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Sold With Webinars Podcast

May 6, 2019

"What is your mission? ... Ultimately when people are on your webinar, they are looking for a leader." Position yourself as such. - Joel

Today I am coming at you from a unique angle. 

What does "cults" have to do with today's topics? Cults have always intrigued me; how they are formed, their journey, why people stay in them, and why can outsiders often times see what those on the inside cannot.  Similar to the "Expert's Curse" - it is difficult to see outside when you are so immersed in your brand, product, service.

In This Episode:

  • Community and higher purpose;
  • Importance of conversion and connecting with the audience;
  • Know your purpose and know your "why;"
  • Be ethical and truthful; 
  • Importance of mission statements...connect YOUR mission statement with theirs;
  • "Buy in for the mission statement and stay for the community..."
  • Much more!

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