the typical BS webinar tactics anymore. In my opinion, I don't want to have idiot dumb customers and that attracts a lot of idiot dumb customers."-Scott



Connect with Scott: – Join the 5-day Marketing Funnel Challenge

“Or just Google me”-Scott


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The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco


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