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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Mar 19, 2018

Have you fallen into the hero’s journey trap? Chances are, yes. In fact, 90% of Joel’s clients misuse this storytelling tool and have the low conversion rates to prove it. Listen in as he explains the single most common hero’s journey mistake and how to optimize it for max webinar conversions.


Episode Discussions:

  • How long your intro should be (max)
  • Optimizing your introduction for cold traffic
  • The real purpose of the hero’s journey
  • How to leverage your journey to build authority
  • Where to implement a hero’s journey for better flow and conversions

[2:17] The purpose of sharing your Hero's Journey is NOT to connect with your audience...


[4:30] The longer you take to get to your webinar content, the lower your conversion rates.


[5:24] What needs to happen at the very beginning of your presentation.


[5:55] Building authority doesn't necessarily include your struggle. They care about credentials.


[7:10] "You have to give them value as quickly as possible and earn their trust to be able to continue to earn their attention."


[7:53] A walkthrough of exactly where to put your Hero's Journey to increase conversions.



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