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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Feb 25, 2019

Welcome to Part 2 of 3!

In Part 2 we are going to talk on the four webinar promotion strategies. We are trying to throw out the belief that you can use a webinar for only one strategy.

"There is so much more length you can get out of your webinars." 

In this Episode:

Introducing the four webinar promotion strategies paired with Part 1's core objectives:

  • 1. Paid Traffic - very focused marketing message; 
  • 2. Internal Launch Webinar - utilize your assets: your email list;
  • 3. JV Webinars - come with their own rules;
  • 4. Webinar Launch Model;
  • You can get more length with your webinars when you dial it in for your audiences and markets.
  • Personal Favorite: Validate internally then go to cold traffic.

Listen in next week for part 3! 

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