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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Mar 5, 2018

In this short but sweet episode, Joel treats you to a mini-webinar masterclass that includes a walkthrough of common mistakes found in low converting webinars, the 3 P’s that dramatically increase webinar conversions and sales, and the process he uses when reviewing all of his client’s webinars, including a current client’s cryptocurrency presentation.


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Episode Discussions:

  • 3 P's for increasing webinar sales and conversions
  • Joel reviews one of his client's webinars (day trading education)
  • Could Experts Curse be killing your conversions?
  • How to strengthen a weak core promise
  • How Mike Dillard generated $25 million using the 3 P’s
  • Incorporating a proclamation into your intro


[3:38] The Experts Curse: You're too smart for your audience.

[4:54] Don’t teach your audience to death. Focus on core points that help inspire them.

[5:11] A lead is a way to hook your audience and makes all the difference in your sales presentations. There are 3 core types that work well in the webinar and digital marketing space.

[5:54] P #1 – The Promise lead (use at the start of your presentation)

[7:13] Identifying a weak core promise.

[7:52] P #2 - The Pain lead (be really specific)

[8:56] Reframing promise and pain to be more effective.

[10:08] P #3 - The Proclamation lead (back it up with proof — people pay attention and believe you’re the solution)

[11:48] "Becoming relevant is going to make your conversions skyrocket."

[12:54] Recapping the 3 P's of turning an OK presentation into a seriously high converting presentation.

[13:35] Incorporating a proclamation into your introduction.

[13:54] How Mike Dillard generated $25 million from a group webinar using relevancy, timing, and the 3 P’s.

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