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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

If for some reason you still need convincing that the Power Offer works, listen to Boyd Clewis’ success story.

Boyd serves the IT industry, with a niche of credit card data security. He began his business traveling to different places and offering masterclasses, but when the pandemic hit he was forced to take his business online. The results weren’t as successful as he hoped in the beginning.

If people knew the benefits his program would have on their businesses, there would be folks fighting over spots on his wait list. But he didn’t know how to approach that next level.

When he reached out to us and created his Power Offer, in that same month his business sold $15k worth of sales.

When Boyd gave a resounding “yes” to investing in his own business, he showed his dedication to make an impact. This translated through his efforts, getting his offer in front of the right people and scaling like crazy. He even had leads coming in during our conversation.

Boyd Clewis’s success story is proof that if you have confidence in your offer and are willing to invest in your impact, you can go the distance.

You’ll Discover

  • Boyd’s breakthrough while working through our Power Offer Workshop [7:40]
  • A huge win Boyd made in a single day [11:20]
  • The framing of Boyd’s enrollment call process [13:25]
  • How Boyd got his feet wet by creating discounted offers on the backend [15:50]
  • Boyd’s piece of advice for anyone who is having trouble getting started [21:45]

...And much more!

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