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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Aug 21, 2017

Any interest increasing your conversions by 56%? Susan Lassiter-Lyons did just that by making a few simple tweaks to her webinar —  but her success didn’t come without a few grueling sessions of trial and error. Susan is a real estate investor turned educator/course creator who trains people how to invest in alternative and unique forms of investing.


In this episode, you’ll discover what costly mistakes Susan made with her webinar, and the tweaks she made to catapult her webinar’s conversion rates. What it took to go from drastic loss to drastic grain.


Episode Discussions:

  • Why webinars convert so well versus other conversion techniques
  • The crucial role emotion plays in the buyer’s decision
  • How to increase conversion rates by implementing your brand’s story in your marketing
  • Combining your hero’s journey and future pacing
  • Should you get rid of your webinar replay sequence?
  • Why not raising your prices is a confidence issue
  • Learn from Susan’s $25K webinar outsourcing mistake
  • How to improve your conversions with aspirational marketing and future pacing
  • Writing scripts for make money online opportunities
  • Susan’s webinar funnel versus her prospect follow up sequence


[1:50] Susan's story:

  • Started investing in the stock market in 1990
  • Substantial profit from call option on Unilever stock
  • Began investing in real estate in 1994
  • Ran a mortgage company for 8 years that provided financing solutions for real estate investors
  • Closed mortgage co. and private equity fund after 2008 stock market crash
  • “What am I gonna do now?!”
  • Now runs The Investor Insights — a training and coaching program for alternative investors.


[6:48] Susan first started experimenting with webinars in 2009.

[8:03] Her 1st webinar (live) was for a course - "Portfolio Loan Blueprint."

Thought attendees would be able to see attendance numbers. Made her friends and family log on to the webinar.

  • 7 attendees aside from friends and family
  • Sold 3, made $300

"Webinars have always been one of the top two ways that I can generate revenue in my business. “-SLL

[10:03] Susan crafted a webinar funnel for each of her products:

  • Marketed directly to webinar registration page and held a live webinar.
  • Marketed directly to opt-in page that directed to a video sales letter or long-form sales letter.
  • Used follow-up email campaign for non-buyers.

"Take that prospect follow-up sequence and stack it up against a webinar funnel. My webinar funnel outperforms that prospect follow up sequence by a factor of about 4 to 1."

[11:00] Why do you think that is? Why such a dramatic change?

  1. The buzz around event marketing. Has a higher perceived value than a training video or email course.
  2. People get to know you. They get to see & hear your personality and authenticity come through.

 [12:54] Webinars do so well versus other forms of conversion techniques due to the comprehensive ability to learn via video or slides or audio versus reading only.

[13:13] “With webinars where you teach a little bit and you inspire them and give them hope — it's like the ultimate form of content marketing."-JE

[15:42] Outsourcing Oops:

Susan’s highest conversion rate before outsourcing webinar creation ($25K): 11%

Conversion rate for 1st webinar after outsourcing: 5.5%

 [16:55] Susan on her first impression of Webinar Accelerator:  "I was one of those people that that said ‘Ugh, look — I've been doing this long enough. I know how to do this. I just need that software because the software will have that thing I'm missing. I don't need to go through that training because he can't tell me anything. Big mistake."

[17:07] “I came across so many great nuggets going through your training and hearing your program through Webinar Accelerator that I was able to make a few simple tweaks...and get incremental pickups in conversion."

[17:33] The tweaks Susan made to increase conversions:

  • Cut webinar content in half.
  • Incorporated more emotion by incorporating her story and Hero’s Journey.
  • Integrated the Future Pacing technique

[19:24] A confused mind doesn't buy.

[20:44] The Hero’s Journey:

  • Where did I start?
  • Where have I gotten to?
  • What did I learn along the way?
  • What setbacks did I have along the way?

“This was my whole journey to figure out this solution and here's where I am now as a result of that…and people want to hear that!”-SSL

[23:30] Susan’s transformation with ‘Master Lease Option Method’ course:

  • Old attendance rate (06/16): 34.6%
  • New attendance rate (07/17): 24.3%
  • Old earnings per registrant: $8.05
  • New EPR: $13.44
  • Total sales percentage increase: 56%

[26:34] "I would never encourage getting rid of the replay sequence but it all depends on your cold market strategy."-JE

[30:47] Raising your prices is a confidence issue.

“Using the training from the Webinar's had a significant and fast impact on my business already, so I'm really looking forward to aligning with you more in the future so that I can take it to the next level. “-SSL

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