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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Feb 15, 2017

This is part 1 of a 2-part interview with Travis Stephenson…


Travis reveals how he’s using automated webinars with his software InterOptin to generate leads and sales. This episode provides so much valuable content that it had to be divided into 2 separate shows!

Join in the discussion as Joel and Travis talk important and useful stats, actionable tips on how to convert your webinar audience, how to successfully run both auto and live webinars plus insider information about different strategies to use for auto webinars.


  • [3:01] How Travis got started as an entrepreneur and his discovery of webinars
  • [5:15] 1st webinar in 2011 - “Income Entourage” – $12K front end sales in 7 days
  • [6:16] Generating $115K in 3 webinars
  • [06:40] Travis' software: InterOptin and Chatmatic (Facebook marketing tool)

“There’s no substitute for live webinars especially when it comes to dollar per attendee values.”-Travis

  • [7:20] Moving into 2017 & 2018 – “One of the biggest things entrepreneurs trying to grow their business should pay attention to is the individual person as opposed to treating them like thousands of other people.”-Travis
  • [7:53] Travis Stat: Someone is 900% more likely to purchase if you say their name during the webinar.
  • [8:09] “The Engagement King”: Audience interaction
  • [9:21] The process and breakdown of running an auto webinar
  • [9:42] Tests & stats to blow your mind: A breakdown of Travis’ InterOptin (Just-In-Time Webinar) ($997 offer) over a 10-day period.
  • [11:21] The psychology behind a Just-In-Time Webinar
  • [12:59] The give & take of live and auto webinars
  • [13:13] The challenges auto webinars face with Facebook
  • [13:40] "In 2017, we're gonna set up an A/B split test and do a live vs. automated. Same ad, everything cloned and just see 'what's the value here? Is it worth it for me to never do another live webinar again?'-Travis
  • [14:03] Webinar notifications: Email open rates, click rates, and the pros and cons of using texts
  • [15:38] Average Earnings Per Registrant (EPR) "You have to be measuring this because this is going to tell you, from top-of-funnel to end-of-funnel if you're profitable."-Joel
  • [15:54] Joel recaps Travis’ InterOptin automated webinar stats
  • [17:32] Have you ever tested self-liquidating offers in your funnels right after they register for the webinar? “From warm traffic, it’s killer. Cold traffic, a little different.”
  • [18:08] Self-liquidating offers: high vs. low ticket
  • [20:04] Joel's "awful awful" self-liquidating offer Fail: How not to get people to your live webinar
  • [20:03] Hunting: "I want that money right away" vs. Farming: long-term approach


"People are putting the immediate meal in front of the long-term

eating-for-life objective."-Travis Stephenson



Be sure to listen to part 2 for even more valuable information!


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