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Sold With Webinars Podcast

May 2, 2017

Shanda Sumpter is the founder of the multi-million-dollar company, Heartcore Business. Through it, she provides a step-by-step system to help people transform their financial lives and create their dream business. She also just set the record for the highest performing webinar Joel has ever launched straight to cold traffic.


In this episode: Joel and Shanda discuss the process of launching a webinar to cold traffic including how long it really takes, the idea of tying a core message to your webinar, and the pressing importance of financial self-reliance.


Episode Discussions:

  • The creation and genuine mission of Heartcore Business
  • How many hours it really does take to put together a webinar
  • Takeaways from the Todd Brown marketing event
  • Why the technology takeover makes financial self-reliance more important than ever
  • Shanda’s “ah-ha!” moments and lessons had while working with Joel
  • Evergreen and live conversion rates for Shanda’s webinar
  • How Joel helped Shanda articulate the overall mission of her webinar
  • Joel’s valuable advice for anyone working on their own webinars
  • Shanda’s prediction on whether her webinar will outperform her infomercial and why


[1:56] Shanda's story:

  • Owns Heartcore Business - named after her mission to “run the company on point with audience and customers.”
  • Helps people build audiences and create reoccurring business models.

[3:41] Working with Joel:

"We teach webinars inside my company but I'm not an expert. It’s just a piece that everybody needs to be doing in order sell virtually and leverage your time."-SS

Contacted the Genius Network to find the best assistance with her webinar.

Was referred to Joel several times.

[4:45] Shanda put in over 50 hours of work on her webinar.

[5:25] "It usually takes us about 40 hours when we create a webinar from scratch. People don't really understand how much work goes into it."-JE

[5:45] Shanda's "ah-ha" moments and lessons working with Joel.

[6:58] "I thought that I was specific because I'm so direct and to the point but I was missing a lot of steps!"-SS

[9:29] What was the most important part for you in the webinar flow? "The details. Like me teaching what a generator email is or how to get influencers to promote you...It never dawned on me to explain those details."-SS

[11:08] Shanda's evergreen version is converting just over 14%. Live version- 15.5%

[12:01] Working with Joel helped Shanda realize her overall mission was to help people be responsible for being financially self-reliant.

[12:43] “You can't blame your situation but what you can do it get something like a webinar working for you and build a great audience that you can push through that webinar."-SS

[12:53] Shanda had only done webinars that converted with her email list but this webinar is converting with cold traffic.

[14:06] Her offer is $997and converting at 15.5% and 14% evergreen on cold traffic.

[15:39] Shanda speaks about being financially self-reliant - "Right now, they're saying (by 2020) that 5 million jobs are going to be replaced by technology. If you don't plan for it, then it will be a devastation in your life."-SS

[18:06] Joel recaps the key takeaway: "The soul mission of self-reliance and being able to support a thesis that you present"-JE

[18:17] Joel shares his highlights from the Todd Brown marketing event.

[19:46] "It was a blessing working with you. I really appreciate and definitely will continue to refer your customers because you're fantastic at what you do."-SS

[20:01] Joel’s advice for those working on their own webinars:

“You have to understand this takes time. It’s not meant for beginners. This is an opportunity to add multiple subfigures per year but you have to be in it for the long haul. It takes at least 40-60 hours of in-depth work to get your message out.”

[21:03] Shanda's done two infomercials.

[21:12] Does (your webinar) have the potential to outperform your infomercial?" Yeah. Our infomercial is running online right now and converts better online than on TV."

[22:42] "You're spending $12K to $20k a week to test and tweak (the infomercial funnel) where a webinar, you can literally run some traffic to it and go 'that's not working, let's adjust this'. It's the same process on an infomercial but you need some deep pockets."


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