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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Aug 27, 2018

Update on the stats of our free funnel...

Lots of lessons learned and content to absorb...

This will literally transform your business...


Fulfilling on my promise, I will update you on our free funnel.

The way I think about business and selling is not to necessarily lead with free.  

"Free campaign" info and results:

  • Top of mind vs free content
  • Approach: LEAD with an OFFER
  • But I tested leading with how did it work?
  • Facebook Group, five day challenge
  • I assumed -> high engagement but ultimately enabling people to follow me for free content
  • Results -> Day 1: Massive spike in engagement -> Day 5: Engagement was zero
  • Offers were made and content dripped out throughout the week
  • Not one single person applied
  • Maybe 1 or 2 people converted to the free trial with only 1 actually paying for the subscription
  • Total profit: $97 

My typical campaign would consist of promoting to a small hot list, lead with stories of inspirational and testimonials; converted $60k in revenue plus back end sales. Earnings per lead - $75.

((Listen in for more examples))

So essentially I made more off the leads who were interested in my offer as opposed to those who I gave content away for free too.

"When you lead with free, you attract people who are naturally not going to buy.  When you lead with an offer, you are hyper-qualifying people and getting them interested in what you can offer. Everyone is looking for a solution!"

"When you lead with an offer you get people to know you can solve a problem...You give them permission to market."

Content is still king, but you need to do it in the proper order.

I recently went out to LA to consult with a client.  He has an unbelievable offer!

My client was talking about this idea of how people are afraid to make offers.  You have people who are great at direct response and others who are brand awareness/audience builders.  We chatted about some big name influencers who are terrified to make offers!  


Revenue is what keeps your business pumping.  The Perfect Expert is being able to leverage your ability to make offers to your audience and then build your audience.  Your audience will then become so much more valuable.  

Bottom line: Train your audience to take action to offers you make.

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